Tactical Mag.
Type MagIcon Magazine
Price $21,000 / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Card Drop & Side Job
Magazine +4
Internal name {{{int_name}}}

The Tactical Mag. is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2.


The Tactical Mag. is an aftermarket Magazine mod for a host of 5.56mm rifles. It provides about half as much extra ammunition as the cheaper and more common Milspec Mag., but doesn't affect Concealment.

Compatible weaponsEdit

Assault RifleEdit

Submachine GunEdit


  • The Tactical Mag was based on the Magpul P-MAG, a derivative of the common NATO STANAG 30-round magazine.
    • Adding it to a weapon strangely does not affect said weapon's Concealment value, despite the mod being finished in a more visible bright tan color compared to the others's metallic black.
    • Before Update #65, the UAR used the Tactical Mag as its default magazine.

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