Side Jobs are as the name implies, smaller mini-objectives for the players to strive to accomplish while playing through the regular heists. Side Jobs were introduced on Day 2 of Spring Break as a community reward for accumulating 200,000 gallons of hype fuel during the Hype Train event.


The Side Jobs feature rewards players for successfully completing specified achievements, or repeating the acquisition process of said achievements if they have been unlocked beforehand. 

There's a distinction between day jobs, weekly jobs, and monthly jobs;

  • Daily challenges, usually less difficult achievements, award players with cash and random mod for the weapon of their choice.
  • Daily safehouse challenges award players with 6 continential coins.
  • Weekly challenges, usually fairly difficult achievements, will award players with cash and a pre-defined Infamy item. Note these can only be infamous items gained from card drops, not the items gained from progressing on the Infamy grid.
  • Monthly challenges, all involving completing a particularly tough challenge, will award players with choosing between either a Stat Boost, a modification that grants a marginal boost to a weapon's performance, or a Team Boost, a modification that increases the amount of money and XP everyone in the lobby gets.

As the names suggests, each daily job can only be done once per day, weekly jobs once per week, and monthly jobs once per month. It does not matter at what time of the day/week the jobs were completed, a new one will become available starting the next increment of time.

Claiming the RewardEdit

If you've completed a challenge, during the day ending screen it will read 'Side Job completed! Go to Crime.Net to claim your rewards' (safe house dailies excluded). A cheering sound effect will be played based on the requirements of the challenge. e.g. Stealing all the weapons in Firestarter will trigger the sound when all loot bags are secured, while completing a designated number of contractor jobs will trigger the sound during the completion screen. Daily safehouse challenges won't require you to redeem them, they will automatically give their reward upon completion.
Note: The Stealth Bonus screen has higher priority, so if finished in stealth, only the sound can be heard.

After this if you load Crime.Net (both offline or online), click the Side Job button and go to the completed job (it will be orange);

  • Click on the money icon to claim the money (20k for daily and 140k for weekly)
  • Daily: Clicking the weapon mod button will give a new screen where you can scroll between the various weapon categories, the actual weapon for which to roll for an item, and then from which DLC you want an item drop (the base game displaying as 'Normal'), or you can leave that unspecified ('All').
  • Weekly: Click on the mask icon to get the shown mask
  • Monthly: Click on the Stat Boost icon or Team Boost icon to get the respective boost mod


  • Only card and The Butcher Mod Pack 2 items can drop, not achievement unlockables or those gained from Gage packages.
  • The max 2 limit from regular card drops does NOT apply to this reward system. However, weapon mods that have not reached 2 or more in stock seem to have higher chances and will drop before weapons mods that are in surplus.
  • You can only pick items for weapons you have currently unlocked. Do avoid cashing in your mod reward if you've just recently gone Infamous, or request a mod for one of the few reputation 0 weapons provided by various DLCs, if you own any.
  • It is possible to force the game to reward certain specific weapon mods as a daily reward, instead of receiving a random mod. For example, most weapons allow a drop from the Armored Transport DLC; this will always be the See More Sight on non-Transport weaponry. Additionally, requesting a Butcher Mod on any sniper rifle will always reward an LED Combo.

Potential Daily ChallengesEdit

Caribbean Pirate Caribbean Pirate
On day 2 of the Rats job, bring additional meth bags to the trade, but steal your payment instead.
"The Mendoza's want to show the Cobra's what it means to play in the big leagues. Take them four meth bags on Rats (Day 2), but steal the payment instead."

Short Fuse Short Fuse
On day 3 of the Rats job, get away with 7 bags without defusing any bombs.
"We want the cash, but we don't want anyone to know we have the cash. Get seven bags of money in Rats (Day 3) without defusing a bomb."

Painting Yourself Into a Corner Painting Yourself Into a Corner
On day 1 of the Framing Frame job, steal all sold paintings without being seen.
"Art can really pay, and I have a guy who will pay for it. Steal all of the sold paitings in Framing Frame (Day 1). He's antsy, though, so do not be seen.(sic)"

I Wasn't Even There! I Wasn't Even There!
On day 3 of the Framing Frame job, send the gold by zip-line without ever tripping the alarm.
"In this uncertain economy, the price of gold is rocketing. Zip-line it out of the senator's apartment in Framing Frame (Day 3) without tripping the alarm."

I Knew What I Did Was Wrong I Knew What I Did Was Wrong
On day 1 of the Big Oil job, enter the basement, open the ATM machines and take the loot.
"The Elephant needs all the funding he can get for his campaign. In day 1 of Big Oil, enter the basement, open the ATMs and take the loot."

Doctor Fantastic Doctor Fantastic
On day 2 of the Big Oil job, complete the heist with the first engine being correct.
"The Elephant wants to send a message to Prof. Rossy. Not only does he want the engine stolen, but he wants that brainiac to know that we know his shit. Get the right engine on the first try."

Diamonds Are Forever Diamonds Are Forever
In the Jewelry store job, steal and secure 4 bags without the escape car leaving the first time.
"We need to get the jewels out fast, so I need you to bag and secure four bags from the Jewelry Store without the escape car bailing."

Yeah He's a Gold Digger Yeah He's a Gold Digger
In the Four Stores job, find a gold bar in a safe.
"To help protect against counterfeiters, Vlad needs an ingot of pure gold to measure its precise weight. We have heard that a manager at Four Stores has one in a safe."

Lord of War Lord of War
On day 1 of the Firestarter job, steal all the weapons from the hangar.
"Gage has been asked to fulfill a large order of weapons, and will pay top dollar for anything we can recover. Secure all of the weapons from the Firestarter (Day 1) airport."

Guessing Game Guessing Game
On day 2 of the Firestarter job, complete the heist in stealth without hacking the computer.
"The Elephant wants to keep things quiet down at the bureau. Finish Firestarter (Day 2) without setting off the alarm or hacking a computer."

The First Line The First Line
On day 3 of the Firestarter job, find the rare hockey poster of the OVERKILL hockey team.
"The Elephant collects rare sports memorablia. There is a rare poster of the Overkill hockey team in one of the deposit boxes in Firestarter (Day 3). Recover it!"

I Am the One Who Knocks I Am the One Who Knocks
On day 1 of the Rats job, cook 3 bags worth of meth without letting any law enforcer enter the house.
"We can't risk any interference while we cook up a little product. Produce three bags worth of meth on Rats (Day 1) without letting a single fucking cop in the house."

Full Measure Full Measure
On day 1 of the Rats job, cook and secure 7 bags worth of meth without blowing up the lab on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
"On day 1 of the Rats job, cook and secure 7 bags worth of meth without blowing up the lab on the OVERKILL difficulty or above."

Afraid of the Dark Afraid of the Dark
On day 3 of the Framing Frame job, while doing plan B, do not let law enforcers pull the power.
"The Elephant wants an uninterrupted feed when you hit the Senators apartment on Framing Frame (Day 3). Make sure the pigs don't pull the power."

Hot Lava 2.0 Hot Lava 2.0
On day 1 of the Election Day job, use the computer in stealth without ever touching the ground.
"The Dentist has an unusual test for you. He wants to see you use the computers in Election Day (Day 1) without setting off the alarm or touching the ground."

I Will Take With Impunity I Will Take With Impunity
In the Shadow Raid job, secure a piece of every available type of loot, including money, gold, cocaine, artifact, painting, weapons and server.
"Variety is the spice of life, huh? The Elephant is refurbishing his pad. He wants one of every piece of loot from the Murkywater warehouse in Shadow Raid."

I Will Walk Faceless Among Men I Will Walk Faceless Among Men
In the Shadow Raid job, secure all 4 pieces of the samurai armor. Completing this achievement will unlock the “Somen Mempo” mask.
"The Dentist has a buyer ready for the samurai armor locked away in the Murky warehouse in Shadow Raid. A big movie director, apparently. Lights, camera, action, guys."

I Am Ninja I Am Ninja
In the Shadow Raid job, secure 16 bags of random loot including all 4 pieces of the samurai armor.
"Gage is feeling greedy, but is willing to reward generously. He's asking for sixteen pieces of loot from the Murkywater warehouse in Shadow Raid. Also, he wants all of the samurai armor."

Speedlock Holmes Speedlock Holmes
On day 1 of the Election Day job, tag the right truck and leave within a minute of the start of the heist.
"We're going to send a special fuck-you to the authorities. On Election Day, tag the correct truck and get out in 60 seconds."

Nothing Out of the Ordinary Nothing Out of the Ordinary
Answer 4 pagers by yourself within 90 seconds from first to last pager.
"The Dentist wants to show GenSec just how basic their security really is. Answer four pagers, by yourself, within 90 seconds of the first pager."

Situation Normal Situation Normal
In the Hoxton Breakout job, complete day 2 without using a single keycard on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
"The Dentist doesn't want the FBI to look into revising their own security protocols. Don't ask why. Just complete Hoxton Breakout Day 2 without using any keycards."

Keep the Party Going Keep the Party Going
In the Nightclub job, zip-tie the DJ and bring him to the escape zone by the escape van.
"Vlad's niece is celebrating her sweet sixteenth. The DJ she wanted isn't willing to play at her party. Change his mind by going to the Nightclub, tying him and bringing him to the van."

Saint Francis Saint Francis
Complete the Bank Heist job after finding the 2 punks in the parking lot and bringing them next to the van, without letting them get away or die on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Can also be done on Firestarter Day 3.
"There's a line one must never cross. And it's not hurting pigs - it's hurting dogs. They're man's best friend and unlike humans they are loyal and obedient. So it's not more than fair if we hunt you down for even looking at a loveable little dachshund or schnauzer in the wrong way."

High Times High Times
In The Bomb: Dockyard job, cook 2 bags of meth and secure them.
"Getting ahold of drugs might be a pain, but it's worth it once it's done. If you manage to not get killed in the process. The Butcher is keen, however, to get all of the meth available. So don't spill it and stay alive!"

Mellon Mellon
In the Birth of Sky job, find all 9 rings.
"One does not simply board a plane, kill the hostiles, stay alive and manage to find the nine rings given to kings from all corners of the world. But worth trying."

Christmas Party Christmas Party
On the Stealing Xmas job, escape the heist while keeping at least 10 zip-tied civilians alive within the 4 pillars around the Christmas tree.
"Imagine the Mall Santa's most-wanted dream... being able to zip-tie up the parents of all those kids that kneed him in the groin on a given day."

Name Task Description
Mass Murderer Kill 300 enemies with the weapons of your choice.
Target Practice: Pistol Kill 100 enemies using only pistols.
Target Practice: Shotgun Kill 100 enemies using only shotguns.
Target Practice: Assault Rifle Kill 100 enemies using only assault rifles.
Target Practice: Melee Weapon Kill 35 enemies using only melee weapons.
In The Head! Kill 50 enemies with headshots using weapons of your choice.
Sniperino Kill 25 snipers using weapons of your choice.
Greased Lightning Kill 25 tasers using weapons of your choice.
Build A Raft Of Shields Kill 25 shields using weapons of your choice.
Bulldozer Kill 25 Bulldozers using weapons of your choice.
Earn Some Pocket Money Earn 250,000 in spendable cash.
For the Pension Fund Earn 2,000,000 in offshore money.
Dentist Appointment The Dentist is desperate for your attention. Finish 4 of The Dentist's jobs on any difficulty.
Hector Begs You For Mercy Hector is desperate for your attention. Finish 4 of Hector's jobs on any difficulty.
Bain It Up! Bain is desperate for your attention. Finish 4 of Bain's jobs on any difficulty.
Vlad is Mad! Vlad is desperate for your attention. Finish 4 of Vlad's jobs on any difficulty.
Longing For Attention The Elephant is desperate for your attention. Finish 4 of The Elephant's jobs on any difficulty.
The Butcher Needs You! The Butcher is desperate for your attention. Finish 4 of The Butcher's jobs on any difficulty.
Record Low Crimerate Reports have come in that the crime rate is at its lowest point this decade. Let's do something about that, finish 6 jobs on any difficulty.

There are 30 potential dailies in the Safe House. Each heister has 2 variations, though for Hoxton and Dragan one of these is unavailable.

Note: Unavailable dailies are marked red. Dailies with an increased chance of appearing appear in green.

Name Job Description Requirements
A Trip Down Memory Lane Dallas is feeling nostalgic. Help him take a trip down memory lane! Finish 2 Classic Heists.
Cop vs Cop Even a cop can be turned to crime. Ask Bain. Ask Dragan. Finish 3 heists with a converted cop.
Boom! Nothing creates mayhem quite as effectively as a bunch of grenades. Kill 25 enemies with grenades.
Drill-o-Phobia "I'm not using that piece of shit drill ever again!" Complete any transport heist on Mayhem or above without ever using a drill.
Note: Currently bugged; achievable on any difficulty, actually allows drilling on Crossroads and Underpass.
Saw Right Through You Wolf wants you to show that you can be a real blademaster. Complete one of the transport heists on overkill or above, with all members of the team only using saws as weapons.

Note: Also allows Transport: Train Heist

First World TD Look - no hands! No hands! Complete First World Bank on OVERKILL or above without killing anyone with your primary, secondary or melee weapon.
Note: Throwables are also not allowed. Any kills need to be made with unsuppressed turret or SWAT van.
No More Debts Houston knows that when you have a pile of diamonds, you'll never owe anyone money again. Complete the Diamond Store with 16 bags.
Artsy Fartsy Houston wants all the paintings. For interior decoration, you know. Steal all the paintings from the art gallery.(sic)
Spacetime Paradox Bain helps those who help themselves. Complete Hoxton Breakout having Hoxton in the crew.
Hector Sings Hoxton wants to know everything about how he was ratted out. Listen to all the tapes on Hoxton Revenge.
John Wick
Hong Kong Gun Fu Show John Wick that you can handle a pair of guns. Complete a job with an accuracy of 80% or above using only Akimbo primary weapons and a silenced pistol as a secondary weapon.
I'm a Professional It gets so messy when you shoot people in the face. But on a dark suit you barely notice the wounds. John Wick knows this. Complete a heist on OVERKILL and above without performing a single headshot.
Get me a Sandwich Clover really wants that sandwich. No, not any sandwich - that one. Find Almir's Toast on White Xmas.
Total Shogun Clover knows what's in that secret vault. She wants it. Get it for her. Collect all the armors in Shadow Raid. To complete this daily, you have to have played the job from start to finish.
Jacket's Night Out Jacket wants you to go party downtown. Complete Nightclub using only melee weapons or throwables. To complete this daily, you have to have played the job from start to finish.
Note: Requires actual team players, or playing without team bots. Playing with AI will not clear the side job.
Jacket of Invisibilty With no cameras they don't see you coming. That's just how Jacket likes it. Destroy 9 cameras on Shadow Raid and complete it on Stealth, on the Very Hard difficulty or above.
Rush B Hockey is fast. Russian hockey is faster. In the GO Bank heist, place a tripmine in the bank vault within 6 minutes and 30 seconds. To complete this daily, you have to have played the job from start to finish.
Naked on the Ice Sokol challenges you to show you've got what it takes. Complete the Birth of Sky or the Beneath the Mountain job with all members of your team using the Two-Piece Suit and the Armorer perk deck, while also using no skills, on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. To complete this daily, you have to have played the job from start to finish.
Note: Can be done with AI.
Accumulate! Bonnie wants more money. You know she'll spend it. Secure 20 bags of money.
Drinks on Me Bonnie wants to share that sweet taste of whisky with the cops. Kill 25 enemies using the Rivertown Glen Bottle melee weapon.
Honorable Death A cold execution is certainly cleaner than dying in a firefight. Dominate an enemy and kill them using a melee weapon. 10 times.
Ninja! Jiro wants you to go medieval. Can you do it for him? Complete the Armoured Transport: Crossroads job using only melee and non-explosive throwable weapons. To complete this daily, you have to have played the job from start to finish.

Note: Merely equipping an explosive weapon voids the requirements for this side job, even if it's not used at all.
Note:The Stoic's Hip Flask and Gas Dispenser will fail this sidejob!

Bodhi's Bodies Just a quick scan. Then another one. Then another, and another. Finish Boiling Point on OVERKILL in less than 20 minutes after scanning all 4 bodies. To complete this daily, you have to have played the job from start to finish.
My Bodhi is Ready Bodhi is collecting corpses. You don't need to know why - just bring him some. Bag 10 bodies.
Nose Candy Jimmy would like you to help refill his stash. No - he doesn't' use that much, but you know, for a rainy day, or the apocalypse. Secure 10 bags of Cocaine.
New Taste Jimmy wants you to bring him some more meth. No, lots more. Cook 20 bags of Meth in the Cook Off heist.
Nu Muny If you want to be sure it's genuine and proper, better make it yourself. Bring Sydney some money. Print money to a value of at least $1,000,000 on Counterfeit.
Rattle My Bones Sydney wants to see some snakes. Bring her a bunch. Collect 10 Purple Snake Gage packages.
Only Room for One Dragan doesn't like to be crowded in small spaces. Give him some room! Complete the GO Bank job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above, with a maximum of 1 person in the sewers at any one time, with all 4 crew members escaping via the sewers. To complete this challenge, you have to have played the heist from start to finish.
Just Like The Old Days Dragan says escape plans are for sissies. 'Let's just do it.' he says. Complete the Big Bank job securing all loot and using the default escape plan.

Note: Only 16 bags need to be secured for the side job. This requires opening deposit boxes.

Loud Enough? You can ask a biker to be silent but you can't make him. Complete the Shadow Raid job on Death Wish difficulty or above, with all team members wearing the Improved Combined Tactical Vest. To complete this challenge, you have to have played the heist from start to finish.
Cocaine Rush Rust thinks it'd be a shame to see all that coke wasted. Quick, rush for it! On day 2 of the Hotline Miami job, reach the Commisar's(sic) saferoom before he can destroy any bags of cocaine, on the MAYHEM difficulty or above.}}

  • For tasks that require players to complete a number of missions offered by the same contractor, a mission is only considered "completed" for a player if played through from start to finish. (i.e. Joining in during the middle of a heist won't count towards this.)
  • For various tasks, it may be easier and more efficient to play solo, especially for tasks that require killing Special enemies such as Shields and Snipers, since only the player who deals the killing blow will count towards completion.
  • Especially when going solo, consider playing at a lower difficulty as it makes killing enemies easier and reduces the likelihood of you getting downed.
  • Enemies killed using akimbo weapons will not count towards enemies killed with pistols.

  • General weapon kills: Any mission when performed Loud should provide ample opportunities to kill hordes of enemies. Consider playing solo if your kills are being continuously taken by your fellow players. Also note that failing a heist or restarting a heist does not affect kills performed that meet the task criteria.
  • Melee kills: Owing to the need to get up close and put oneself at risk, going for this task may need to be managed carefully. If you're playing with others, chances are that your allies will shoot and kill enemies from afar before you get within melee range. Maps where there are smaller passageways and less open areas, such as Hoxton Revenge, can provide lots of chances to melee kill an enemy or two in quick succession, but beware of charging headfirst into swarms. Alternatively, soloing stealth missions and melee killing guards is another option, albeit requiring nine heists with four guards per heist, unless stealth is broken.
  • Cash/Money: Getting to the end of a mission and receiving rewards will be enough instead of clearing the entire mission. A sufficiently lucrative heist such as Hoxton Breakout will suffice.
  • Sniper Kills: Hoxton Revenge on loud is a good map to farm snipers with as the FBI will periodically spawn them to surround the map. Other sniper-heavy maps include Mallcrasher and Hotline Miami, though the former spawns snipers less frequently and the latter is a more time-consuming two-day heist.
  • Shield Kills: Shields can appear on any difficulty when going loud, making them less difficult to farm. Aside from their shield, Shields don't have much durability compared to other Specials and can be killed easily if you can get around their protection.
  • Cloaker/Taser/Bulldozer Kills: Farming these special enemies is harder as the former two don't always spawn frequently enough, and while bulldozers do have designated spawns in some missions they can be very risky for a single player to attempt. Conversely, having multiple players team up against a dozer can be tricky to determine when to deal the finishing blow to count towards the task. The Cloaker/Taser's ability to disable a single player also makes farming these specials on solo rather difficult.
  • Bain: Doing simple heists such as Jewelry Store will be enough, as well as chaining ECMs on Shadow Raid.
  • Vlad: Not counting escape segments, Ukrainian Job can be accomplished quickly by charging into the store and applying shaped charges to the safes and stealing the tiara. Even without deploying ECMs, it's possible to steal the tiara and return to the escape van before the driver is forced to move the van. This also helps complete the "Let's Do Th.." achievement.
  • Hector: Due to Hector's heists all lasting several days, expect to spend some time doing this task. The old method of farming Rats (blowing up the lab, burning the intel and killing the Mendozas without taking the loot) still works well for this purpose.
  • The Dentist: Hoxton Revenge is an ideal heist if going solo as it only lasts a single day and doesn't require DLC purchase. If hosting, Hotline Miami and Hoxton Breakout are popular options, likely ensuring a team of non-AI players to help you out.

  • Rush B is a reference to a phrase commonly uttered in the Counter-Strike video game series, particularly in the map Dust2, to the point it has become memetic.

Gage Spec Ops ChallengesEdit

Available to owners of the Gage Spec Ops Pack are four special side jobs that, once completed, will award them with the DLC's mask components and a parts crate for the Arbiter. These side jobs have their own category and can only be completed once.

Although the heist requirement will differ, the Spec Ops challenges are practically the same, with all of them requiring the player to find a parts crate and two keys to complete. In each of the heists, the keys can be found on the first two days and the crate on the last, with the sole exception of Big Oil where both keys will spawn on Day 1.

Spec Ops Challenges
Name Job Description Requirements
Chemical Weapons No, don't cook weapons grade meth. Just find the parts. In the Rats job, find the weapon case and the two keys.
Mic The fine art of mixing weapons and politics. Time to cash in - get the parts. In the Framing Frame job, find the weapon case and the two keys.
War for Oil Energy is the realm of big business. So are weapons. Make sure you find what you are looking for. In the Big Oil job, find the weapon case and the two keys.
Open Fire Lots of guns for you to grab. Just make sure you find the parts - don't burn them. In the Firestarter job, find the weapon case and the two keys.

Aldstone's Heritage MissionsEdit

Introduced in updates #153 and #154 are the Aldstone's Heritage Side Jobs that unlocks several associated weapons and masks once completed.

Aldstone's Heritage Missions
Name Job Description Requirements Unlocks

Knife Legislation

Bullets will run out - knives won't. All you need to do is to thrust the blades into your enemy and you'll stay alive.

Kill 10 enemies using the Push Daggers melee weapon.

Friends in Close-quarters trophy, Parabellum, CCoinIcon 6

Prepare for War

Parabellum meaning(sic) "Prepare for War". So carrying the Parabellum Pistol means you are always prepared, no matter what type of obstacle that might appear.

Kill 50 enemies using the Parabellum pistol.

A War Well-Fought trophy, MP40, CCoinIcon 6

Rapid Retribution

Raids are often crowded, so speed is of the essence. Combine high velocity with sharp sludges(sic) and you'll make a serious impact.

Kill 100 enemies using the MP40 submachine gun.

Speed Talker trophy, Galant, CCoinIcon 6

The Control's Hundred Tab

The greatest battle implement ever devised. Show you(sic) skill and ferocity with this piece of American history.

Kill 200 enemies using the Galant rifle.

Hero's Companion trophy, CCoinIcon 6

The Briefcase

Aldstone asked us to locate an old gas mask used back in WW2, it recently was bought by a wealthy collector. Steal it from him before he leaves the country.

Finish the day 1(sic) of the Firestarter Job after having picked up the hidden brown briefcase.

Kurgan's Gas Mask

The War Room

Aldstone asked us to pick up something from the Museum. It's some sort of hat but he seemed really interested in it.

Kill 200 enemies with all players remaining inside the World War 2 exhibit room on The Diamond Heist on Overkill difficulty or above in one playthrough.

Wolfgang's Cap

Sommelier en Herbe

Aldstone has found a collector with a WW2 beret, and he's willing to trade it for something equally rare and valuable.

Finish day 3 of the Framing Frame Heist in stealth, having stolen the antique bottle of wine.

Sterling's Beret

The Historical Reports

Aldstone is trying to track down and(sic) old WW2 artifact, we need to help him find some old documents that may lead us to it.

Find the war documents (0/5) in safety deposit boxes.

Rivet's Bandana

CrimeFest 2017 MissionsEdit

NOTE: These have been removed from the game, and the unlockable parts made available with Continental coins default value for weapon mods.

"Jacket has found something that you might like, but to get it, you will have to jump through a couple of hoops."
—The missions' description.

As the Locke and Load/CrimeFest 2017 event only updated every other day, side jobs for finding hidden folders in various heists were added on the updates, the riddles containing the solutions for which released the next day, revealed by clicking on a tape recorder hidden on the website page (hinted at by the job descriptions). However, the side jobs did not explicitly require the riddles to be completed, and could be solved just going off the names alone.

Name Requirements Unlocks

Riddle 1: Flight

Solve the riddle found on day 2 of the Locke & Load Event website.

A Custom Assault Frame for the Kobus 90 Submachine Gun.

It -- is safe in a garage -- a mist the smell of cordite -- with the deceivers

Riddle Solution:
The hidden folder is in Firestarter Day 1, on top of a baggage cart outside the left side of the airport building.

The mission's name indicated that the heist would involve aircraft.

"Safe in a garage" may refer to the garages that contain the Mendoza weapons, or alternatively the safe in the airport building.

"The smell of cordite" refers to the smell of burnt gun propellant. The heist involves stealing and/or burning loaded rifles.

"With the deceivers" likely refers to Hector, also known as "the rat".

Name Requirements Unlocks

Riddle 2: Honor

Solve the riddle found on day 4 of the Locke & Load Event website.

A Custom Built Frame for the Mark 10 Submachine Gun.

-- At the feet of -- Owl -- Yak -- Owl -- Rhinoceros -- Owl -- Iguana

Riddle Solution:
The hidden folder is in the samurai armor vault in Shadow Raid, on the top shelf immediately to the left when entering.

The mission's name pointed towards the samurai armor, as the samurai followed a code of honor.

The first letters of the animals, "O-Y-O-R-O-I", refers to early samurai armor.

Name Requirements Unlocks

Riddle 3: Nag A Ram

Solve the riddle found on day 6 of the Locke & Load Event website.

A Custom Milled Barrel for the Deagle Pistol.

Thinks beside a pot

Riddle Solution:
The hidden folder is in the Bank Heist: Deposit job, between the books on top of the bookshelf across from the bank manager's office.

The mission's name is an anagram of the word "anagram", hinting that the heist is a variation of another heist. It may also refer to Bain's constant nagging for the "ram", the thermal drill used to breach the vault, that the Bank Heists are known for.

The riddle is an anagram for "Bank Heist Deposit".

An alternate interpretation of the mission name is that it can be scrambled into "managar", referring to the bank manager.

Name Requirements Unlocks

Riddle 4: Knowledge Is Power

Solve the riddle found on day 8 of the Locke & Load Event website.

A Custom Titanium Frame for the Bernetti 9 Pistol.

-- Hydrogen -- Eliiite -- 40 --

Riddle Solution:
The hidden folder is in Big Oil Day 2, in the left laboratory on the table closest to the whiteboard, behind the muriatic acid jug.

"Knowledge" refers to Mr. Rossy's research and experimentation on cold fusion.

"Power" refers to political power, the goal of most of The Elephant's jobs.

The riddle refers to the whiteboard the folder's table is next to, which reads:

CASID: 1333-740
equals Hydrogen!

Name Requirements Unlocks

Riddle 5: Silence

Solve the riddle found on day 10 of the Locke & Load Event website.

A Custom Reinforced Frame for the Judge Shotgun.

Where there is eyes in the sky,
Where sparkles and noises guide.
It lays in wait nigh
A work of pride.

Riddle Solution:
The hidden folder is in Murky Station, on top of the crate on the forklift between train cars 05 and 06.

The riddle's name hinted that the folder would be in a stealth-only heist.

"Eyes in the sky" refers to the drone cameras in the mission.

"Where sparkles and noises guide" refers to the markers for the equipment needed for accessing the loot in the train cars, e.g. thermite paste is marked with a civilian working with a saw.

"It lays in wait nigh a work of pride" likely refers to the forklift.

Potential Weekly ChallengesEdit

Big Deal Big Deal
On day 2 of the Framing Frame job, trade 9 paintings.
"The Elephant has a lot riding on the Framing Frame job. Leave no room for error. Trade nine paintings."

Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa
In the Hoxton Breakout job, complete the heist on OVERKILL difficulty or above with each crew member using no skills, wearing suits, wielding Golden AK.762 rifles and Chicago Typewriter submachine guns. Unlocks a new skill slot.
"The press will be watching the Hoxton trial, so there will be eyes on his breakout. Do it with style. No skills, sharp suits, Golden AK.762's and Chicago Typewriters. Oh, and OVERKILL style too."

It's Getting Hot in Here It's Getting Hot in Here
In the Firestarter job, complete day 3 with you and your crew staying inside the vault while all of the money burns out on the Death Wish difficulty or above.
"In Firestarter Day 3, I want to make sure that not a single dollar is recoverable. The whole crew must remain in the vault until all the money is burnt. On Deathwish."

Doctor Miserable Doctor Miserable
On day 2 of the Big Oil job, complete the heist with the last engine being correct on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
"Don't tip your hand to the Professor during Big Oil (Day 2). Make sure the last engine you haul out is the correct one, and do it OVERKILL."

Impossible, It Can't Be. Is It? Impossible, It Can't Be. Is It?
Secure the rare Almir’s Toast.
"God knows why, but someone is willing to pay big bucks for Almir's Toast. I'm not going to complain. Get into White Xmas and secure that out of there."

Sewer Rats Sewer Rats
In the GO Bank job, complete the heist having secured all bags of cash via the sewers on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
"We want to haul every bag of cash out of the GO Bank on OVERKILL or harder, but stay out of the eye of any press choppers. Use the sewers only."

Looting in the Dark Looting in the Dark
Complete the Murky Station job by finding and securing all loot without killing anyone on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
"Jimmy is all high on blow and has his mind set on "glorifious swagger stuff" as he screams in a drug frenzy without a seeming end. Murky Station is full of loot. So get it, get out and don't kill anyone."

Potential Monthly JobsEdit

Shadow Dance: Complete the Shadow Raid on OVERKILL or above using only AMCAR Rifle, Chimano 88 pistol, the Two-piece Suit and no skills.

"Just like old people shadow dances to their favorite song played from a grammophone, heisters bring out their first kit to remember the old times."

Nostalgia: Complete the Firestarter job on OVERKILL or above with your crew using only AMCAR Rifle, Chimano 88 pistol, the Two-piece Suit and no skills.

"Nostalgic people prefer to only think about what was good back in the day, easily forgetting the bad days. Like when you're robbing a bank with shoddy weapons and poor armor."

Old Memories: Complete the Rats job on OVERKILL or above using only AMCAR Rifle, Chimano 88 Pistol, the Two-piece Suit and no skills.

"Dallas is thinking about the good old days and he would appreciate it if you did that too."

Kiss the Chef Kiss the Chef
In the Cook Off job, cook 25 bags of meth on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
"Cooking can be relaxing as hell. Hanging out at the stove and stir up some good stuff that's just gonna be so darn tasty. Just add a bit of hydrochloric acid and get a whiff of that fantastic stew."

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Spring Break Behind The Scenes - Day 2

Spring Break Behind The Scenes - Day 2

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