Side Jobs are as the name implies, smaller mini-objectives for the players to strive to accomplish while playing through the regular heists. Side Jobs were introduced on Day 2 of Spring Break as a community reward for accumulating 200,000 gallons of hype fuel during the Hype Train event.


The Side Jobs feature rewards players for successfully completing specified achievements, or repeating the acquisition process of said achievements if they have been unlocked beforehand. 

There's a distinction between day jobs, weekly jobs, and monthly jobs;

  • Daily challenges, usually less difficult achievements, award players with cash and random mod for the weapon of their choice.
  • Daily safehouse challenges award players with 6 continential coins.
  • Weekly challenges, usually fairly difficult achievements, will award players with cash and a pre-defined Infamy item. Note these can only be infamous items gained from card drops, not the items gained from progressing on the Infamy grid.
  • Monthly challenges, all involving completing a particularly tough challenge, will award players with choosing between either a Stat Boost, a modification that grants a marginal boost to a weapon's performance, or a Team Boost, a modification that increases the amount of money and XP everyone in the lobby gets.

As the names suggests, each daily job can only be done once per day, weekly jobs once per week, and monthly jobs once per month. It does not matter at what time of the day/week the jobs were completed, a new one will become available starting the next increment of time.

Claiming the RewardEdit

If you've completed a challenge, during the day ending screen it will read 'Side Job completed! Go to Crime.Net to claim your rewards' (safe house dailies excluded). A cheering sound effect will be played based on the requirements of the challenge. e.g. Stealing all the weapons in Firestarter will trigger the sound when all loot bags are secured, while completing a designated number of contractor jobs will trigger the sound during the completion screen. Daily safehouse challenges won't require you to redeem them, they will automatically give their reward upon completion.
Note: The Stealth Bonus screen has higher priority, so if finished in stealth, only the sound can be heard.

After this if you load Crime.Net (both offline or online), click the Side Job button and go to the completed job (it will be orange);

  • Click on the money icon to claim the money (20k for daily and 140k for weekly)
  • Daily: Clicking the weapon mod button will give a new screen where you can scroll between the various weapon categories, the actual weapon for which to roll for an item, and then from which DLC you want an item drop (the base game displaying as 'Normal'), or you can leave that unspecified ('All').
  • Weekly: Click on the mask icon to get the shown mask
  • Monthly: Click on the Stat Boost icon or Team Boost icon to get the respective boost mod


  • Only card and The Butcher Mod Pack 2 items can drop, not achievement unlockables or those gained from Gage packages.
  • The max 2 limit from regular card drops does NOT apply to this reward system. However, weapon mods that have not reached 2 or more in stock seem to have higher chances and will drop before weapons mods that are in surplus.
  • You can only pick items for weapons you have currently unlocked. Do avoid cashing in your mod reward if you've just recently gone Infamous, or request a mod for one of the few reputation 0 weapons provided by various DLCs, if you own any.
  • It is possible to force the game to reward certain specific weapon mods as a daily reward, instead of receiving a random mod. For example, most weapons allow a drop from the Armored Transport DLC; this will always be the See More Sight on non-Transport weaponry. Additionally, requesting a Butcher Mod on any sniper rifle will always reward an LED Combo.

Potential Daily ChallengesEdit

Gage Spec Ops ChallengesEdit

Available to owners of the Gage Spec Ops Pack are four special side jobs that, once completed, will award them with the DLC's mask components and a parts crate for the Arbiter. These side jobs have their own category and can only be completed once.

Although the heist requirement will differ, the Spec Ops challenges are practically the same, with all of them requiring the player to find a parts crate and two keys to complete. In each of the heists, the keys can be found on the first two days and the crate on the last, with the sole exception of Big Oil where both keys will spawn on Day 1.

Spec Ops Challenges
Name Job Description Requirements
Chemical Weapons No, don't cook weapons grade meth. Just find the parts. In the Rats job, find the weapon case and the two keys.
Mic The fine art of mixing weapons and politics. Time to cash in - get the parts. In the Framing Frame job, find the weapon case and the two keys.
War for Oil Energy is the realm of big business. So are weapons. Make sure you find what you are looking for. In the Big Oil job, find the weapon case and the two keys.
Open Fire Lots of guns for you to grab. Just make sure you find the parts - don't burn them. In the Firestarter job, find the weapon case and the two keys.

Aldstone's Heritage MissionsEdit

Introduced in updates #153 and #154 are the Aldstone's Heritage Side Jobs that unlocks several associated weapons and masks once completed.

Aldstone's Heritage Missions
Name Job Description Requirements Unlocks

Knife Legislation

Bullets will run out - knives won't. All you need to do is to thrust the blades into your enemy and you'll stay alive.

Kill 10 enemies using the Push Daggers melee weapon.

Friends in Close-quarters trophy, Parabellum, CCoinIcon 6

Prepare for War

Parabellum meaning(sic) "Prepare for War". So carrying the Parabellum Pistol means you are always prepared, no matter what type of obstacle that might appear.

Kill 50 enemies using the Parabellum pistol.

A War Well-Fought trophy, MP40, CCoinIcon 6

Rapid Retribution

Raids are often crowded, so speed is of the essence. Combine high velocity with sharp sludges(sic) and you'll make a serious impact.

Kill 100 enemies using the MP40 submachine gun.

Speed Talker trophy, Galant, CCoinIcon 6

The Control's Hundred Tab

The greatest battle implement ever devised. Show you(sic) skill and ferocity with this piece of American history.

Kill 200 enemies using the Galant rifle.

Hero's Companion trophy, CCoinIcon 6

The Briefcase

Aldstone asked us to locate an old gas mask used back in WW2, it recently was bought by a wealthy collector. Steal it from him before he leaves the country.

Finish the day 1(sic) of the Firestarter Job after having picked up the hidden brown briefcase.

Kurgan's Gas Mask

The War Room

Aldstone asked us to pick up something from the Museum. It's some sort of hat but he seemed really interested in it.

Kill 200 enemies with all players remaining inside the World War 2 exhibit room on The Diamond Heist on Overkill difficulty or above in one playthrough.

Wolfgang's Cap

Sommelier en Herbe

Aldstone has found a collector with a WW2 beret, and he's willing to trade it for something equally rare and valuable.

Finish day 3 of the Framing Frame Heist in stealth, having stolen the antique bottle of wine.

Sterling's Beret

The Historical Reports

Aldstone is trying to track down and(sic) old WW2 artifact, we need to help him find some old documents that may lead us to it.

Find the war documents (0/5) in safety deposit boxes.

Rivet's Bandana

Potential Weekly ChallengesEdit

Potential Monthly JobsEdit

Update LogEdit



Spring Break Behind The Scenes - Day 201:46

Spring Break Behind The Scenes - Day 2

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