• 1. & 2. Under the desks of the back room to the right
  • 3. On the white chest of drawers in the back right of the store
  • 4. Behind the shopping bags in the back room to the left
  • 5. Under the desk in the office to the left of the store
  • 6. On the boxes in front of the fence (that may spawn) on the left of the store
  • 7. Lying in the alley left of the store (potentially next to a dumpster)
  • 8. On a trashed couch
  • 9. In the middle of the alley behind the store, besides a dumpster
  • 10. At the back end of the right alley, by the corner of the building
  • 11. Under the scaffolding to the right of the store
  • 12. At the right alley next to the store, next to the dumpster
  • 13. Behind the door to the right side of the store
  • 14. Under the wooden bench near the post box at the front
  • 15. Inside the tollbooth of the car park
  • 16. In the car park, next to a blue dumpster
  • 17. In the car park, between the two cars closest to the escape van

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