Note: In Update #100, Tough Guy's aced effects were buffed and moved to the basic version of Nine Lives, while its base effects were removed from the game. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Tough Guy

Tough Guy
Enforcer Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): Reduces your camera shake by 50% when you are damaged by enemy fire.
Ace (3 pt): Your bleedout health is increased by 25%.


The basic version of this skill increases the steadiness stat of a player's armor, which mitigates camera shake. At 11 steadiness, players receive the default 100% camera shake. At 22 steadiness, camera shake is reduced to 50%, and at 44 steadiness, it is further reduced to 25%, and so on, according to the formula shake=11/steadiness. [1]

The aced version of this skill increases bleedout health from 100 to 125.[1]

Note that this is only the bleedout hitpoints, and it is not related with how long you can stay in bleedout.


The basic skill will reduce camera shake, so that enemy cover fire will not sway your aim when using sniper rifles, as well as reduce the swing when being meleed. Other than that, the basic skill offers little aid, as the shake from damage, even when using the Two Piece Suit, is low enough that the player can aim with ease.

The Aced version is of questionable use, as players in bleedout do not need to draw fire from their enemies, unless they plan to revive themselves (with Pistol Messiah), or serve as a decoy while an ally is reviving them. Given the skill point cost, and the low increase in hitpoints, the player can do those tasks with the default 100 hitpoints.


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