Note: In Update #100, Sprinter's basic effects and its aced version's speed-boosting effect were moved to the basic version of Duck And Cover, while its dodge-increasing effect was debuffed and moved to the aced version of Duck And Cover. This skill is still available on the console versions.


Ghost Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): The time before stamina regeneration starts is reduced by 25% and the regeneration of stamina is increased by 25%.
Ace (3 pt): Your sprint speed is increased by 25% and you have a 25% better chance of dodging enemy fire while sprinting.


The basic version of Sprinter cuts down the player's stamina regeneration time by 25% and equally increases the regeneration rate, effectively replenishing more energy over less time.

Acing the skill also increases the player's sprint speed by 25% and reduces their chances of getting shot while doing so (again, by 25%).


Even for players who do not plan to specialize in the Ghost tree, this skill can be very useful, as its aced version increases movement speed and grants a very large chance to dodge attacks, taking no damage at all. This skill is ideal for situations in which a player must cross an open area that is being guarded by a large number of law enforcers or move a large number of bags. On loud heists, it will provide a chance that the player takes no damage from attacks, which can be potentially life saving. On the other hand, on stealth heists, this skill can increase a player's movement speed, allowing quick entry and escape from a potentially risky situation, such as being surprised or cornered by guards.

It is recommended that one wears only the Two Piece Suit if they want to maximize this skill's effectiveness, as their base movement speed, stamina consumption rate and bullet dodging chances are at their highest values while only the suit is equipped. Those wearing heavier armors, however, will see no benefit from the increased dodge chance, since the base dodge ratings of those armors are large negatives numbers, e.g. -40 for the Combined Tactical Vest or -50 for the ICTV. The aced level of this skill does pair very well with the Crook or Rogue perk deck's bonuses to dodge.

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