Shotgun Impact U100

Shotgun Impact
Enforcer: Shotgunner Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Your weapon stability with all shotguns is increased by 8. You deal 5% more damage with shotguns.
Ace (4 pt): You deal an additional 10% more damage with shotguns.

Shotgun Impact

Shotgun Impact
Enforcer Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): Your weapon stability with shotguns is increased by 25%.
Ace (3 pt): You deal 35% more damage with shotguns.


While aced, this skill multiplies the listed (fully modded) damage of any shotgun in the player's possession by 1.15. This damage bonus stacks additively with any other damage bonus that is permanently applied to a weapon, and multiplicatively with situational damage boosts, like that offered by Berserker.


Players considering investing heavily in the Enforcer tree or the usage of shotguns in combat should seriously consider taking this skill. As it increases the modded damage of all shotguns by 15%, it is invaluable in improving weapon efficiency. With this skill, already powerful shotguns such as the Mosconi 12G, Raven, and Locomotive 12G become lethal weapons. Properly modded, they are able to kill even Maximum Force Responders with a single well-placed headshot.

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