Note: In Update #100, Thick Skin's aced effects were moved to the aced version of Die Hard, while its base effects were removed from the game. This skill is still available on the Playstation 4 and XBox One versions.

Thick Skin

Thick Skin
Fugitive Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Your steadiness is increased by 10.
Ace (3 pt): Increases the armor of all ballistic vests by 20.


The basic version of Thick Skin works as a lesser variant of Tough Guy, in that it reduces the degree of flinching when shot at (see Tough Guy for more info).

When Aced, Thick Skin provides a 20 point increase to the armor rating of all equippable ballistic vests (Ballistic Vest, Light Weight Ballistic Vest and Heavy Ballistic Vest). Unlike the similar technician skills and armorer perks, thick skin's effect is a straight increase of 20 rather than the addition of a percentage of the armor's base stats.


Thick Skin's basic effect operates in a similar manner to Tough Guy, giving a straight increase of 10 to the steadiness rating of all armors, rather than doubling it on a per-armor basis. The ace effect applies only to the ballistic vests (everything between the flak jacket and suit). As a result, the aced version of the skill is only useful for players who regularly make use of the ballistic vests, and the basic version's effect is (as with Tough Guy's basic effect) of dubious usefulness as camera shake from enemy fire is negligible to begin with.

The Aced effect of this skill lends itself well to the focus of both the Fugitive skill tree and its respective Perk Deck, Crook. Both focus on increasing the effectiveness of a player using Ballistic Vests to remain fast on their feet without sacrificing too much survivability - the 20 point increase to armour allows the Ballistic Vest in question to soak up one or two more hits than otherwise possible, which, when used in conjunction with dodge chances given by the Fugitive tree and Crook perk deck, combine to make the player surprisingly tanky, provided they are either sprinting or crouching -- with the lightweight ballistic vest, it is possible to maintain a dodge chance of no less than 40% at all times, along with an armor rating in excess of the flak jacket when further combined with the relevant technician skills.

However, for players that prefer to run a Two Piece Suit and Rogue Dodge build, Acing this skill will provide rather useless. It's recommended that the player buy the Basic version and Ace Hidden Blade instead.


  • The skill's name and icon are both references to the Thick Skin player upgrade from PAYDAY: The Heist.
    • Unlike in the PAYDAY: The Heist, thick skin offers a steadiness and armor upgrade, rather than a health upgrade.
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