Mastermind: Medic Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Adds 7 more first aid kits to your inventory.
Ace (6 pt): Adds 3 more first aid kits to your inventory. Your deployed first aid kits will be automatically used if a player would go down within a 5 meter radius of the first aid kit.

Mechanics Edit

The basic mechanics are straightforward, the skill adds additional First Aid Kits that you can use.

The benefits from the basic and aced versions of this skill stack to give a maximum of 14 first aid kits and allow teammates to refill their health when it is depleted if they are near one.

NOTE: Does NOT work with Swan Song, as the moment you hit Zero HP, The FAK activates and restores you back to full HP. Once Swan Song is Active, to quote Fist of the North Star, you are already dead (Downed) so the FAK does not revive you.


The player has to choose if they want to take along First Aid Kits or a Doctor bag. It's very inefficient, even with Jack Of All Trades to focus on both, so it's either this skill or Combat Doctor.

If going for FAKs, it is highly recommended for players to ace this skill, especially if they are a player's only (or primary) deployable. Although first aid kits do not reset bleedout counters (upon use), acing the skill triples the original carry amount, allowing players to use them with less care (i.e. not waiting until extremely low health before healing).

When aced, it is very useful to set multiple first aid kits down in highly damaging areas to prevent your teammates from being downed away from the team in a dangerous situation to be revived. Some areas of this concern would be hauling heavy loot across sections where snipers can shoot at fellow heisters or when needing to interact with a jammed saw/drill in the heat of a firefight.

Also, teammates revived by FAKs aced effect will not infract a down, allowing them to reach 0HP more often before going into custody. Finally, Uppers can be a lifesaver if Inspire is in cooldown or needs to be conserved.

The only "disadvantage" of having the aced skill of Uppers is it will always provide full health for a Berserker orientated player who has his health fully depleted (unless Frenzy is obtained).


  • The name uppers may be referring to one definition of the word upper, which refers to stimulants such as amphetamines that increase energy.
  • If teammates are revived from your first aid kits, the down counter is not applied, as they were not in the downed state to begin with.
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