Suppressed Barrel
Suppressed Barrel (Steakout 12G)
Type BarrelIcon Barrel
Price $36,000 / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Bonus (1), Card Drop & Side Job
Damage -5
Accuracy +2
Stability -5
Concealment -2
Threat -22
Internal name wpn_fps_sho_aa12_barrel_silenced

The Suppressed Barrel is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2. It was added with the release of The Butcher's BBQ Pack DLC.

You will receive 1 Suppressed Barrel in your inventory automatically. To get more you will need to complete daily Side Jobs.


The Suppressed Barrel is a custom suppressed Barrel mod for the Steakout 12G that narrows down its pellet spread and muffles the audio report of its shots. Damage is reduced, as expected, and recoil is somehow bizarrely increased. The large barrel increases the weapon's overall profile. The Steakout's threat level is completely reduced to 0.

In comparison to the suppressor barrel extensions (The Silent Killer Suppressor and Shh!) the Steakout 12G can also equip, the Barrel has half the damage reduction of both suppressors, the accuracy boost of the Shh!, the concealment reduction of The Silent Killer, and reduces stability unlike the barrel extensions. While this may make it seem as though the Suppressed Barrel is useless, the lesser damage reduction it has can make up for its faults. With the Silent Killer skill aced, the Steakout's damage with this barrel can be increased to the same rating one would get if they equipped the Shark Teeth Nozzle.

Compatible weaponsEdit


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