Silent Death
Silent Death (Uzi)
Type SuppressorIcon Barrel Extension
Price $36,000
Drop Achievement
Accuracy -2
Stability +1
Concealment -2
Threat -12
Internal name wpn_fps_smg_uzi_b_suppressed

The Silent Death is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2.


The Silent Death is an exclusive Barrel Extension for the Uzi.

This unique suppressor doesn't reduce damage and even helps the recoil a bit, but the custom hackjob hurts the already shaky accuracy even further. The longer barrel is hard to hide, too.

It's superior to the other suppressors thanks to the Uzi's other unique mods that cover the accuracy penalty and then some, but it is locked behind a fairly tricky achievement.

Compatible weaponsEdit



Sounds of Animals Fighting Sounds of Animals Fighting
In the Hotline Miami job, complete the heist while you and your four man crew are wearing one different Hotline Miami mask each on hard or above. Unlocks the Silent Death and Folded Stock for the Uzi submachine gun, Suppressor and No Stock for the Cobra submachine gun and Short Barrel for the Blaster 9mm submachine gun.
All four masks must be from the Hotline Miami DLC itself; masks obtained by owning Hotline Miami but not the DLC do not count for the purposes of this achievement.


  • The real-life Uzi barrel was threaded to take aftermarket suppressors, but IMI never provided an official option. This one looks exactly like the famous bulged suppressor of the MAC-10, another iconic 80's gun, chopped up and adapted to fit the Uzi dimensions.
  • Its appearance as a unique silencer might be a reference to Hotline Miami's Richter, who uses a silenced Uzi as his signature weapon.

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