Note: In Update #100, Stun Resistance's full effects were moved to the aced version of Resilience. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Stun Resistance

Stun Resistance
Enforcer Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): Reduces the visual effect duration of flashbangs by 25%.
Ace (3 pt): Further reduces the visual effect duration by 50%.


The benefits of the skill are straightforward; when a player is blinded by a flashbang, the screen will return to normal more quickly. The duration of the effect also depends on the player's distance from the flashbang and whether or not they were looking directly at the grenade's detonation.


Flashbangs aren't actual projectiles that gets thrown by enemies. Instead, the game just periodically spawns one at your feet when you're not looking, which is most of the time, and especially so if there is a mass of law enforcers huddling up near the player's position. Due to this, Stun Resistance can be a useful skill for combat-heavy players, as being flashbanged can usually spell death for players who are blinded while the enemy approaches.

Getting either benefit helps, although the basic version is usually enough if one desires to spend skill points elsewhere. Alternatively, one can simply look the other way if they spot a flashbang being spawned into the map before it detonates. With enough practice the skill can be overlooked entirely.

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