Enforcer: Ammo Specialist Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Your ammo box pick up range is increased by 50%.
Ace (3 pt): Every 6th enemy you kill will drop an extra ammo box.



Scavenger can pair well with heisters that have the Gambler Perk Deck. Essentially, having Scavenger can reduce the time needed to pick up ammo box drops.

It can be favored by those who sprayed bullets on a group of enemies and an ammo bag is not available or has to be conserved. Scavenger is also excellent for weapons that have a low ammo pick up rate.

Scavenger can sync well with Fully Loaded aced if the user tends to use throwables to a great extent.

The only disadvantage Scavenger aced has is it can be "wasted" when killing a sniper, as they often occupy an area inaccessible to players.


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