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Silenced Barrel
Silenced Barrel (Nagant)
Type BarrelIcon Barrel
Price $9,000
Drop Achievement
Damage -56
Accuracy -2
Stability +2
Concealment -2
Threat -66
Internal name wpn_fps_snp_mosin_b_sniper

Silenced Barrel is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2.


The Silenced Barrel is a Barrel-fitted relic suppressor for the Nagant.

It manages to silence the rifle, but at a cost. Subsonic ammunition reduces damage somewhat, the poor design worsens shot grouping and it's deceptively heavy for its size, making the gun even longer and clumsier to conceal. However, the dragged-out gas emission lessens recoil and makes it more comfortable to shoot.

Compatible weaponsEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit


Death From Below Death From Below
Kill 25 enemies as they rappel using the Nagant sniper rifle. Unlocks the Constable mask, the Silenced Barrel and the Long Barrel for the Nagant sniper rifle, “Gunsmoke” material and “Dazzle” pattern.


  • This suppressor did actually exist. Mass production of the "Bramit" was started in mid-1941, just in time for the Continuation War. Since the exhaust control was accomplished with rubber seals instead of a machined metal maze, it could only sustain 50 shots or so before the its innards were ruined - even with the special reduced-load rounds that only had 30% of the original muzzle velocity. They were distributed in limited amounts to partisans, specialist scouts and other clandestine Soviet units.

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