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Update #31.2Edit

July 11, 2014

Gage Shotgun PackEdit

  • Increased the range of the Slug ammo
  • Increased the range of the Flachette ammo
  • Increased the ammo pick up rate for the Slug ammo on the primary Shotguns
  • Increased the ammo pick up rate for the 000 Buckshot ammo on the primary Shotguns
  • Increased the damage radius of the HE round ammo
  • Increased the amount of ammo with the HE round ammo
  • Reduced the draw time of the Gage Shotgun Pack melee weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the player could see their primary weapon while using a Gage Shotgun Pack melee weapon
  • Fixed an issue with a mod on the Raven Shotgun


  • Increased the money and experience gained on the Big Bank heist
  • Increased the heat on the Big Bank heist so it's the same as the other heists
  • Fixed an exploit on Rats day two


  • Optimized the Big Bank heist to make it run more smoothly
  • Optimized the Shadow Raid heist to make it run more smoothly
  • Fixed an issue where the Shield enemy had a 75% damage reduction to explosives
  • Fixed a crash related to the Cloaker attacking the player character
  • Fixed an issue related to the matchmaking
  • Fixed a crash related to clients dropping in
  • Fixed a crash related to attaching loot bags to a zip-line


  • Added missing characters for Russian

Update #31.1Edit

July 7, 2014


  • Fixed a common crash related to starting the game
  • Fixed a common crash related to starting a level
  • Fixed a crash related to network issues

Update #31Edit

July 3, 2014

Gage Shotgun PackEdit

  • Added three new shotguns
  • Added four new melee weapons
  • Added four new ammo types
  • Added four new masks
  • Added four new materials
  • Added four new patterns
  • Added 12 new achievements


  • Added the stability from the open beta.
  • Fixed a crash related to a client joining a game
  • Fixed a crash related to the character outfit
  • Fixed a crash related to players changing weapons
  • Fixed a crash related to to the infamy tree
  • Fixed a crash related to the loot drop screen
  • Fixed a crash related to the zip line and the Sniper Rifles


  • Added the 000 Buckshot ammunition type for everyone
  • Added the latest avatars


  • Changed the credits music to "Criminal Ambitions" by Kwote1 and Simon Viklund
  • Added two new community translators to the credits


  • Added a new sound when the ECM jammer is running out of batteries
  • The chance of finding the Train heist intel on the Armadillo heists is now increased to 50%
  • Fixed an issue with the graph on The Big Bank heist
  • When going into custody, the special equipment will be given to another player who's still alive


  • Fixed some z-fighting issues on The Big Bank heist
  • Fixed an issue with the animation on the Para Submachine gun
  • Fixed an issue with the recoil animation in steelsight for the Commando 553 Rifle
  • Fixed an issue with the recoil animation in steelsight for the Eagle Heavy Rifle
  • Fixed an issue with the recoil animation in steelsight for the Swedish K Submachine gun
  • Tweaked the reload animation on M308 Rifle
  • Tweaked the reload animation on Commando 553 Rifle
  • Tweaked the reload animation for the AK weapons
  • Tweaked the recoil animation for the Locomotive 12G Shotgun
  • Tweaked the recoil animation for the Reinfeld 880 Shotgun

Update #30.3Edit

June 24, 2014

The Big Bank heistEdit

  • Fixed an issue where the player could fall out of the world
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn't interact with guards or civilians that were killed in the elevators
  • Fixed a crash related to the Preplanning
  • The amount of money given to the player from the money counting machine is now scaling with the difficulty

Update #30.2Edit

June 18, 2014

The Big Bank heistEdit

  • Reduced the cost of the thermite, poisoned cake, drill parts and escapes assets in preplanning

Update #30.1Edit

June 18, 2014

The Big Bank heistEdit

  • Fixed an issue where the game would fade into black when enterering preplanning
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if an Xbox 360 controller was used in preplanning
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn't reach dead bodies in the elevators on The Big Bank heist.

Update #30Edit

June 17, 2014


  • Added the Big Bank DLC
  • Added the four new community poetry masks
  • Fixed an issue where civilians sometimes wouldn't react when players shouted at them
  • Changed the Sprinter Ace skill description to make it more clear
  • Added a new music track
  • Fixed an issue where a player would spawn in casing mode when the heist had gone loud

Undocumented ChangesEdit

  • Increased the reload time for the Para SMG
  • New reload animation for the Para SMG

Update #29.3Edit

June 9, 2014


  • Added the Humble Mask Pack masks "The Crossbreed" and "The Orc"

Undocumented ChangesEdit

  • Also reduced experience gained from the heist Shadow Raid.

Update #29.2Edit

June 3, 2014


  • Added the Dentist Trailer in-game

Update #29.1Edit

May 31, 2014

  • Fixed an issue where the cameras wouldn't spawn on some difficulties on the Shadow Raid heist
  • Fixed an issue related to the interaction with one of the loot crates on the Shadow Raid heist
  • Added more Bain mission voice over for the Shadow Raid heist
  • Added a "Somen Mempo" mask avatar in the group avatar page

Update #29Edit

May 29, 2014

  • Added the Shadow Raid job
  • Added the "Somen Mempo" mask
  • Added 6 new achievements
  • Fixed a crash related to ECM feedback while a player was in custody
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the 'R' key while typing in the chat of the loadout screen would make you 'Ready'

Update #28Edit

May 27, 2014

  • Dramatically reduced the size of the full game
  • Increased the chance of intimidating an enemy in stealth
  • Fixed an issue related to crouching where the player could teleport through walls
  • Fixed an issue with the accuracy for shotguns in the stats menu. It can now show more than 100%
  • Fixed an issue where the detection icon above cameras wouldn't appear for clients
  • Fixed an issue where two players sometimes got one body bag each when interacting with a corpse simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where the player camera would clip with the sniper sights
  • Fixed a crash related to the Joker skill
  • Fixed an issue on Big Oil day one where multiple grenade cases would spawn
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck on Firestarter day three and Bank Heist
  • Fixed an issue with the zip line on Firestarter day three and Bank Heist

Update #27.1Edit

May 9, 2014

  • Fixed an issue related to the bags and the zip line on Framing Frame day three
  • Fixed an issue where a helicopter sometimes would arrive in stealth on Jewelry Store and Ukrainian Job
  • Fixed an issue where the ladder to the vantage point on Bank Heist sometimes wouldn't spawn
  • Fixed an issue with the Sniper Rifle accuracy stat. It will now show the correct numbers in the stats screen
  • Added an option (options -> video -> advanced) called "Use Acceleration Camera Effect" so that you can turn on/off the acceleration camera effect, also known as "head bobbing"
  • Fixed an issue where your game would crash, if a player was tased and shot an enemy Shield whilst carrying a Sniper Rifle
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if a player was tased and cloaked simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where the player could camp at a balcony on Bank Heist
  • Fixed an issue where the "Triple Kill" achievement could be completed by killing civilians
  • Fixed an issue where the Sniper weapon mods didn't cost anything to craft
  • Fixed an issue where the Cloaker enemy tried to sprint after a player using a zip line
  • Fixed an issue on Election Day day one where debris was floating in the air

Update #27Edit

May 8, 2014

Big changesEdit

  • Added Sniper Rifles to the game
  • Added zip lines to the game
  • Added vantage points to the game
  • Added the Golden AK to the game
  • 4 new avatars added to the community page
  • Added 17 new achievements to the game


  • Added a feature so that you can move your weapons and masks in your inventory
  • Added a feature so that you can rename your weapons and masks in your inventory. Simply click on the name of the item and type in whatever you like


  • Changed it so that hitting a civilians once will make them lie down. Hitting them twice will kill them
  • Added a feature so that you can see all players detection risk in the load-out menu
  • Changed it so that it takes longer for enemies to detect panicked civilians
  • Added so that Assault Rifle skills also affect the Sniper Rifles
  • Fixed an issue where the player could interact with pagers and enemy corpses through walls
  • Added a small camera tilt effect when the player starts running


  • Added more cheater protection to the game
  • Added more cheater detection to the game
  • Added so that clients can also see the shotgun physics push from the host
  • Fixed an issue where the tape loop sound continued to play even if the camera was disabled
  • Fixed a crash related to the Cloaker enemy
  • Fixed an issue where clients couldn't trade civilians that were standing up
  • Fixed an AI related crash on Firestarter day three
  • Fixed an AI related crash on Election Day Breaking Ballot


  • Fixed the garbage containers so that the player no longer can use them to teleport out of the level
  • Fixed an issue where the player could pick lock deposit boxes through a wall on Go Bank
  • Fixed an issue on Nightclub where the player could get stuck in the basement
  • Fixed an issue on Election Day day one where a Sniper enemy sometimes would shoot through objects
  • Fixed an issue on Election Day day one where the team AI would stand inside each other
  • Fixed a collision issue on Escape Park
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck on Firestarter day one
  • Fixed an issue on Rats day one where the player could teleport out of the level
  • Fixed an issue with the backdrop on Firestarter day one
  • Fixed an issue with a door missing C4 and lock pick symbols on Election Day Breaking Ballot


  • Fixed an animation related to enemies stepping out of helicopters
  • Fixed an issue in the main menu where the player stayed in the infamous pose while carrying a secondary weapon


  • Updated the Cloaker enemy kick sound

Undocumented ChangesEdit

  • The Wide Stock now provides +1 concealment instead of +2

Update #26.1Edit

April 15, 2014

  • Added a new reticle for everyone named "Dot 1"
  • Added a new reticle for everyone named "Dot 3"
  • Renamed the reticle "Dot" to "Dot 2"
  • Fixed an issue where some reticles weren't visible on some sights and weapons
  • Fixed an issue with the Muldon Stock on Shotguns
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash if a heist was completed with a converted law enforcer alive
  • Fixed an issue related to the Cloaker enemy where the game would sometimes crash
  • Fixed an issue related to the enemy AI where the game would sometimes crash
  • Removed the Gage Mod Courier asset on the Safe house since the mod packages didn't exist in the Safe house
  • Fixed an issue with the boxes on the Safe house

Update #26Edit

April 10, 2014

Gage Mod Courier DLCEdit

  • Act as a weapon mod courier – Scattered around all of Washington D.C. are packages for the player to pick up. Gather enough packages of a certain type and you will trade those for powerful weapon modifications with Gage the arms dealer.
  • 5 package types to find – Gage ships all his gun modifications in small, non-descript packages that are easy to carry and easy to conceal. There are five types of packages and they're ordered by the value of the contents, ranging from the Green Mantis packages to the Purple Snake ones.
  • 28 new weapon mods to unlock – 28 new weapon mods are introduced for the player to tinker with. How about adding a rail mount for attaching scopes and sights to the Bronco revolver, turning it into a pocket sniper rifle.
  • Ten new achievements to unlock – And finally, what would a DLC be without the added achievements to unlock. Gage heard that you didn't like stat based achievements and went out of his way to create 10 really, really hard achievements. He hopes you'll enjoy them.
  • Introducing Reticle Switches – Gage's tech connections has allowed us to upgrade all available scopes and sights with a super useful reticle switch functionality, allowing you to individually customize the look and color of all your mounted sighting devices. Get four different reticles for free and a total of 10 reticles if you buy the DLC!


  • Added a feature so that a phone icon will appear above guards and civilians when they pick up their phone to call the police
  • Changed how the pager operator gives feedback - he will now inform the crew that they can’t answer any more pagers the fourth time a player answers a pager call
  • Changed a feature so that the player can no longer shout at a civilian until the civilian has detected the player. This feature had no effect on gameplay before and it made it more difficult to highlight guards in areas crowded by civilians
  • During stealth Bain now informs the crew if a new guard is about to arrive
  • Changed the timer on the spawning patrol guards to make it more balanced for each difficulty
  • Changed how the exclamation and question marks work on hostages so that they won’t appear when they’re cable tied
  • Added a feature so that a dead guard's highlight will blink a few seconds before it’s too late to answer the pager


  • Changed the point of no return timer on the Train Heist on the Death Wish difficulty from 15 seconds to 300 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where a fifth guard would sometimes spawn on the Go Bank heist, which made it impossible to complete the heist in stealth
  • Fixed an issue where the Key Card asset wouldn’t spawn on Election Day day one and day two
  • Fixed an issue where the Body Bags asset always spawned on Big Oil day one
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in garbage containers
  • Fixed an issue where players could look into the closed train carts on Train Heist
  • Fixed an issue where a team AI followed the player in stealth on Election Day day one


  • Added sound for player character when highlighting cameras in stealth
  • Added sound for player character when highlighting guards in stealth
  • Added new sound variations for Bain when applying the drill
  • Added footstep sounds for the Bulldozer
  • Added sound to the garbage containers
  • Added sound when opening ATM machines
  • Added a sound for breaking the computer monitors on Election Day day two


  • Added a chat in so that you can chat with your friends while you’re looking for jobs and they’re in the planning phase
  • Added a start-up message in for new players to inform them about the basics and how works


  • Fixed an issue where the exclamation and questions marks wouldn’t disappear above civilians and guards for clients
  • Fixed an issue where clients couldn’t trade civilians that were standing up
  • Fixed a synchronization issue where scared civilians would sometimes walk through walls
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash if a converted cop was traded when a client was in custody
  • Fixed an issue where the pager operator would respond while a player was answering a pager
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the host was traded on Rats day one
  • Fixed an issue where text in the chat would sometimes get cut-off
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash if a client left with a converted law enforcer alive
  • Fixed an issue where the team AI would get exclamation marks above their heads when civilians got scared
  • Fixed an issue where the outline of a converted law enforcer would sometimes not appear
  • Fixed a trading issue related to the converted law enforcers
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash when a job failed
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash in
  • Fixed a crash related to the enemy AI behavior

Update #25.1Edit

March 21, 2014

  • Fixed sync issues related to the moving civilians
  • Updated the load out menu with some minor changes
  • Fixed an issue with the moving civilians where their hands were untied for the clients
  • Fixed an issue on Election Day Warehouse where players could gain access to the bonus truck with the Saw
  • Fixed an issue on Election Day day one where players sometimes got detected when they spawned
  • Reduced the experience penalty when completing a heist with a team mate in custody
  • Fixed an issue on Rats day two where Bain would say "No cash, no info" when the player finished the heist successfully
  • Removed the Body bag asset from the load out menu on Firestarter day one
  • Fixed an issue with the Steam Store Page

Update #25Edit

March 20, 2014


  • Changed the change


  • Fixed an issue where the numbers were wrong on the Heat system
  • The legend has been updated


  • Tweaked the amount of guards on every map and difficulty
  • Fixed an issue with the navigation graph on Watchdogs day two
  • Fixed a hole in the backdrop on Big Oil day two
  • Fixed a hole on the Nightclub
  • Fixed an issue where guards on Framing Frame day three would break the stealth
  • Fixed an issue where the Grenade Case Asset would not show up on the Train Heist
  • Tweaked the amount of bags required on Firestarter day one on Death Wish difficulty
  • Fixed an issue where law enforcers would walk through the shutters on Framing Frame day two
  • Tweaked the Point of No Return time on all Escapes when playing on the Death Wish difficulty
  • Fixed an issue where civilians would sit in the air on Diamond Store
  • Fixed an issue where law enforcers would not climb a ladder on Watch Dogs day two
  • Fixed an issue where law enforcers would grab bags through a wall
  • Fixed an issue where players could use the electricity room as an exploit on Firestarter day three
  • Fixed an issue where players could use the theatre as an exploit on Big Oil day two
  • Fixed an issue where the player could fall out of the world because of the van on Jewelry Store and Ukrainian Job


  • The alarm pager will go off when a guard has been dominated


  • Made some cosmetic changes to the TAB-screen. You can now see how many body bags you're carrying


  • Updated the SWAT shield punch animation for the Iron Man skill
  • Updated the reload animation on some Assault Rifles
  • Added additional animations for the Cloaker


  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred if a grenade exploded while quitting the game


  • Added footstep sounds for the Bulldozer

Update #24.2Edit

March 3, 2014

  • Made a fix and removed the 'Modern Train Robbers' achievement as it was unabling players to complete the final achievements for each difficulty.
    • Please note: when you've completed all heists in a specific difficulty (not including the Train heist as that isn't necessary going forward), simply finish any heist in said difficulty and you will unlock the achievement connected to that difficulty.
  • Made a fix on day 2 of Watchdogs where the boat wouldn't come back
  • Added the Death Wish song for free to Soundtrack, Bandcamp and CCE-owners

Update #24.1Edit

February 28, 2014

  • Fixed an issue with the "Bronco Cop" dealing too much damage
  • Fixed an issue with four achievements not unlocking on Death Wish
  • Fixed an issue on Park Escape where players could see through the world
  • Fixed a localization issue on Russian
  • Fixed an issue where the ATM icons were visible on Four Stores on Death Wish
  • Fixed a crash related to the grenades
  • Lowered the cost when buying contracts on Death Wish
  • Updated some achievements icons
  • Fixed an issue where the escape van would not show up on Diamond Store
  • Fixed an issue where the player could open a door and fall out of the world on Armored Transport: Underpass
  • Fixed a localization issue in English
  • Fixed an issue where the escape helicopter sometimes didn't arrive on Big Oil Day 2

Update #24Edit

February 27, 2014

Death WishEdit

  • Added the new Death Wish difficulty
  • Added the "boost system" for 
  • Added 35 new achievements 
  • Added four new masks 
  • Added two new enemy types 
  • Added a new melee weapon


  • Fixed a glitch where the The Troubled War Veteran Mask would add a collision to the player spawn point 
  • Fixed a Chatbox glitch where the last word would sometimes get cut off 
  • Fixed a glitch with a missing texture when getting a knife as a reward 
  • Fixed a crash related to the trip mines 
  • Fixed a glitch where the menu did a mouse button click when unselecting the chat 
  • Fixed a crash related to clients dropping in a current game 
  • Fixed a glitch where the ICTV would show up as new each time the game was started 
  • Fixed an issue where players could interact with body bags through walls 
  • Fixed an issue where the offshore PAYDAY wasn't balanced for infamy players
  • Fixed an issue where a part of the RPK would glow in third person 
  • Fixed an issue where a civilian would spawn in a "panic" animation on the Bank Heist 
  • The paygrade icons has been replaced by difficulty icons on jobs in 


  • The KSP LMG stability has been increased from 15 to 17 
  • The KSP LMG accuracy has been increased from 4 to 6 
  • The RPK LMG damage has been increased from 28 to 30 


  • Fixed a crash related to drop-in joining clients on Escape Park 
  • Fixed an issue where a sniper could shoot through a roof on Rats Day Two 
  • Changed Rats Day One so that it will take time before the escape van arrives 
  • Removed the van in the Mallcrasher job


  • Fixed an issue when the Bulldozer would crouch after being damaged by a grenade 
  • Fixed an issue where the Shield SWAT would face the opposite direction of the player 
  • Fixed an issue where the Taser wouldn't rotate when walking around him 
  • Fixed an issue with special enemy path finding 
  • Note: These fixes can make the game to be perceived as harder, when it actually just improves the intended functionality of the AI


  • The number of body bags a player can carry has been reduced to two 
  • The player can no longer convert law enforcers during stealth


  • Added more screenshots 
  • Added more avatars 


  • Improved localization in all existing languages in game

Undocumented ChangesEdit

  • The Death Wish soundtrack was added

Update #23Edit

January 30, 2014

Gage Pack #02Edit

  • The Brenner-21 Light Machine Gun is back + the KSP Light Machine Gun and the RPK Light Machine Gun
  • Experience close combat with the Ursa Knife, Krieger Blade, Berger Combat Knife and the Trautman Knife
  • Added new weapon statistics
  • Four new masks, materials and patterns
  • Ten new achievements to unlock


  • Added the new Light Machine Gun tab in the inventory menu
  • Added the new Melee tab in the inventory menu
  • Added the new Community Highlights feature in the main menu. Participate and have a chance to win prizes!
  • The load-out menu has been re-customized
  • Changed item color on all DLC items so they are consistent (yellow instead of mixed)


  • Fixed an issue so that flashlight/laser is turned back on if it was on when throwing grenade or using melee attacks
  • Added a new blood effect when the player is hit by an enemy melee attack
  • Added a new hit effect when the player is hit by an enemy melee attack
  • Fixed a sentry gun related crash


  • Remade the reload animations for the AK weapons


  • Made a big update to French, Italian, German and Spanish localization


  • Added the Cloaker sounds and the Cloaker voice
  • Added sounds to the places where the Cloaker can spawn from

Law enforcersEdit

  • The Cloaker was added to the game on every heist and in every difficulty except for normal.
  • Law enforcers can now use melee weapons. Being hit by a law enforcer no longer makes the player crouch, instead the player's sprint will be interrupted.


  • Fixed an issue so you can no longer jump yourself up and over in the blocked parts of the heists
  • Fixed an issue on day three of the Firestarter job where the player could escape after securing a bag
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the player was in custody and there were no civilians left
  • Fixed an issue on day two of the Firestarter job where two clients would crash when the third client would deploy a sentry gun in the server room
  • Fixed an issue on day one of Firestarter where a group of enemies would get stuck at their spawn point
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if a player converted a gensec guard.

Update #22.1Edit

January 23, 2014

PAYDAY 2: Official Soundtrack Edit

  • Track "Wanted Dead or Alive" added to the PAYDAY 2: Official Soundtrack
  • Track "Sirens in the Distance" added to the PAYDAY 2: Official Soundtrack
  • NOTE: These tracks have been added for free for all PAYDAY 2: Official Soundtrack owners.

Heists Edit

  • Fixed an issue on the Nightclub job where the bouncer wouldn't act as intended
  • Fixed an issue on day 1 of the Framing Frame job where a law enforcer would spawn after a while during stealth
  • Fixed an issue on day 3 of the Framing Frame job where a crash would happen when players marked the cameras

Infamy Edit

  • Corrected and fixed an issue where an explanation was missing in the skill tree
  • Added a feature where the infamy tree provides 5% XP reduction per Infamy point invested (a maximum of 25%)
  • Fixed an issue where the "Swedish flag" particle effect on the Plague Doctor mask now works as originally intended

Undocumented changes Edit

  • The new tracks have not been added to CCE owners.

Update #22Edit

January 22, 2014

Infamy Edit

  • Added the Infamy system (currently five levels)
  • Added five new Infamous masks obtained through the Infamy tree
  • Added four new Infamous patterns obtained through the Infamy tree
  • Added four new Infamous materials obtained through the Infamy tree
  • Added five new achievements connected to the Infamy system
  • When selling infamous masks and mask modifications that return to the inventory, a dialogue box will tell you that they do so
  • When you are Infamous, an infamy icon will be shown infront of your name in the chat
  • Added new sound effects for the Infamy system along with an Infamous soundtrack that has a chance to play if someone in the crew is Infamous

Localization Edit

  • Mijn kameraden! Dutch localization has now been added to PAYDAY 2! If you have feedback, please go to the localization sub-forum in the PAYDAY 2 forum on Steam
  • Мои товарищи! Russian localization has now been added! If you have feedback, please go to the localization sub-forum in the PAYDAY 2 forum on Steam
    1. You can change language by yourself by right-clicking on PAYDAY 2 in the library
    2. Go to the the language tab
    3. Change to the preferred language
    4. Play the game!
  • Fixed some strings in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, expect a bigger update soon

Single player Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash in the mission briefing screen if a texture was missing

Multiplayer Edit

  • Added a feature where system messages will explain what other players are doing in the chat

Weapons Edit

  • Fixed a third person size issue with the Compact-5 Submachine Gun
  • Fixed an issue with the AK5 Rifle where the ironsight was clipping
  • Added a feature where the killing bullet when the enemy turns into a ragdoll gets extra power, making it look more sweet
  • Added third person animations for when you throw grenades

Menu Edit

  • Revamped the inventory system making it a much smoother experience when you scroll through and use weapons, masks and modifications
  • The mouse pointer now switches to the right icon depending on what you do in the menus
  • Added Melanie Schneider to the credits under Leveldesign - welcome to the crew!
  • Fixed a crash that would occur in the PAYDAY lootdrop phase

Enemies Edit

  • Made a fix for law enforcers and others that would sometime prematurely reset their actions and skip their animations
  • Made a fix for law enforcers and others that would turn in the wrong direction
  • When joining a game, converted law enforcers now show their outline properly
  • If you convert a highlighted law enforcer the red outline will be replaced by the blue outline as originally intended

Heists Edit

  • Fixed a crash for all players during end-game in the GO Bank heist
  • Fixed a crash on day 1 of the Rats job that would occur during normal play
  • Fixed a crash on day 2 of the Watchdogs job where the host would crash during an assault
  • Fixed an team AI issue on the Framing Frame job

Sounds Edit

  • Sound effects added to skill tree and infamy tree such as investing in a skill and a general "menu error" sound

Undocumented changesEdit

  • New heist-successful-menu-backgrounds.

Update #21.2Edit

January 8, 2014

  • Fixed a sever crash on Nightclub that was occurring for some players

Update #21.1Edit

January 7, 2014

  • Removed the festive Christmas theme in the main menu
  • Removed Offshore Payday - see you next time!

Update #21Edit

December 19, 2013

A Merry Christmas SoundtrackEdit

  • Added a new Soundtrack to purchase
  • Added three new Santa masks for those who own the Soundtrack
  • Updated the content updates page

Firestarter (Day 2)Edit

  • Made a fix to the Bain voice over

GO Bank jobEdit

  • Added various improvements to the heist to increase playability
  • Added additional voice over to civilians and the bank manager
  • Added additional voice over to the pilots; they now confirm they picked up the cage
  • Increased the volume on civilian voice overs

Update #20.1Edit

December 17, 2013


  • Made a fix for mission progression that was stopping certain missions (such as the meth not cooking and the escape van not arriving). You can now proceed in all heists as usual
  • Made a fix for crashing the host when the host is in custody and someone gets tased
  • Made a fix for losing accuracy stat in end screen when sawing open deposit locks

Undocumented notesEdit

  • This update fixed some but not all of the completion-preventing bugs from Update 20. Players are still reporting a very large number of bugs on the forum, including uncompletable heists, crashes, AI bugs, and other issues.

Update #20Edit

December 16, 2013

Update 20 introduced the first annual Christmas event, featuring a new heist and a new sight.


  • Removed the Offshore Payday - see you next time...


  • Added a holiday theme to the main menu in the spirit of Xmas
  • Added credits for all the winners in the prank call competition - check out the credits to see if you won


  • Added the track "Sirens in the Distance"


  • Grenades now deal 50% more damage
  • Added the Acough weapon sight for free


  • Enemies can now sprint short distances


  • Added nine new achievements
  • Fixed a bug with the "It's Alive! It's ALIVE! achievement


  • New Heist added for free, "The GO Bank Job", also known as the Charlie Sierra Heist (note: the heist is automatically added, just restart Steam and update the game)


  • New assets have been added for the GO Bank Job for free


  • New mask added, the "Happy Santa" mask has now been added for free to anyone who joins the Official PAYDAY 2 group on Steam


  • A major bug caused roughly half of the heists to become uncompletable, as certain events never trigger and some objectives are never marked as complete. Afflicted heists include Rats (day 1), Watchdogs, Framing Frame (day 2), the Train heist, and others.
  • The game can crash if host goes into custody
  • Sawing lockboxes or ATMs reduces the player's accuracy statistic at the end of the heist

Update #19.1Edit

December 9, 2013


  • Removed the Offshore Payday - see you next time...


  • Fixed a bug where "buying weapon slots" had a "buy mask slot" text
  • Changed the Gage Weapon Pack #01 picture in the Contents Update section into a correct one


  • Fixed a bug where grenade explosions would cause glass to crack and would then be indestructible
  • Updated the icon for the SpecOps Submachine Gun specific silencer

General for heistsEdit

  • Collision has now been added to beams

Update #19Edit

December 5, 2013

Gage Weapons Pack 01Edit

  • The paid DLC adds 3 new weapons, two new weapon modifications, four masks, and several additional mask parts, as well as frag grenades.
  • DLC owners spawn with 3 grenades. A new Grenade Bag asset is available on some heists when the host owns the DLC. Any player can get grenades from the asset.


  • A new function was added to the controls that allows players to toggle the rate of fire on automatic weapons between single shot and full auto. The M308 can be toggled to full auto as well. (The default key for toggling the rate of fire is V, but the game does not check if the player already has V bound to a key. The key may therefore become double-bound, which is normally impossible).
  • The number of primary and secondary weapon slots has been quadrupled. As with the mask slots, the player must pay $800k to unlock a new weapon slot (the slots are even incorrectly labeled as mask slots in the interface).
  • Any player can purchase the assets, not just the host

Undocumented changesEdit

  • The gaps underneath the doors in the Train heist have been removed, preventing players from looking under the doors to see which cars the vaults are in
  • Heavier units, such as the green and tan FBI and the Bulldozer, have increased resistance to explosives. The Bulldozer can no longer be downed by a single trip mine.
  • The gang members in Big Oil day 1 now patrol the yard in addition to the house. They can notice and be alerted by cuts in the fence.

Update #18.4Edit

November 28, 2013

Crash fixesEdit

  • Fixed an issue where the player would crash when quitting the game to menu
  • Fixed an issue where the player would crash because of an AI movement issue

Update #18.3Edit

November 19, 2013

Armored Transport HeistsEdit

  • Changed environment on Transport: Crossroads
  • Increased the chance of the intel drop that leads to the Train heist
  • Fixed AI navigation issues in stairs
  • Fixed issues related to the bag collision

Jewelry Store JobEdit

  • Fixed an issue with the safe collision


  • Fixed an issue where the volume of the load-out music was too low

Update #18.2Edit

November 18, 2013


  • Fixed an issue where the Commando 553 assault rifle wouldn't make any sounds
  • Fixed an issue where hackers would crash other players
  • Removed the ability to interact with security consoles behind walls
  • Removed the Offshore PAYDAY casino - see you next time!

Armored Transport HeistsEdit

  • Fixed an issue where the player could fall out of the level
  • Fixed an issue where the ammo shells would cast a shadow even though they weren't there
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in certain places
  • Fixed an issue where the player could pick up shells and the turret behind walls

Framing Frame Day 3Edit

  • Fixed a bug where a flash grenade could explode in stealth mode

Diamond Store HeistEdit

  • Fixed an issue where the van wouldn't open when the player was in stealth mode

Update #18.1Edit

November 15, 2013

  • Made a fix so that the Commando 553 counts as an assault weapon (thanks c4ndlejack)
  • Dominator skill - Removed a new skill bonus that was added in order to increase the number of hostages
  • Went through the Train Heist achievements and made sure they work as intended
  • Fixed a bug with the mask stash where the number of slots would be reduced when you sold masks
  • Fixed a Taser related issue where there was a small collision gap between a door and a truck
  • Fixed an ATM related issue on the Transport heists
  • Fixed a collision issue on the Transport: Underpass heist.

Update #18Edit

November 14, 2013


  • Armored Transport (DLC) was added - 6 new heists, 3 new weapons, 4 new masks, assorted materials and patterns. Those who do not own the DLC can still join servers hosted by DLC owners and play the new heists.
  • Hockey Heat Community mask was added.

Undocumented changesEdit

  • Deactivated Offshore Payday.
  • Loadout Theme was changed.
  • Snipers were buffed.
  • Some new music was added.
  • Masks do not auto-rotate in the mask-crafting screen anymore.
  • Player health was reduced by 20.
  • Armor speed and stamina buffed.
  • Interceptor .45 recieved new animations and sounds
  • Base ammo bags changed from 400% to 300%

Update #17Edit

November 7, 2013

  • Deactivated Offshore Payday
  • Deactivated Safe House Nightmare
  • Halloween items will no longer drop
  • Removed concealment bonus from being displayed on weapon skill stats
  • Added Black Armored Dozers
  • Fixed Enforcer Tier 5 Skill Bonus (Properly adds 5% damage)

Update #16Edit

October 31, 2013

Update #15Edit

October 23, 2013


  • Removed Offshore Payday
  • Lowered XP payout by 33%
  • Added Steam Achievements for Halloween Update

Undocumented changesEdit

  • Removed Mastermind Tier 5 bonus: Health Regeneration

Update #14Edit

October 18, 2013

  • Added Mark Mask
  • Added Mark Achievement
  • Added Offshore Payday for the next 5 days.
  • Raised XP payout by 33% for the next 5 days.

Update #13.1Edit

October 8, 2013

  • Fixed an issue where Shields would spawn in oversized groups.

Update #13Edit

October 3, 2013


  • XP buff for HARD, VERY HARD, OVERKILL to account for increased difficulty, making it more rewarding
  • Pro Job XP payout increased on OVERKILL difficulty, making it more rewarding
  • Failure XP payout reduced slightly
  • Special enemies will now be marked when seeing them through security cameras
  • You can now mark special enemies when in bleedout
  • Fixed a bug where skills that reduces purchase cost did not reduce cost of buying Premium Contracts
  • Changed suppression to threat
  • Changed visibility to concealment
  • Changed recoil to stability


  • All masks are now shown in your mask stash - now you know how many masks there currently are and which ones you have
  • Fixed a mask exploit where the player could abuse the mask system to gain money


  • Major changes to the stealth system, balancing how much weapons, skills and armors affect your concealment
  • Fixed a bug for suspicion meter not decaying when same enemy has more than one suspicion object in sight
  • Decreased most SMG weapons and Assault Rifles concealability
  • Increased Pistol concealability except for the Deagle Pistol and Bronco .44 Revolver
  • It will no longer be possible to sneak right in front of enemies
  • Added a Detection Risk ring in the inventory instead of the Concealment bar
  • Fixed various issues with Suspicion and Detection related skills
  • Adjusted armor concealment values to make the first four armors more forgiving and the last three more punishing
  • Adjusted the weapon concealment values to be less punishing
  • Security cameras have been improved and will now detect you faster - GENSEC have been hard at work
  • Tweaked the detection values based on QA and community feedback

Law enforcementEdit

  • Increased Sniper difficulty on OVERKILL so that they now deal massive damage
  • Tasers can now team up together with Shields
  • Law enforcers can now carry the Bronco .44 Revolver - go on, make their day
  • Fixed a crash regarding Sniper on the OVERKILL difficulty
  • Bulldozers can now throw smoke grenades - Oh my god
  • Bulldozers can now use the IZHMA 12G Shotgun - Sweet baby Jesus
  • Added new VO when law enforcers are suppressed
  • Fixed a crash related to flashbangs
  • Fixed a crash when a player tries to convert an intimidated law enforcer
  • Added hearing loss sound for flashbang
  • Added new VO for police officers and S.W.A.T.'s
  • Decreased damage output of law enforcers carrying the CAR-4 Rifle
  • Decreased damage output of law enforcers carrying the AMR-16 Rifle
  • Reduced the distance that the Taser can tase you
  • Added SFX to the Taser when his taser malfunctions and increased the damage the taser takes


  • Three icons have been added for the drill monitor so players can now see which skills have been activated
  • Weapon modification icons have now been added to the inventory and the loadout menus
  • Increased volume of player armor regeneration sound


  • Gangsters have been balanced so that they are less deadly, yo


  • Armors have received a dodge value - the lighter you are, the higher chance you have of dodging bullets
  • Further balanced movement rates for all armors
  • Armor penalty now affects steelsight speed, crouching speed and in-air movement speed


  • Rewritten skill descriptions, introducing numeric values in the spirit of Mekonlips'
  • Complete overhaul of skill descriptions to more accurately describe what the skills do
  • ECM Feedback radius has been extended to 25m
  • Improved the Fast Learner skill by increasing its effect
  • Balanced the Bulletproof skill by decreasing its effect
  • Improved the Cat Burglar skill by increasing its effect
  • Improved the Lockpicking Expert ACE skill by increasing its effect
  • Improved the Gunslinger skill by increasing its damage and reload time
  • Improved the Cable Guy skill by increasing the interaction speed
  • Balanced the Inspire ACE skill so that it works 75% of the time
  • Improved the Sentry Combat Upgrade skill by increasing the armor %
  • Balanced the Chameleon skill, decreasing its effect
  • Balanced Tier 4 of the Ghost tree
  • Balanced Tier 6 of the Enforcer tree


  • Add ability to upgrade drills with your skill upgrades - you can now upgrade other players drills
  • Fixed bugs with the drill and hacking device, sound getting stuck and unavailable upgrades for clients


  • A complete overhaul of the weapon system, introducing numeric values instead of bars
  • Selecting equipped mod will display the base, mod and skill stats
  • CMP Submachinegun - Increased the damage, spread and recoil
  • AMR-16 Rifle - Decreased the damage and recoil
  • AK.762 Rifle - Decreased the damage
  • Krinkov Submachinegun - Decreased the rate of fire
  • AK5 Rifle - Lowered the recoil
  • Kobus 90 Submachinegun - Lowered the recoil
  • Deagle Pistol - Lowered the recoil, increased the damage
  • Mark 10 Submachinegun - Increased the damage and spread
  • Locomotive 12G Shotgun - Increased the full and fall-off damage
  • Crosskill Pistol - Decreased the damage, lowered the recoil
  • Mosconi 12G Shotgun - Modifications for the Mosconi 12G Shotgun now have higher concealment
  • The Ergo Grip modification of the Crosskill Pistol now has a stability statistic


  • Fixed a bug with a shelf with no collision in the kitchen


  • Watchdogs Day 2 - Fixed a bug with the trucks collision

Four StoresEdit

  • Fixed a bug where a camera wasn't spotting players properly

Diamond StoreEdit

  • Fixed the AI navigation graph so they move properly

Big OilEdit

  • Fixed a bug so that the players can't shoot through the round windows to the left and right of a door
  • Modified cost for Big Oil Pro

Jewelry StoreEdit

  • Fixed a bug where throwing jewelry bags on top of street lights will cause progression to be stopped
  • Fixed a bug where the player and bag collision wouldn't work properly with the dump truck (this is also fixed on the Ukranian job)


  • Rats Day 2 - Fixed an issue where one of the money bag isn't secured when it spawn in the van
  • Modified cost for Rats Pro

Framing FrameEdit

  • Framing Frame Day 2 - Fixed a bug so that players now are able to pass through the train door before it closes
  • Framing Frame Day 2 - Fixed an issue with the phone when multiple players would answer it at the same time
  • Framing Frame Day 3 - Fixed a bug where bags weren't reachable

Undocumented changesEdit

  • Added Mastermind Tier 5 bonus: Health Regeneration (0.1%/s for 5 seconds, upon being shot)

Update #12Edit

September 17, 2013


  • Made tweaks to the economy system - added a whole lot more money to PAYOUTs and matched that with prices. Bags are super important! Or go check out Big Oil...
  • Made tweaks to the skill costs, higher tiers are now more balanced
  • Increased the XP payout depending on difficulty

Law enforcementEdit

  • Included a feature where law enforcement now can spawn and move in groups of tanks, tasers, shields and heavy SWATs
  • Tweaked the tactics of the law enforcers - tasers grouped with tanks now charge instead of providing support and are more aggressive
  • Balanced the tank spawn rates on the different difficulties
  • Balanced the tan FBI spawn rates on the different difficulties
  • Made a change where we buffed the snipers
  • Balanced the Officers so they do less damage but still hurt
  • Balanced the Gangsters so they do less damage but still hurt
  • Taser now has increased taser range, are also harder to headshot


  • Made a fix so that the Cleaner skill is disabled in casing mode
  • Buffed the Bulletproof skill, now absorbs more damage

Nightclub heistEdit

  • Made several fixes connected to AI movement pattern and collision

Diamond Store heistEdit

  • Made a fix to the ATM machines
  • Made a fix to the Expert Driver asset
  • Made a fix where the escape van wouldn't be enabled in some cases
  • Tweaked the number of guards that spawn


  • Balanced the Mark 10 Submachinegun, lowering its damage output
  • Balanced the Para Submachinegun, lowering its damage output


  • Buffed the ECM jammer by increasing the range

Titan safesEdit

  • Made a fix to the Titan safe timer, lowering it to great extent

Undocumented changesEdit

  • No money is received until the last day of a multiday heist. All contract payments for intermediate days are disabled.

Update #11Edit

September 13, 2013

Team matesEdit

  • Improved killer instinct for the AI team. They are more aggressive and more prone to stay alive even on the OVERKILL difficulty. Single player never looked more tempting.


  • Much harder OVERKILL! Yes you got it - now dont cry.
  • SWATS now have much better flashbangs - use the shades!
  • More balanced single player sessions

Police AIEdit

  • Added more and better run and walking animations for our dear enemies.


  • Improved Payouts!:
    • The economy has got a major upgrade. After looking at massive amounts of data and collecting player feedback we have implemented and tested a new economy system.
    • Each contract now has reward dependant on the mission specifics. Some contract amounts can seem low but the REAL value is in stealing the LOOT BAGS. If you sling a lot of Coke for Hector he will compensate you greatly. The reward is different depending on the number of coke bags you clear. On the other hand, if you hit Big Oil + it is not at all about bags and more about completion. If you get the engine to the helicopter and escape you get a hefty contract pay. This makes the game more tactical and you have to fight greed on almost every map.
  • CrimeNet is now balanced so you can chose to play for XP or Money or a middle way. Learn this by playing the heists on different difficulties. There are some anomalies to be found and taken advantage of!
    • NOTE: If you are in a BAG focused mission, go for the additional bags - they pay out several 100% more than the mandatory bags (for which you get the contract pay). BUT remember - GREED KILLS!
    • Multiday jobs pay out greatly and are very rewarding once you figure out how to move additional bags through them.


  • has reduced its somewhat cluttered info when counting the PAYDAY and contract money for you. You will be presented with a PAYDAY number that shows the amount of money the contract is worth EXCLUDING the LOOT BAGS. This is the offshore account money and 10% of that becomes you spendable cash. Look into it. it is simpler and more straightforward.
  • All cash numbers are now presented as Offshore money until converted to spendable cash.
  • The Contract filter is back!
  • Kick Filters. You can now set Kick enabled and filter on that on


  • We now display mission bags value on PAYDAY for both mandatory and additional bags in TAB stats screen during gameplay.


  • Boosted Aced Combat Medic revive bonus from 25% to 40%.
  • Enemies more affected by ECM feedback and civilians are no longer affected.
  • Added Inside Man Assets on almost all levels so that you can buy a EXPERT DRIVER that 100% takes away the Escape.
  • Made sentry gun tier 6 more effective.

Loot DropEdit

  • Added EXP cards in the loot drop for fast leveling
  • Added much better cash cards!


  • New reload animations for the Deagle!
  • Texture fix for the "professional" sight.
  • IZHMA 12G Shotgun damage is buffed.
  • M308 Rifle has had its damage adjusted correctly.
  • Kobus 90 Submachinegun got a damage increase with long barrel weapon mod. added.


  • Improved the ambient sounds to loop seamlessly.
  • Added more and cranked up existing car sounds.
  • Gun sounds improved and allowed to be 100% more at the same time

Masks customizationEdit

  • Added four new masks!
  • Added four new patterns!
  • Added four new materials!


  • Added VO to the Sniper in Watchdogs! He is awesome.


  • Changed how escapes work, now civilian death increases chance and not time. Also a no alarm hit gives you NO escape.
  • Fixed minor graphical issues on Street escape.


  • So many fixes... and Dmitri has changed up the club. There is tons of more variation and evil russian thugs around.
  • There is a rumour of a fight club, but we are not supposed to talk about that.


  • Watchdogs number of bags now depends on difficulty.
  • Tweaked chances of random events and walls.

Big Oil 1Edit

  • Completely new layout!


  • Fixed collisions on Rats 1&2


  • Balanced property damage values.


  • Endless updates and fixes, just enjoy.

Undocumented changesEdit

  • Some Skill and weapon stats were changed.[1]
  • Diamond Store heist was added. This is another heist involving robbing a jewelry store, but it is an almost completely new map, not the same location used for Jewelry Store and Ukrainian Job.
  • Nightclub has three additional security doors leading to new rooms that can contain safes. The cash's position is now random between the rooms. If there are multiple safes, another safe is likely to contain several bags worth of coke. Security cameras have been added. A new exit point at the back of the level was added.
  • A bug disabled multipliers for cash bonuses on higher difficulties, causing players to receive much less spending cash for most heists.
  • A bug caused certain low-damage enemies to receive massive damage buffs. Players in even the heaviest armor will be downed almost instantly by police armed with pistols or gangsters and guards using their submachine guns.
  • Big Oil pays far more in terms of contract pay, with equal payouts on each day.
  • The prices of all weapons and attachments have approximately doubled
  • The prices of all skills have increased significantly
  • Uncrafted masks sell for significantly more
  • Damage increasing barrel extensions such as the Firebreather and Stubby received additional boosts to damage. The magnitude of the damage increase is inversely proportional to the magnitude of the recoil reduction increase, meaning Stubby will be increasing damage the least and decrease recoil the most.
  • Titanium safes, colored silver, were added to the game. Certain safes will always be titanium, while other may be randomly. Titanium safes can only be opened by drilling. The safes are printed with the brand "Titan" and the slogan "Suck It".
  • The OVE9000 saw's default sawblade durability has increased from 100 to 150.
  • The car standing inside of a van in the Park Escape was fixed.
  • A clipping lamp in Ukrainian Job/Jewelry Store was fixed.
  • One of the skylights in Mallcrasher was bugged. It has been fixed in this patch.
  • The sentry gun is disabled more easily

Update #10Edit

August 30, 2013


  • For all stealth crews out there, you can now highlight cameras as long as the alarm hasn't been triggered.


  • Fixed an issue where we changed the interaction point for lockpicking safes, making it work better

Safe houseEdit

  • Due to popular demand from the community, we've improved the safe house vault - if you're rich enough, you'll know what we mean ;)


  • Shinobi - Ace - Changed skill description to more accurately describe what the skill does
  • Iron Man - Ace - Sprint and shoot upgrade added to the skill
  • Kilmer - Ace - Sprint and reload upgrade added to the skill


  • Stubby can now be modded on the CMP Submachinegun
  • Silenced guns are much better silenced - Try it and see if you like it!

Bug fixesEdit

  • Infamous ALT Space bug and BEEP keyboard is gone + dead + no more!
  • Fixed an issue with the pager yellow highlights on gangsters killed before cops are alerted

Update #9Edit

August 27, 2013


  • Fix for looping sounds getting stuck for host (while interacting with something giving a bag) when client finishes interacting with the same object
  • Fixed an issue where texture bleed would occur on uppercase "H"
  • Fixed some collision issues
  • Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck in a toilet on the Framing Frame job, Day 1
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck behind doors
  • Made some minor GUI tweaks


  • The two heaviest armors now makes you move slower than before


  • CMP Submachinegun has a new animation and a vertical grip
  • Third person barrel extension (nozzle) named Stubby has an updated texture


  • There now is a higher chance to drop weapon mods for weapons you currently own
  • Some masks are now more rare than they were previously
  • Chance for cash drop cards in PAYDAY is now reduced depending on your reputation level


  • Ghost Tier 4 now reduces the movement speed penalty for armor
  • Ghost Tier 6 now gives your weapons a chance to pierce enemy armor plates
  • Skill - SMG Specialist - ACE - skill has been replaced: it now increases rate of fire for all SMG weapons
  • Skill - Silent killer - ACE - skill has been upgraded: all your silenced weapons now have a chance to pierce enemy armor plates
  • Skill - Lockpicking Expert - ACE - skill has been upgraded: you now also interact even faster while lockpicking

Update #8Edit

August 27, 2013

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the player was trading a hostage to get the host out of custody

Update #7Edit

August 26, 2013

  • Tweaked the escape rate on several heists, lowering the chance of an escape happening
  • Cable ties will no longer be replenished if dropping out and then into a game again
  • Backup save is now saved automatically every time the user loads back to menu
  • Because backup save is saved automatically, the player is no longer asked to save while quitting the game
  • Skill - Silent Drilling - Lowered the drill sound volume when skill is activated
  • Implemented a fix connected to player movement crashes
  • Implemented a fix where players would crash, seemingly because of connection problems, but actually because of host issues

Update #6Edit

August 23, 2013

  • Fixed a Steam disconnect Crash.
  • Fixed collision on Watchdogs Day 1.
  • Added so that the ECM blocks pagers if deployed BEFORE they go off. Warning: they come back after the ECM is done. Then you need to deal with them as usual. The ECM is a delay of the call not a terminator of it.

Update #5Edit

August 22, 2013


  • We got word from Bain that the Washington PD is really stepping up their car chase unit - keep an extra eye out in the back mirror heading out of your heists.
  • Bags can no longer be grabbed through walls, fences etc.
  • Players can no longer revive other players through walls.
  • Loot bags now show up in a growing pile in the escape car and chopper.


  • Updated several skill descriptions.
  • ECM jammers can now be used to open ATMs.
  • Tweaked ECM feedback potency.
  • Silent Killer buffed.
  • Silent Drilling - now lowers the drill sound effect volume when skill is activated.
  • Chameleon skill description text is now updated and more descriptive.
  • Drill Sergeant BASIC and ACE bonuses increased.
  • Buffed Cable Guy ACE.
  • Buffed converted cops damage.
  • Buffed Underdog BASIC.
  • Stockholm Syndrome - Civilians revive the player faster now.


  • Fixed that the progress backup save language wasn't clear enough.


  • HUD viewpoints no longer clip at the edges.


  • Added beeping call sound for the pager call.
  • Cranked up the volume on the ECM jammer.
  • New Bain-lines added.
  • Added new footsteps.
  • Weapon animations now stop at mission end to prevent them from triggering sounds.


  • Fixed some pistols not using "aiming sensitivity". & MenuEdit

  • Added More filter options in Pick difficulty, server numbers, new (1 player in) and old (2-3 players in) servers
  • XP tweaks to 1 day jobs versus 3 day jobs, it is now much more worth doing 2-3 day jobs.
  • Prevent terminate contract option if signed out (server in failed/disconnected state).
  • Fixed a crash when host sign-out and sign-in during loading.
  • Fixed support for ultra widescreen / eyefinity.
  • Magically fixed controller for in game manual.


  • Enemies will now be highlighted when they are behind glass, while player is looking through cameras, and the "box" marking heads of enemies will work through glass.
  • Gangsters can be highlighted during sneak phase.
  • Tweaked enemy surrender chances.
  • Sniper shoots less often but packs more punch.
  • Taser has more health and is a bit more sadistic.
  • Bulldozer has now a higher damage tolerance, and is more evil.
  • Taser volume cranked up.
  • Converted guards on players side don't try to sneak off a call for backup.


  • Fix on saw melee.


  • Fixed a Steam disconnect issue caused by slow hard drives stalling the network thread.
  • Optimize the network code for less waiting.

Mallcrashers JobEdit

  • Lots of new art for the mall such as lamps, barista furniture and more.
  • New asset icons for Mallcrasher gas cans are in.
  • Blocked off a place in the gym where the player could get stuck.
  • Fixed a wonky door on Mallcrasher.
  • Made the AI move around better on the map.
  • Removed the small rooms with the gas cans.

Framing Frame Job - Train TradeEdit

  • Fixed issues where bags wouldn't count when traded in the Train Trade.
  • Bag collision on roof of train fixed.
  • Fixed collision in the secret tunnels.
  • Removed a floating stone.

Ukrainian JobEdit

  • Safes that would spawn inside of walls have been removed.

Bank Heist JobsEdit

  • Moved the ATM machines in the lobby a bit so they don't intersect.
  • Thermal drill now gets Technician bonuses for speed, alert radius and fixing itself.

Framing Frame JobEdit

  • Fixed disappearing environment on the roof on the penthouse.
  • Fixed a light bug.
  • Fixed some rare objectives bug.

Four Stores JobEdit

  • ATM machines now have a random chance on appearing.
  • Changed civilian animations so that there no longer are stonecold civilians during assaults.

Rats Job - TradeEdit

  • Fixed a crash related to the client drop-in joining and crashing after a couple of seconds.

Art - MiscellaneousEdit

  • Made glass double sided on player van.
  • Added window damage on office dividers with glass in them.


  • Added Park Escape in daytime and Cafe Escape in daytime for better variety.
  • Removed some flying bushes on the Park Escape.

Watchdogs Job - Truck loadEdit

  • Fixed a gate that reacted in a strange way when C4 was used.
  • Fixed an issue where bags could be thrown in unreachable places.

Firestarter Job - Day 1Edit

  • Fixed so cameras stop beeping after the alarm goes off.

Firestarter Job - Day 2Edit

  • Fix for cuffed guard that is not detected as suspicious activity.
  • Fixed breakable glass in the server room.

Safe houseEdit

  • Fix for one secondary slot missing in weapons rack.

Update #4Edit

August 21, 2013

  • Fixed a bug on the bank job(s) where sometimes the van door wouldn't open, causing progression to halt.
  • Fixed a bug on the Firestarter 3 job where sometimes the player could not secure bags.
  • Fixed a bug where a secondary gun would not show up in the safe house.

Update #3Edit

August 19, 2013

  • Fixed a bug so that Players can now use the "invite friends" feature in-game again.

Update #2Edit

August 16, 2013


  • CCE gets +10% cost reduction on all purchases on the Black Market.

Controller supportEdit

  • Expanded Xbox 360 controller support by demand!
  • Text on title screen showing xbox controller support when controller is connected (so you know it is working).
  • You can now do text scrolling with the controller.
  • Ingame-Chat is now visible when using a controller.
  • Ingame-Voice chat is now available through push to talk with controller (press upwards on directional pad).


  • You are no longer told that you will be released from custody as you get into custody.
  • Fix for a crash when joining a spectator camera at times.

Loot DropEdit

  • When 2 or more of the same weapon mod is in inventory, that weapon mod no longer drops.


  • Bulldozer now talks!
  • Tazer also talks!
  • Fix for client not being able to melee a Bulldozer.


  • Added sound to the AK5 reload.
  • Improved Ak47 reload.
  • Fixed bug with extended mag for r870 giving more ammo than intended.


  • DOMINATOR - Clients are now able to trade intimidated enemies.

Bank HeistEdit

  • Bank Deposit is more rewarding and more risky.
  • Fixed an assets problem with cameras not highlighting the control box.
  • Fixed catwalk on bank roof that bugged out collision wise.

Firestarter Day 3Edit

  • Fixed some objectives staying even though they were finished in some cases.
  • Fixed the vault door glitch.


  • Reduced the amount of time between Bain saying damage values.
  • Fixed bug that gave players 30x the worth of small windows when destroying 3 bugged windows.
  • Rebalanced values of vases, bottles etc. so they have a higher destruction value.
  • Gave car windows destruction values.
  • Increased car destruction value.

Art GalleryEdit

  • Fix for rare crash when client shoots at enemies while host leaves the game.
  • Changed private lobby properties and changed how invite is send/accepted.
  • Invites to private games now work.


  • Fixed the pickup asset. Sometimes the guy took a day off and did not show up!
  • Fixed crash sometimes when host was trading hostages.
  • Added real bad music to the bad music asset that reduces the amount of civilians in the club.
  • Changed so music stops sooner. This prevents the too long overlap when the assault starts.

Big OilEdit

  • Fixed keycard asset in the Big Oil Job – it spawned 4 cards. Now it spawns 1 card and on the ground in front of the team when they start. The keycard is highlighted. Pick it up and open the door of choice.

Framing FrameEdit

  • Optimized collisions on the Train.

Jewelry storeEdit

  • Fixed that if you stand on the safe door on Jewellery store while it's drilling, and then keep yourself on the door while it opens, as soon as you get off the door you fall through the floor to the base of the map, and then teleport back to the playable area.
  • Fixed so that Bain does not tell you the police are sending in harder units, even though there are no police as you are in full stealth.
  • Made it so the small parking lot booth does not allow the police to spawn in it if you are inside.


  • Bain speaks the correct line when player gets money and intel.

Update #1Edit

August 13, 2013

  • Fixed the "card / loot drop crash" that community members would experience while in the money screen or in the PAYDAY.
  • Fixed the "achievement crash" that community members would experience whenever gaining certain achievements. This also solves the issue where players are disconnected from the server.
  • Fixed the "Bad Music" asset on the Nightclub level. It now correctly lowers the amount of people willing to dance to elevator music.
  • Fixed the "Pickup Truck" asset on the Nightclub level. It now works.
  • Removed the TV's in Four Stores' 24/7 store.
  • Removed civilian alert on the office windows facing the street in the Nightclub level. The music is too loud for civies outside the office to hear. Kinda like in that Hotline Miami level.
  • Removed civilian alert on the fancy striped lamps in the Nightclub level.
  • Fixed alley door in the Nightclub level.

Beta Update #4Edit

  • General GUI tweaks has been made, the PAYDAY cards now have higher resolution
  • During a PAYDAY, only weapon mods for weapons that you have unlocked can be dropped
  • You can now toggle if you want AI or not in the Planning Phase.
  • Shotgun reload animations have been updated.
  • Balanced the control phase - the more hostages you have the longer the law enforcers wait before they initiate.
  • Fixed a bug where the "new drop" icon would not disappear in the main menu.

Beta Update #3Edit

  • Owners of the CCE version of the game will have pre-order items from now on, gifted players will not get these items anymore.
  • Characters should no longer walk in the middle of the air close to objects.
  • While the player is in casing mode, civilians, guards and police will look at the player(s).
  • Technical fixes on levels, fixed several graph issues, characters should generally move better now.
  • Updated localized text based on community feedback.
  • Updated several text strings.
  • Fixed issues related to animations depending on the FOV.
  • Fixed other FOV related issues.
  • Fixed a disappearing monitor in the safe house.
  • Fixed spots where the player could get stuck.
  • Added orange text on DLC items, which should make clear now that the skull mask is a "loot bag dlc" item in orange text, just like an infamous item would.
  • Fixed an issue where bags could be thrown out of the world.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash if the player would view a corpse through a camera.
  • Fixed a bug so that team AI now properly follows the player in missions.
  • Fixed a bug where a converted enemy would stop to follow the player who converted it.
  • Fixed a bug in the safe house where the player could throw the bag into a place where he couldn't reach it again.
  • Fixed an issue where police officers would be "popping" on top of cars.
  • Added minor tweaks to level details.
  • Bulleted list.
  • Reduced the drop chance of a "money" card during a PAYDAY.

Beta Update #2.1Edit

  • Added Nightclub.
  • Raised Reputationcap to 30.

Beta Update #2Edit

  • FEATURE: You can now Terminate a on-going contract from the menu if the server wants. This will allow the PARTY not to split up after a failed heist and try something else.
  • FEATURE: Decrease Mouse lag/Overheating slider is now in the advanced video options. This will give frame rate and decrease mouse lag if you find the right setting for your computer. Don't mess with this if you are not having any problems.
  • FEATURE: Player Menu Action. You can now see what the other players are browsing while you wait in the planning phase.
  • FEATURE: To kickstart the game we added a player starter kit for mods. You now have a pistol silencer and a rifle extended mag to play with at the get go.
  • Fix for Team AI not exiting hurt action when downed.
  • Sniper AI shooting through roof fixed (thanks for all the screenshots!).
  • Van collision fixed on Jewelry store.
  • Added new animations for rifle 870.
  • Fixed some civs not reacting to gun fights in the Four Stores.
  • Moved some windows in Four Stores that kept messing with collision.
  • LOTS of Anti Cheat fixes. Not all but we are getting there :).
  • Fixed Civilians that could not be bagged.
  • Fixed outline for pager so that it does not stay after being used.
  • Fixed Crash when dropping into a game while the was host interacting with pager.
  • The Good Luck Charm was tweaked to better drop infamous items.
  • Removed Level Limit for EXP and just calculate your EXP dependant on your current level. Much more fair without breaking the game with power leveling.
  • Collision fixes in the Kung Bo store (you guys have been EVERYWHERE :)).
  • Added some more randomness to Jewelry Store.
  • Fix for team AI getting stuck in the chill out pose for too long (no, not even they are this cool).
  • Tech skill Rifleman ACE tweaked to ZOOM in more than before.
  • Mastermind skill JOKER - life of the police units is now balanced.
  • Masterman LEADERSHIP BASIC/ACE tweaked to give more recoil dampening effect than before.
  • Electric Center is now infamous, because it's fun. You WILL miss this :).
  • Players interaction is not auto interrupted on drop-in (solves issue where the alarm goes off cause a pager interaction is interrupted or lock picks get aborted).
  • Tweaks to make the games difficulty more balanced. Normal is easier OVERKILL is harder.
  • Initial Police response on Jewelry store is now dependant on the difficulty. They WILL also use the siege behavior more. Try it.
  • BIG ONE! The LOOT DROP system is now tweaked to drop much more towards the level of weapons available to you. Also more weapons drop than masks or money.
  • MONEY drops now have their own CARD. Also, the money drops are more valuable if you are in luck.
  • More masks were added. (Wikinote: has not happened in update 2.0 but in update 2.1)
  • Optimized the network traffic to be lest tasking for larger coop sessions.
  • Made Normal level heists pay out a little more money to get you started and not make prices too steep in the start of your career.
  • Fixed all weapon animations to fit with the new maximum FOV slider setting.
  • Fixed Sprint animations to work with maximum FOV.
  • Fixed issues with bus doors on Rats being closed on some drop in players.
  • Added windshield breakage to cars.
  • Made the invite system less prone to drop invites in the boot up of the game.
  • Added a Updates news ticker to the bottom left corner of the main menu. Uses announcements from PAYDAY 2 gamehub (5 latest).
  • Moved menu item help texts to the upper right corner.
  • Changed name of menu option to go to crimenet from lobby (Choose new contract instead of This when you already have a lobby up.
  • Small rearrange of menu options in lobby menu to match main menu, also added dividers for spacing.
  • Depth of Field help text in start menu bug fix.
  • Fixed that occasionally the mask pattern icon will be on top of all of the message texts when entering the inventory.
  • Reduced the chance of infamous drops (yep :)).
  • Network fix for host dropping "connection_established" message if it arrives before it has finished loading.
  • Solved the conflict when multiple users interact with the alarm pager simultaneously.
  • Fixed a rare crash on clicking the contract box in CrimeNet.
  • Added a Back button in options.
  • Added Images of all Mods, Weapons, Masks and items in the "you got a new X" prompt. Much sexier.
  • The Skill icon is now always showing in wallet (when you got skill points).
  • The black borders after changing the resolution is now gone and fixed.
  • Resolution menu now shows which is the current resolution.
  • is now showing the state of the host to let you know if it a game is in session or waiting for joins.
  • RISK LEVEL is now correctly represented by YELLOW SKULLS - and they are added to the Black Screen to psyche you up before the heist :).
  • Sound updates to the intro and attract videos.
  • The AK rifle is now unlocked at level 1 to give starting gangs a variety of choice and make more sense with how the weapon mods now drop.
  • Fix for some animations that freeze when not in peripheral view.
  • Improved the look of the body armor.
  • Police now better at turning around when alerted.
  • Fixed glitch in how many police that could be intimidated at once.
  • Fix for ECM Overdrive travelling too far and through statics.
  • Menu dialogs to show save game loaded from other user and loaded wrong version (instead of corrupt).
  • Fix for player landing sound using wrong material.
  • Fix for slow-mo sound effect getting stuck if restarting a level during slow-motion.
  • Fix crash when being detected by a cop and automatically put on mask while in slow motion.
  • Added more fixes for dynamic deployables such as ammo bags and health bags.
  • RATS - Chemicals should no longer be able to pickup from the outside of the house.
  • RATS - Bain will play the wrong dialogue when player completes the heist.
  • RATS - Player is no longer able to throw meth on top of a tree making it inaccessible.
  • RATS - Fixed Unresponsive AI gang member.
  • RATS - Fixed gun sounds when the cooks get shot.
  • BANK - Officers in police car should now disappear on drop in.
  • BANK - Cuffing the surveillance guard now disables the cameras (only death before).
  • JEWELERY -Fixed animation link for enemies in back alley.
  • JEWELERY - Fixed invisible safe (NO it was not a secret.. Ilija was just very tired....:)).
  • SAFE HOUSE - Player cannot get the money bag stuck and prevent progression.
  • SAFE HOUSE - Money bundle in the tall safe is now easier to pickup and doesn't require crouch.
  • FOUR STORES - Windows in 'The Pear Store' now connect with the wall.
  • FOUR STORES - Fixed stores window for Smoother jump troughs.
  • AI tactics tweak to make them storm you a bit less when you are weak and hold of when you are strong (remember to tie those civs down ppl - it will slow down the Assault).
  • Drank a couple of Red Bulls... Thanks all!

Beta Update #1Edit

  • Crimnet Icons no longer twitch.
  • Added Difficulty to the Crimenet Mouse over info (like NORMAL, HARD, VERY HARD and OVERKILL).
  • On/Off to Depth of Field in the VIDEO options. This turns the distance blur on off per your request.
  • Moved Armour upgrades to earlier in the game. The Ballistic Vest is now given at level 1 instead of 12 and all other vests come about 10 levels earlier. This should make life as a noob easier and less punishing.
  • Added the growing money pile in detail in the Safehouse
  • Ammo and medic bags become dynamic instead of disappearing when surface is moved/rotated/removed.
  • Graphical tweaks to the safe house.
  • Crash fixes for when players drop in on a game where another player has placed a trip mine but it hadn't been armed yet. It was a RARE crash.
  • FOV Slider
  • New optimized Character level of detail upgrade to cater for new changeable FOV system.
  • Security fixes
  • SKULL Mask fix. Now EVERYONE should be able to go to the MASK slot and buy a SKULL mask for free. Then you can mod that for the money you have with the patterns and color you got form you Pre Order. The Red Dot sight will show up once you get a better rifle than the standard AMCAR rifle.
  • Network fixes

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