The Elephant
Elephant FBI Files
Career information
Role U.S. Government Senator Contractor
Affiliation(s) Republican Party
OVERKILL MC (formerly)
Biographical information
Also known as John Henry Simmons
Stephen Simmons (see Trivia)
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Age Unknown
Physical description
Hair color None (bald)
Ethnicity African American
PAYDAY information
Portrayed by Bokeem Woodbine
Voiced by Bokeem Woodbine
John Henry Simmons, called the Elephant by the press. A dirty Republican Congressman with mysterious connections that go all the way to the top.

The Elephant is the Crime.NET alias of Senator John Henry Simmons, a Washington, D.C. based politician who is in the midst of an election race during the events of PAYDAY 2. He is a supporting character in PAYDAY 2 and a contractor.


"Who am I? I am the opposite of every politician you've ever known."
—The Elephant introducing himself.

Despite not yet holding the relevant office as of his depiction in the webseries, during the events of PAYDAY 2 (as evidenced by his Steam trading card), he is a U.S. congressman. From this, it can be reasonably assumed that his involvement in Crime.Net is mostly for personal gain, issuing contracts that will assist in his ascent through the political hierarchy. By the time of the Hoxton Revenge heist he is referred to as a Senator.

It is revealed in The Biker Heist that Simmons had previously held dealings with OVERKILL MC. He had to sever these ties due to his involvement in the heist, and is expecting the Payday gang to compensate him for his loss.


Most of the contracts offered by the Elephant are of a political nature, they revolve around either discrediting opponents or for increasing his reputation and standing. His contracts tend to be stealth-oriented as he does not want to attract attention towards him and those which offer a stealth bonus offer greater financial rewards if completed in stealth. Unlike Bain's stealth heists, security measures in the Elephant's heists have a thorough check in protocol which will often result in extra guards being dispatched if a few fail to report in.


  • Details about him are not revealed in the game or the Payday webseries, but the Guide of Bain ebook included with the Career Criminal edition of PAYDAY 2 does shed more light on him.
  • Unlike many fictional American politicians, Simmons's party loyalty is confirmed in the contacts database; he is a Republican.
    • His alias is most likely drawn from the logo for the Republican party: an elephant.
  • Unlike Bain, Hector and Vlad's targets, most of the Elephant's targets are seemingly innocent, as the only reason they were targeted was because they have unintentionally interfered with the Elephant's interests, usually politically.
    • However, the rival politician that the Elephant is attempting to frame in Framing Frame is revealed to be in some extremely dirty dealings, not so dissimilar to the Elephant's contracts with Bain and the crew.
  • During his Web Series introductory episode, it is implied through his conversation with his personal driver after the fundraiser that the Elephant might be having an affair with his host's wife ("...everytime I give Mrs. Whitmore a "contribution" of my own").
  • The Elephant started out as a congressman; as of Hoxton Revenge, he is referred to as a Senator by the rat's FBI handler.
  • It is suggested in the New Enemy trailer that the Elephant conspired with Mayor McKendrick in bringing Commissioner Garrett and his special operatives to D.C.
    • The Elephant does not have a file linking him to Crime.Net in the FBI Files, likely due to political immunity or that, like Hector's prior case, Garrett and the FBI have offered him clemency in return for his co-operation.
    • It is also possible that he is secretly working with Bain to mislead Federal investigators in order to protect his standing and keep the details on his given contracts secret. As of current, this would seem like a more plausable theory as unlike Mayor McKendrick whose yacht was infiltrated and its possessions stolen, he has not been targeted by the crew.
  • The Hardcore Henry Heists were originally intended to be offered by the Elephant, as indicated by their game file indexes ("narratives/elephant/dark" and "narratives/elephant/mad") and unused heist briefing audio files. Judging by the cut files, The Elephant eventually turned against Akan after realizing how much of a threat he was but this role was given to Jimmy after some point in development. 
  • Outside of the main crew, The Elephant has the most appearances in the web series and live action trailers.
  • Despite the promotional materials referring to him as John Henry Simmons, the notes found during Hoxton Revenge lists him as "Stephen Simmons" instead.


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