Note: In Update #100, Sentry Combat Upgrade's aced effects were moved to the aced version of Third Law, while the mechanic of the sentry gun's user using their own ammo for their sentry became part of the sentry gun's deploying process. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Sentry Combat Upgrade

Sentry Combat Upgrade
Technician Tier 5
Basic (4 pt): You can reload the Sentry Gun with your own ammo.
Ace (8 pt): Your sentry gun receives a protective shield.


This skill increases the longevity of the turret. The basic version of the skill allows the owner of the turret to refill it at the expense of their own ammunition, while the aced version puts a bulletproof shield infront the turret's system unit. The shield is similar to the shield special unit in that it is impervious to all harm from the front and it forces enemies to attack it from the sides or in the back. This makes the sentry gun impossible to destroy from the front, requiring law enforcers to flank it and then shoot it.


The combat upgrade is where the sentry gun will really start to be an effective line-holder and is recommended that this skill be aced for people wanting to use the sentry gun. 

The now-updated basic effect allows the owner of the Sentry unit to reload it at the expense of their own ammo, and while this tactic might sound ill-advised in a heated firefight where ammo is a constant issue, it still provides a better alternative to carrying an additional turret (which costs a great deal of skill points to acquire). Furthermore, since carried ammo is replenishable, players with this skill can technically sustain their Sentry Guns indefinitely. Combined with the targeting package upgrade, this will make the sentry more ammo efficient, further prolonging the sentry gun's combat effectiveness.

However, it is important to note that replenishing the ammo of the sentry gun often takes up most, if not all of the players' ammo. Therefore, it is important to only do so when there is plenty of ammo to spare (e.g. Ammo Bags or ammo drops)

The shield makes the sentry gun effectively invincible if placed in the correct areas. Enemies cannot harm the gun from the front, forcing them to shoot it from the back or in the sides. By placing them in areas where they must expose themselves to the crew's line of fire, the sentry gun will do its job without fail until it runs out of ammo.

Currently, it is possible to refill another heister's sentry gun so long as you own this skill, causing its kills to be recorded under its "new owner".


  • For gameplay reasons, players with this skill can reload their Sentry Guns with all kinds of ammunition, even those that would seem too large to fit the chamber of the unit (e.g. the Thanatos .50 cal's .50 BMG, shotgun shells/slugs/HE Rounds, etc...).
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