Transporter U100

Enforcer Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): You can throw bags 50% further.
Ace (3 pt): For each 10 armor points the bag movement penalty is reduced by 1%.


The basic version of this skill can be useful if you are playing solo or need to transport large amounts of bags under fire, as it increases the distance traveled by thrown bags by 50%. To put that into perspective, without the skill, light bags (e.g. Coke) and medium bags (e.g. Money) are thrown ~6 meters. With this skill however, they are thrown ~9 meters, saving time and effort.

The aced version of this skill makes it easier to carry heavy bags with heavy armor equipped, as each 10 armor points reduce the bag movement penalty by 1%. This only includes additive bonuses, meaning that percentage increases such as those from Perk Decks or Iron Man basic will not affect it. As such, if one uses an ICTV and moves an Artifact, they will move 17% faster (170/10=17), so they will move at 42% normal speed instead of 25% speed, which is a nice compensation for wearing heavy, movement-hindering armor. Armor gained from the Anarchist perk deck is considered an additive bonus, resulting in the largest speed increase.


This skill is highly recommended for all players, regardless of skill build or level. It is one of the few skills in the game that works well in any situation, largely because of the fact that virtually every heist in the game requires the player to interact with and move bags from one place to another. Players without this skill will therefore be at a severe disadvantage to those who have it.

If, for some reason, a player does not have this skill, that player should refrain from throwing loot bags and lay down covering or suppressive fire in order to protect their teammates who are moving the bags instead, if the situation calls for it. It is also worthwhile when moving heavy loot bags, such as Fusion Engines or Gold. 


  • With the basic version of this skill, it is possible to throw paintings through the windows on the walls of the art gallery on Framing Frame Day 1/Art Gallery.
  • When the beta for the Update 100 skill revisions were first announced, it was intended for the aced version of this skill to allow the player to carry two bags at once.
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