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Speed Pull Magazine
Speed Pull Magazine
Type MagIcon Magazine
Price $14,000
Drop Infinite Granted
Magazine +8 (Mark 10 only)
Reload Speed Varies
Internal name wpn_fps_ass_g36_m_quick (JP36)
wpn_fps_ass_aug_m_quick (UAR)
wpn_fps_upg_ak_m_quick (AKs)
wpn_fps_m4_upg_m_quick (CARs)
wpn_fps_smg_sr2_m_quick (Heather)
wpn_fps_smg_mac10_m_quick (Mark 10)
wpn_fps_smg_p90_m_strap (Kobus 90)

The Speed Pull Magazine is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2. It was added with the release of the Gage Spec Ops Pack DLC.

DLC owners will receive infinite copies of the mod upon installing the update.


The Speed Pull Magazine is not a typical Magazine mod, but rather a dedicated sleeve going around a weapon's magazine that allows for much quicker mag changes in the heat of the fight.

Compatible weaponsEdit


  • The various Speed Pull Magazines are based on the Magpul Original Magpul® – 5.56 NATO and Original Magpul® – 9mm Subgun, with the exception of the Kobus 90's, which simply utilizes a yellow strap.
  • Due to it supporting a wide array of weapons, the Speed Pull Magazine is the first single modification to have multiple different icons.
  • The Speed Pull Magazine's equips the AMCAR, Para, and AMR-16 with the Milspec Mag., but despite this they neither get increased magazine capacity nor reduced concealability, however it equips the Mark 10 with its Extended Mag and does give it increased magazine size, but does not increase stability nor does it decrease its concealment. Additionally, equipping the Speed Pull Magazine on the AK.762, Golden AK.762, AK17, and Krinkov give them the AK's 5.45mm Bakelite magazine. Despite the AK.762 and Krinkov being based on the AKM and AKMSU respectively, which are chambered in 7.62x39mm rounds and would be incompatible with the 5.45x39mm AK-74 magazines in real life.


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