Note: In Update #100, the Body Bag Case became unlocked by default, and the skill's aced effects were moved to the aced version of Cleaner. This skill is still available on the Playstation 4 and XBox One versions.


Fugitive Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): You unlock the ability to place the body bag case deployable.
Ace (8 pt): You can now place 2 body bag cases instead of just one.


Each body bag case is identical to the body bag asset and contains 3 charges. The aced version allows the player to place two such bags, for a total of 6 extra bags.


Since unlocking the Body Bag asset requires Cleaner from the Ghost tree, Undertaker provides access to more than the starting 1 body bag without having to invest in Ghost skills.

Crucially, Undertaker and the Body Bag case deployable allow a player to bag numerous bodies without having to return to the asset drop location, useful on heists where it can be difficult to return to the van to collect more bags.

The aced version of the skill is of relatively limited use however, as the maximum number of pager responses (4) is the same as the total number of body bags useable by a heister with a single body bag case.

The most appropriate heists for using the aced version of the skill are Nightclub and Shadow Raid. For the former, stealth runs of Nightclub, can be made much easier as the rear areas of the club can be controlled and the guards can be killed and bagged - they do not have pagers so there is no limit to the number that can be killed. For the latter, Shadow Raid guards do have pagers, however the wandering civilians, particularly the workers inside the warehouse, can simply be killed and bagged and moved out of line of sight of patrolling guards (especially with the loot zipline asset, which will carry a body bag too). If a player is expecting to kill civilians, it may be useful to invest in the Winston Wolfe skill too, from the previous tier of the Fugitive tree.

In newer stealthable heists with Pre-Planning such as Big Bank, Shadow Raid and Framing Frame, you can save favors for other assets by bringing a Body Bag case.


  • In common usage, an Undertaker is (usually) someone in charge of cemetery and the burial (disposal) of dead bodies, which fits the function of the in-game skill quite well.
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