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Technician: Oppressor Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Your SMGs, LMGs and Assault Rifles gain 15 more bullets in the magazine. This does not affect the "Lock n' Load" Ace skill.
Ace (6 pt): Your ranged weapons can now pierce through enemy body armor.
Note: Does not apply to throwable weapons.


Surefire adds 15 extra rounds to SMGs, Assault rifles and LMGs for the basic version and does not count against the reload penalty if using Lock'n'Load's reload bonus and the Aced version will give the weapon piercing effects against Maximum Force Responders' plate armor.


Surefire basic is highly recommended for heisters who spray bullets with fully automatic weapons. It is even invaluable for those that applied the DMR kit to either the AMR-16, Gewehr 3, etc due to the reduced total ammunition.

The aced skill can be used to counter Maximum Force Responders on higher difficulties, especially if they arrive in groups. It can also pair well with Berserker aced as it will provide 100% more damage with ranged weapons. It is also highly recommended to pair Surefire with Body Expertise to boost damage.


  • While the name of this skill would suggest the application of careful aim or recoil management, it actually does not offer improvement to Accuracy, Stability or any benefit of the sort to the player but instead increases their magazine capacity and, if Aced, grants them an armor penetration effect.
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