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Trip mine
Unlocked by Technician
Equipment slot Deployable
"The trip mine is an explosive device and is designed to destroy safes and disable enemy targets as they pass over or near the trip mine."
—In-game description.

The trip mine is a deployable trap in Payday 2, usable after unlocking the Technician tree.

Law Enforcers may also deploy their own trip mines during the 'stealth' second day of the Election Day heist, and trip mines can be found on both days of the Hotline Miami heist.

Overview (Player)Edit

The trip mine is a powerful explosive, capable of instantly eliminating any law enforcement units caught in the blast radius, depending on the placement of the mine.

A trip mine in default mode emits a red laser beam in a straight line from the mine. Players and converted law enforcers will not trigger the mine; anybody else (including civilians) that interrupts the beam will cause it to explode. Gunfire striking the mine and nearby explosions (both from players and enemies) will also trigger it. A trip mine explosion can damage the player who placed it, but, unlike Frag Grenades, will not harm other players.

Caution should be exercised when placing trip mines around unrestrained civilians, as civilians will typically get up and attempt to flee the area in the middle of assault waves. That said, it can also act as an expensive way of preventing unrestrained civilians from calling the police by placing them slightly above the civilian while they are down on the floor. Should they attempt to stand to call the cops, the mine explodes, although do note that this should only be done if the noise or the cleaner costs can be afforded.

Trip mines work best when placed in confined areas such as stairwells and doorways. They can be useful for protecting against Cloaker and Taser ambushes as well, as both will happily run through the mine's trigger beam. Even if close to the explosion, losing most of your Armor is likely preferable to wasting ammo to being tased, or being knocked down by a Cloaker's kick. When placed on the ceiling or a door frame facing toward the ground, the mines will inflict headshot damage -- this allows them to kill even bulldozers instantly.

The Combat Engineer skill in the Technician tree unlocks a toggleable on/off mode, while Acing it replaces the off mode with a sensor mode which changes the beam color to blue. This allows the trip mine to act as an early warning device for the player when a law enforcer is detected by the trip mine, rather than exploding. Alternatively, this can give the heisters greater control over when a mine is triggered, being able to stand back and wait until an opportune time to shoot the mine to detonate it, rather than having them be triggered the moment an enemy steps past.

Note however that multiple trip mines will not be distinguished from one another in sensor mode as they all make the same tone when a law enforcer is detected. Sensor trip mines can also be used when stealthing, as they cannot be seen or heard by guards or civilians.

Trip mines become more useful as an offensive weapon by investing 4 points in the Blast Radius skill in the technician tree. Even with just the basic +25% AoE bonus, a single trip mine will be capable of sweeping an entire room of enemies once it explodes. A particularly effective method for this is to plant a mine in a high-traffic area, turn it off or set it into sensor mode, and then wait for law enforcers to mass on that area then detonate it with gunfire or with a grenade.

Trip mines can be converted into shaped charges (C4) for breaching certain safes, doors and armored trucks if the player has the Shaped Charge skill aced. With this skill the maximum amount of trip mines that can be carried by the player is six. Trip mines cannot be resupplied during gameplay. Note that when a shaped charge is used to open an armored truck, the contents of the two rear locked boxes will be destroyed.

Unlike the trip mines of PAYDAY: The Heist which are deployed instantly, the mines in PAYDAY 2 takes a while to fully set up, leaving the player vulnerable for the entire duration of the placement.

Overview (Enemy)Edit

Enemies may place trip mines in doorways in certain heists as mentioned earlier; these mines function much like your own, and are usually placed from head to ankle height. As they have a unique model (a replica of the M18 Claymore) with a dark texture and no outline-glow, they are more difficult to spot during combat. If tripped, these mines will inflict massive damage; they have a very high chance of instantly incapacitating whoever was unfortunate enough to set them off.

As with regular trip mines, enemy trip mines can be made to explode by shooting them at a distance. They also have the standard red mine beam, so be careful not to mistake them for 'friendly' trip mines placed by a teammate.

Unlike 'regular' player-owned mines, enemy trip mines appear to have a very small blast radius.


Tier 1: Demolition Man

Demolition Man

Basic (1 pt):

Adds 1 more trip mine to your inventory.

Ace (3 pt):

Decreases your trip mine deploy time by 20%.
(Can stack with Hardware Expert Aced for 40% total reduced time).

Tier 2: Combat Engineer

Combat Engineer

Basic (1 pt):

Allows you to turn trip mines on or off.

Ace (3 pt):

Upgrades your trip mines with a sensor mode. (Replaces the "off" mode).

Tier 4: Blast Radius

Blast Radius

Basic (4 pt):

The radius of trip mine explosions are increased by 25%.

Ace (8 pt):

The radius is further increased by 75%.
(Stacks with Basic skill for 100% total increase to blast radius).

Tier 5: Shaped Charge

Shaped Charge

Basic (4 pt):

Adds 3 more trip mines to your inventory.

Ace (8 pt):

Trip mines can now be converted to shaped charges, used to breach certain safes and doors.


  • The trip mines used by enemies use the model of the M18 Claymore.


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