Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome
Mastermind: Controller Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Civilians are intimidated by the noise you make and remain intimidated 50% longer.
Ace (6 pt): Your hostages will not flee when they have been rescued by law enforcers. Whenever you get into custody, your hostages will trade themselves for your safe return. This effect can occur during assaults, but only 1 time during a heist.


Stockholm Syndrome Basic inherits the effects of Control Freak Basic, allowing players to more effectively control civilians in the area simply by creating enough noise.

Acing the skill also causes civilians to remain in the general vicinity after being released by the police, giving their captors more time to tie them back down if they so choose. It also relieves pressure on the crew as a whole by letting civilians trade themselves in automatically to free an arrested player; they will even do so during assaults, though each player with the skill are entitled to only one such release per heist (or day of a heist).

Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome
Mastermind Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): Nearby civilians have a chance of reviving you if you interact with them.
Ace (8 pt): Civilians reviving you have a chance of giving you ammunition.


"You're on the wrong side of the law but, you have my sympathies"
—A civilian reviving a player.

When shouted at, nearby civilians who are not tied down will attempt to revive the player. The amount of ammunition received from the aced version of the skill is the same as the ammo drop from killing one law enforcer.

The civilian reviving the crew is not targeted by law enforcers, thus ensuring an uninterrupted revive. However, the player on the ground is still presented as a target and will be shot at unless fully incapacitated.

As Dominator Aced increases the distance from which you can shout with civilians, so too does it increase the distance that you can use this skill.


Because this skill does not work with civilians who have been cable tied, it works well with Control Freak, which prevents civilians from running too far away while leaving them available to revive the player. However, it is often preferable to keep some hostages tied, as having a hostage delays assault waves and allows players to be traded out of custody. Swan Song is a good supplementary skill to Stockholm Syndrome as it gives the player a few seconds to move closer to a viable civilian before falling into bleedout.

For its heavy skill point investment, this skill (especially the aced version), is not especially powerful. Revival can be more readily assured with skills such as Pistol Messiah or Inspire, and extra ammunition is available through a number of enforcer skills, such as Fully Loaded.

It is also highly situational, almost too situational, to be truly effective: civilians are generally present on stealth-centric maps only, during which one may not even take damage, much less getting shot down to be saved; even if one manages to be incapacitated, an untied civilian may not always be available due to many reasons (too far away, calling the police, having fled the scene, etc...).

Arguably, this skill would come in handy during a stealth attempt gone wrong, but seeing as players would rather restart the heist/day entirely when this happens than going loud, it may not see much use. Outside of conventional heists, escape scenarios are some of the few places where this skill could shine, especially on higher difficulties or when the crew is scattered and cannot regroup in time to save a downed heister, though whether it can be used or not depends largely on the scenario being played at the time.


  • This skill is named after a real-life syndrome of the same name that causes hostages to feel an irrational sympathy towards their captors, to the point of defending and even assisting them in their wrongdoings. This is reflected by the skill's effect on nearby civilians, who will risk standing up in a firefight to assist the player, albeit briefly.
  • The effects of this skill are demonstrated in the Big Bank trailer, as seen when the central character came to Dallas' aid when the heister was wounded in the shootout.

Patch NotesEdit

  • With the release of Update 100, Stockholm Syndrome Aced was completely bugged, often working for players who did not have the skill and for an unlimited amount of times during assault waves. The "released" hostage would sometimes stand in one place and cannot be moved. Update 105.2 (Hotfix) have rectified the issue.
  • Patch #107 moved the "Civilians remain intimidated 50% longer" part of this skill to Forced Friendship basic.
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