The Dentist
Dentist FBI Files
Career information
Role Contractor
Biographical information
Also known as Unknown
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Age Unknown
Physical description
Hair color Gray
Ethnicity African-American
PAYDAY information
Portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito
Voiced by Giancarlo Esposito
"My legal business identifies me as a practicing dentist, my real vocation is the organization of heists, or the application of criminal theory, if you will. I am a facilitator, an agent. Some choose to hide in the shadows, some behind monitors and servers, I hide in plain sight. You will hear from me when I require your specific expertise."
—The Dentist introducing himself.

The Dentist is a supporting character and contractor in PAYDAY 2 first introduced in the teaser trailer of the same name. At first glance, he appears to be an ordinary dentist, though it is soon revealed he uses his business as a façade to cover his criminal activities and connections.

The unusual extension of his knowledge is soon revealed when he discusses the crew's past jobs whilst performing a dental checkup on Dallas. Acting as a stand-in for Dallas' usual dentist, he soon alludes to Dallas' involvement in the First World Bank and Election Day heists (see the event timeline), and, after revealing he knows Dallas uses the alias Nathan Steele, proposes they work together.



Little is known of The Dentist, though it is made clear he is capable of gathering information on anyone (including the Payday crew). Contacting crew leader Dallas in person (rather than going through Bain like most other employers), The Dentist reveals insight to the crew's illegal activities in order to grab his attention, and even later mentions them leaving Hoxton behind.

During his appointment with Dallas, the Dentist alludes to knowing of Dallas' true identity, mentioning the Election Day heist, and how to break into Benevolent Bank's vault. The Dentist mentions four potential jobs: three are seemingly huge heists on significant target locations like the Benevolent Bank, the McKendrick museum for The Diamond, and the Golden Grin Casino. A fourth operation was mentioned, and involves breaking Old Hoxton out of prison. Unlike every other contractor on so far, The Dentist aims solely for high-risk jobs that provide the potential of large rewards; all of which require thorough planning, with the potential for various methods of execution and escape.

Though not much is known about him, the Dentist's ruthlessness and alleged wide connections with the criminal underground make him a very dangerous individual. As noted by Bain, he seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and holds no records or priors; if anything is known about him, it's that he would make a very dangerous enemy.

The FBI FilesEdit

The most elusive of all the contractors suspected of maintaining ties to Crime.Net. If it weren’t for a handful of photographs, The Dentist might be regarded as just a myth. The first recorded mention of him was the dying breath of James “Napalm” Westmore, when his Beltway Bunch hit the Benevolent Bank in 1977.

“Tell The Dentist to go back to Hell,” he is quoted as saying.

Subsequent mentions of the name kept the legend alive, though, until very recently, there was not even a concrete description of this shadowy figure.


The Dentist's contracts are very large in scale with very high payouts, involving highly complex stealth routes or extremely aggressive shootouts.

Additionally, these contracts were not teased in the Dentist's introductory video, but were included post-release to provide additional insight and information about the game's storyline.


During select heists, the Dentist can utilize his wide underground connections to call on his "favors", small tasks done on the site, such as leaving a certain door open or positioning a vital keycard where it can be easily retrieved, by people who owed him in the past to indirectly assist the crew while on mission.

The Dentist himself only offers the service, the pre-planners still have to cover the favors' expenses with their pocket money, and has a limit on how many of them can be used during a job, so as to not draw too much attention to the operation with certain favors costing more "points" than others, presumably due to their considerably higher-profile.


  • The Dentist is played and voiced by Giancarlo Esposito in PAYDAY 2.
    • Esposito's playing the Dentist is an allusion to Gustavo Fring (also played by him) of the Breaking Bad series. Similarities are as follows:
      • Like Fring, the Dentist appears as an honest professional to hide in plain sight, and shares a similar pattern of speech and mannerisms. Furthermore, the Dentist also "appeared out of nowhere" upon his introduction with no priors or records as mentioned by Bain.
      • His first encounter with Dallas is similar to Fring's first encounter with Breaking Bad's protagonist, Walter White, being very pleasant, soft spoken, and friendly. When he reveals his criminal nature, his speech becomes much more authoritative, cold, and to the point, with all pleasantness gone.
      • At the end of Hotline Miami, The Dentist may say, "Fear, as you surely know, is a powerful motivator", mirroring a phrase spoken by Fring during the episode Green Light, where he says "I do not believe fear to be an effective motivator."
  • Minus Hoxton Breakout and Hoxton Revenge, all of the Dentist's heists are bundled within paid-DLCs, making him somewhat of a "DLC-contractor".
  • According to Commissioner Garrett's files on him, The Dentist was involved in a prior Benevolent Bank robbery attempt gone wrong in 1977.
  • The Dentist name might also be based on one of the former alias of Mozzie; "the Dentist of Detroit" from the White Collar TV series.
  • Though The Dentist speaks in a calm manner, Bain mentions he will get "pissed" if the Commissar escapes in the Hotline Miami heist. Also, The Dentist voices some displeasure if the crew did not successfully stealth The Diamond Heist.
  • The Dentist is currently the only contractor introduced post-release to have multi-day contracts.
  • Despite The Dentist working closely together with the crew in the past and parting on good terms, it would appear he is involved with the PAYDAY gang's current predicaments with him mysteriously appearing in Henry's Rock. Near the end of the heist, a live-feed of The Dentist can be seen standing near a tortured, restrained individual who is likely Bain
  • It is likely The Dentist may have ties with Murkywater, as the box originally taken by the crew in the Golden Grin Casino heist was placed in a Murkywater hidden facility



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