Note: In Update #100, Spotter's basic effects were moved to the basic version of High Value Target and its aced effects were moved to the aced version of Sixth Sense. This skill is still available on the Playstation 4 and XBox One versions.


Mastermind Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): Special enemies marked by you take 15% additional damage.
Ace (3 pt): Unlocks the Spotter asset in the Job Overview menu. During stealth the Spotter will highlight guards for you and your crew.

If stealth is not an option, the Spotter will highlight special enemies for you and your crew.


The basic benefit of the skill is straightforward and very helpful in combat: any special enemy highlighted by you will receive 15% more damage from crew members, including yourself. Targets marked by the Theia Magnified Scope are also susceptible to receive 15% more damage.

The aced benefit of the spotter skill unlocks the ability to hire an off-site spotter for certain heists to mark enemies near windows and/or the exterior area of the map, during the stealth phase. The "spotter" manifests itself in the form of a single stationary point somewhere on the map. This point can be, and often is, floating in midair. Whenever the "spotter" point has line of sight to a guard's detection point, which is located in the head, said guard will be flagged. Spotters are invisible and have a 90 degree field of view. On some maps, there are actually two "spotter" points located on the map, such as on Firestarter day 2. [1]

The spotter asset is largely situational, although still beneficial for the entire team. For players who do not prefer long stealth missions, the 3 points invested is of little use and best put into other skills that would benefit them better in combat. Conversely, stealthy players would find the off-site spotter invaluable for their heists.

After update 39, players may now find the spotter useful in loud heists as the spotter will now highlight special enemies instead of simply disappearing.

Acing the spotter skill also enables purchasing of the spycam asset during the pre-planning mode of Big Bank, Framing Frame Day 1, and Art Gallery.


Not a lot of strategy is involved with the spotter skill, simply press your shout key (the "F" key by default) to highlight any special enemy you see and they will receive additional damage. 


  • This skill was added in Update #25 of the game, replacing Smooth Talker and inheriting the former's ace effect while turning its basic effect into a regular gameplay mechanic.
  • The spotter seems to utilise a side-to-side "sweep" mechanic, in which guards are slowly detected from left to right. After the the outline of the guards have disappeared, the guards are then slowly detected from the right to the left and the process repeats.


  1. Frankelstner's "The Long Guide"
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