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Secrets, or Easter Eggs, are hidden entities in various Payday: The Heist maps that can be found by the player. They are intentional surprises that the player or players can access, such as secret areas, or objects and scripted events found while exploring the map. Below is a list of Easter Eggs and Secrets by map.

First World BankEdit

  • The AI can sometimes be heard giving a speech to the hostages (this is a direct quote from the film, Heat):
    • "We want to hurt no one, we're here for the bank's money not your money, your money is insured by the federal government, you're not going to lose a dime. Think of your families, dont risk your life, dont try to be a hero. Right now, I want you to sit on the floor, and put your hands on your head, anyone feel sick, anyone got heart trouble go ahead and lean against the wall."
  • The Bank Manager can be heard talking about the crew's insider on the phone to a superior or police ("He was messing around in the server room").
  • In the Bank Manager's office there is a little metal name/position stand on the desk that reads "The Bawss" (He is one from the lucky 200)
  • 6 possible money bundle spawns around the bank (excluding the bundles in the vault).
    • 2 bundles in Bank manager room (in management) on the computer tower under the desk and near the TV.
    • 1 bundle (in management) besides the bank manager room (on the computer tower under the desk).
    • 1 bundle (in drill area) in the office on the right near the globe (on the filing cabinet).
    • 2 bundles (in thermite room) on the table.
  • Another money bundle is often found after blowing up the wall using C4, in the last office room before the stairs.
  • An additional secret vault can be opened by standing in positions based on a map found in the radio static of Counterfeit. The vault contains large quantities of valuable gold which is a good way to level up fast.
    • The secret vault also contains a pair of large plaques dedicated to the people who have found the secret vault or helped contribute to event in some way. The names are based on the users' Steam forum names.
  • A portrait can be found in the conference room on the second floor of the bank which is dedicated to the first people to have solved the PAYDAY secret. There is also a chance that it will take on a haunted appearence and play stereotypical dracula music. It is Randomly spawned seen in a video by a youtuber called NerdCubed (heres the link)

Panic RoomEdit

  • There is an oversized toothbrush in a bathtub in a second floor bathroom. After seeing a reaction from Uberhaxornova, Overkill made the toothbrush even larger.
  • When playing on Overkill +145 difficulty, a crowbar that is found in the ground floor utility room can be used to pry open a room on the second floor. Inside is a large amount of money bundles, and four first aid kits from Left 4 Dead. These cannot be used by the player. On lower difficulties, the room may still spawn, allowing the player to grab the cash bundles through the floor (this is now fixed).
  • When C4 is planted (in any of the highlighted spots) the player character may say "We're all clear, now let's blow this thing and go home!", a quote from Han Solo in the movie Star Wars.
  • 10 (possible) bundles of money in the building (one of the spawnpoints is next to the escape point).
  • There is an Overkill punching bag by the room where the drug deal is supposed to take place.
  • Sometimes, the heist will not begin with the crew "buying drugs", but instead will have the drug cartel ambushing the crew.
    • This is indicated by three gang members lined up after rounding the corner of the building, a crew member saying "I have a bad feeling about this", and the gang members demanding for money. The heist automatically starts after this.

Heat StreetEdit

  • There's a large "Overkill Cola" advertisement on a building on the right near the end of the mission (while escorting Matt to the helicopter pick up).
  • Sometimes there are money bundles in the (openable) trunk of Bruce's (the team's getaway driver) car.
  • On one of the store doors, there is a number of stickers that show which credit/debit cards the store accepts. One of the card names is "Overcard" (complete with the Overkill logo)
  • Hoxton, at the very end of the mission, will shout "Get to the Choppa!"
  • There is a bus stop at the very end of the mission. At the bus stop is a covered waiting bench, with an advertisement for the First World Bank, ironically stating: "Your money is safe with us"
  • Menus outside of the restaurants contain names from the lucky 200 (the first 200 people to post evidence of getting to reputation level 145, in a thread on the Payday Steam Forum

Green BridgeEdit

  • Shooting out all the lights on the scaffolding will earn you the achievement Darkness.

Diamond HeistEdit

  • Framed advertisements for a new brand of diamonds (Z Collection) with a model that looks very similar to Zoey from Left 4 Dead (with the caption "For her, the future shines bright").
  • A door on the right may sometimes spawn on Overkill (or above) in the vault, allowing the player(s) to steal a large red diamond by retrieving the glass cutter and placing it on the glass cover of the diamond. Obtaining this treasure is one of the prerequisites for getting the "I pushed the button and lived!" Trophy.
  • If the CFO fails to give up the codes, Bain drops him through the middle of the atrium ceiling, immediately after a heisters voice will speak the line "Yippee Ki-Yay, motherf*ckers!", a definite reference to the movie Die Hard.
  • A lot of funny nameplates like "TheEngiGuy", "Nothing", etc. they are the lucky 200 (the first 200 people to post evidence of getting to reputation level 145, in a thread on the Payday Steam Forum
  • The vases in the vault are an exact replica of Ulf's vase in the office. It was created "so we could shoot it."
  • The security guards' badges all state "Mr. Hyde", a possible reference to the novel "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", in which a scientist (Dr. Jekyll), who everyone believes is nearly perfect, believes everyone has an evil side and devises a formula to bring out his own evil side (Mr. Hyde).


  • At the start of the heist, you flip an armored truck very similar to the scene from the movie HEAT. Also, there is a special mask the developers use that is a replica of the ones donned by the heisters in the movie HEAT.

No MercyEdit

  • Bill, one of the playable characters from Left 4 Dead, will sometimes appear at the beginning of the Heist, interrupting Bain's mission briefing. He will leave the hospital by elevator before the Heist starts.
  • A Witch, one of the mutated zombies from Left 4 Dead, can sometimes be found in a small room on this level. The playable characters will react to this sight. Witch sighting
  • In one of the office rooms on the level there are two x-ray pictures. These pictures depict a hand with the thumb severed, reminiscent to the Left 4 Dead logo.
  • On some occasions after collecting a blood sample Wolf or Dallas will start coughing and complain about there being an itch in his throat, one of the symptoms of the Green Flu virus. The coughing is identical to that of the Smoker, "special infected" from the Left 4 Dead series, this may mean that after the heist, Wolf or Dallas will become a Smoker (non-canon). This theory is also strengthened by the fact that Wolf's zombie mask is based off the Smoker in the Left 4 Dead series or that Dallas is an addicted chain smoker.
  • In the locker room (behind the reception desk, next to an office) there is a (slightly open) locker with the name "Dr. Crowbar" on it with a crowbar in it. This may be a reference to Gordon Freeman, the main character of the Half Life series, who is infamous for using a crowbar as a weapon in-game.
  • Sometimes you can hear a nurse in the background calling for a "Dr. Acula" Which is a clear reference to Dracula, the famous vampire. This could also be a reference to the movie J.D. works on through the TV show Scrubs.
  • If you leave anyone behind, at the end of the level Bain will say "Man, sorry... You are left for dead!", an obvious reference to the Left 4 Dead series.
    • If you receive this ending, you will have to pass through the hospital's morgue (on the basement floor). In the morgue are a number of body bags that contain the remains of people who have died of the Green Flu. On close inspection you can see that these body bags are in-fact twitching and squirming, hinting that the bodies within the bags may not actually be dead, and the occupants may still alive and turning into infected.
  • If you shoot out all the cameras in time, at one point while talking to someone over the phone, whoever is talking will say "Just a weapons malfunction, we're okay. How are you?" a reference from Star Wars Episode IV.


  • In Mitchell's house, there is a child's bedroom. On the floor of the room there are a bunch of toys.
    • There are action figures that resemble various special infected zombies from Left 4 Dead (i.e. Smoker, Tank, Boomer, etc.)
    • There are also a few cars and a large bulldozer (not the special unit) that bear a striking resemblance to the beginning of the Slaughterhouse heist
    • You will find Alex's helicopter and George's airplane hanging on the ceiling.
  • The electricity fuse boxes located around the level bear the company name "White Mesa", an obvious reference to Valve's Half-Life series, of which the first game is set in the Black Mesa Science Complex.
  • The repair company that the crew are posing as to gain access to Mitchell's house is called Bodhi's Pool Repair; there is a character in the film Point Break called Bodhi (played by Patrick Swayze) who is an infamous bank robber, much like the crew themselves.
  • In one of the children's bedrooms there is a donkey or horse-like stuffed animal on the left near a wardrobe that is the exact same stuffed animal from the "No Mercy" heist on the PC version of the game.
  • There is said to be big secret contained within the Counterfeit heist. Speculation rose when Steam Forum poster Rick_Astley mentioned there's no known way to complete the heist in a stealthy way. This makes the achievement/trophy Pacifist suspicious, implying there is a hidden way not known yet to complete this heist. This made way for other speculation once overkill_bo, the executive producer of PAYDAY: The Heist, teased there is a hidden secret in the DLC.


  • Some walls can be destroyed with the GL40.
  • There is no door to the floor that should be "Floor 1". Instead there is just a wall.
  • Bo has confirmed that the payout on this heist is so low, because we are "Missing something". The same thing applies to the other heist that came with the DLC "Counterfeit" which should also contain a secret.
  • When trying to find the escape point before you're supposed to, the escape point appears to be a huge wall which will only be an open area when the IRS hack has been completed.
  • When the Taxman gives up one of those codes during interrogation, he will say that the password is Starbreezer. This is a reference to Starbreeze Studios, a company that Overkill Software merged with.
  • On the two screens behind the main hacking computer you can find the four words: ZERO, COOL, ACID, BURN inbetween the hexadecimal code. This is believed to be a reference to the movie "Hackers" where the main protagonist goes by the alias "Zero cool" and he gets hacked by another hacker that goes by the nickname "Acid Burn".
  • In the room that you interrogate Taxman, there is a laptop on the table showing the CRIME.NET map from Payday 2


  • Some computer screens throughout the game can be seen running Steam in their application bars.
  • The laptops in the game are VAIO (is a sub-brand used for many of Sony's computer products).
  • Some of the levels include a number of player's names hidden in various locations. This is part of the "Hall of Fame" feature which was introduced in patch 6... "HALL OF FAME (PC ONLY) 200 dedicated career criminals are in for a surprise! As a token of appreciation to our community, 200 of the most dedicated PC players have gotten their nick names immortalized in the PC version of the game. Where could your name be hiding?" - overkill_bo

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