This article is about the pre-Update #100 skill. For the post-Update #100 skill of similar name, see Tower Defense.

Note: In Update #100, Sentry Tower Defense's basic effects were modified and turned into the Tower Defense skill, while the aced version's mechanic of increasing the sentry guns' damage was reimagined in the aced version of Engineering. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Sentry Tower Defense

Sentry Tower Defense
Technician Tier 6
Basic (4 pt): You can now place 2 sentry guns instead of just one.
Ace (8 pt): Your sentry gun damage is increased by 300%.


Sentry Tower Defense greatly increases Sentry efficiency by doubling the deployable amount, and improving damage output. Whilst conservative usage is common, placing both sentries effectively increases damage output by six times when aced.


Because unlocking and upgrading the sentry gun represents such a large point investment, it is recommended that players take an "all or nothing" approach to the sentry gun upgrades. If only a few points are invested into the sentry gun, the gun will be largely ineffective and those points may be wasted. However, to raise the sentry gun to an acceptable level, a massive number of the player's skill points must be dedicated to their use. If a player is willing to make this commitment, it may be worthwhile to get all or many of the skills in the sentry gun family.

Players seeking to use the sentry gun effectively in combat will definitely wish to consider this skill, as it increases the power of the sentry guns by a fearsome amount.


  • The name of this skill may be a reference to the tower defense genre of video game.
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