Sentry Targeting Package2

Sentry Targeting Package
Technician: Engineer Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Your sentry guns gain a 100% increase in accuracy.
Ace (4 pt): Your sentry guns rotation speed is increased by 150%. Your sentry guns also have 50% more ammunition.


The basic version of the skill doubles the sentry's accuracy, allowing it to take effectively engage targets from a distance. The aced version increases the speed in which the sentry gun rotates to change targets, making them more effective tracking fast-moving enemies and switching targets.

As of Update #39, the aced version now also provides sentry guns with 50% more ammo, prolonging the time a sentry gun can fight before having to be reloaded - the boost increases the 400 round capacity to a total of 600. Note that this does not increase the ammunition cost of deploying a sentry gun.


These first line of upgrades make the sentry gun more effective as a defense turret in later levels, rather than just a distraction. As sentry guns always go for headshots, the increased accuracy allows the sentry to target longer-range enemies much more effectively, making them more reliable and better at conserving their own ammo. The increased rotation speed allows the turret to switch targets much more quickly, prolonging its survivability and improves its ability to lock down multiple areas. It also allows the sentry to track down running enemies more effectively.

The basic version of the skill immensely helps with making the sentry gun more ammo efficient and deadly and is recommended to obtain. The aced version, for being a quality-of-life upgrade, is a bit expensive at 4 points. One can make do without the increased turning speed by being more strategic about placing sentry guns so that they have a smaller range of angles to defend, like around corners or in a bottleneck where enemies are forced into a narrow lane. The additional ammo allows you to spend a little more time before having to replace them.


  • Sentry Targeting Package is one of the several pre-Update #100 skills to be unchanged in the update beyond name changes, tier, skill point, and skill tree changes, and slight mechanic changes.
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