The Professional

The Professional
Ghost: Silent Killer Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): You gain 8 weapon stability and 100% snap to zoom speed increase with silenced weapons.
Ace (4 pt): You gain 12 weapon accuracy with silenced weapons.

The Professional

The Professional
Ghost Tier 5
Basic (4 pt): Weapon stability with silenced weapons is increased by 8 and your snap to zoom is 100% faster with silenced weapons
Ace (8 pt): Your weapon accuracy with silenced weapons is increased by 8. You gain a 10% chance to pierce enemy armor with silenced weapons.




Typically, an unsilenced weapon will outperform a silenced one in virtually every situation outside of stealth. This skill, along with Silent Killer helps to mitigate the low power of silenced weapons, but will usually only bring them up to, or just under, the level of power of an unsilenced weapon. Therefore, players should examine their weapon loadout carefully before investing the 12 points to ace this skill. It is often more effective to modify your weapons to have good combat capabilities should the heist go loud, rather than to invest such a substantial amount of skill points into this skill.

However, should a player decide to include this skill in their build, it would be wise to make use of it whenever possible by using silenced weapons.

Light Machine Guns can be made very powerful by combining the 30% damage from Silent Killer together with the 50% Stability and 50% Accuracy from The Professional, effectively increasing the Light Machine Guns stability and accuracy to a good value. This is arguably the best way to make a build for Light Machine Guns because of their limitation to weapon mods which does not offer much versatile builds for the weapon.

The skill is actually very helpful with fully stealthed weapons as they mostly have horrible stability, weapons that fire in semi-auto or pump-action, however, don't gain much of a benefit. Also, the lowered snap to zoom time means less downtime if about to get caught, meaning that the player can fire an aimed shot, killing a guard in one shot. The snap to zoom benefit, however, is rather minuscule for higher damage stealth weapons, even if the player gets caught, they'd still have enough time to kill because of the higher damage.


  • The name and nature of this skill may refer to the film Léon: The Professional, which follows a skilled assassin who typically uses silenced firearms.


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