Unfolded Stock
Unfolded Stock (Heather SMG)
Type StockIcon Stock
Price $9,000 / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Card Drop & Side Job
Stability +8
Internal name wpn_fps_smg_sr2_s_unfolded

The Unfolded Stock is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2. It was added with the release of the the Jimmy Character Pack.


The Unfolded Stock is simply the Heather Submachine Gun's integral Stock being fully opened up. It stabilizes the weapon greatly during automatic fire while being compact enough to maintain a low profile

Compatible weaponsEdit

Submachine GunEdit



  • Despite increasing the weapon's overall profile, the Unfolded Stock does not incur any hit to Concealment. It was probably intentional, however, seeing as its value remained unchanged despite the many updates released immediately after the Jimmy Character Pack's introduction.

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