Note: In Update #100, Tactical Mines's basic effects were buffed and moved to the basic version of Combat Engineering, and its aced effects were removed from the game. This skill is still available on the Playstation 4 and XBox One versions.

Tactical Mines

Tactical Mines
Technician Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): Radius of trip mine explosions are increased by 30%.
Ace (3 pt): Special enemies marked by your trip mines take 15% more damage.


Tactical Mines provides a 30% boost to mine explosion radius, acting as a slighly better version of the (now removed) basic Blast Radius skill. The aced version acts as an improved alternative to the Mastermind's Spotter skill, by providing a 15% damage boost against enemies marked by the mine's sensor mode.


Entirely passive in nature, the perks are best used by tactical mine placement. By placing mines in areas with high enemy traffic, significant damage can be dealt overall; both levels allow for effective countering, providing large area damage with the basic, and a significant boost against special enemies. 


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