Carbon Blade

Carbon Blade
Mastermind: Ammo Specialist Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Reducing the wear down of the blades on enemies by 50%.
Ace (6 pt): You can now saw through shield enemies with your OVE9000 portable saw. When killing an enemy with the saw, you have a 50% chance to cause nearby enemies in a 10m radius to panic. Panic will make enemies go into short bursts of uncontrollable fear.


The basic version reduces the amount of ammo you use to kill enemies with your saw e.g. if you normally use 12 ammo to kill your enemies you now use 6 ammo. The aced version allows you to bypass shields and every time you kill an enemy with the saw, you have a 1/2 chance of making enemies panic.


This skill is more useful if you use your saw to kill often otherwise the aced effect can have its uses when lots of enemies are close to you and you want to quickly escape by making them panic or kill them while they are panicking. If you are using the OVE9000 saw as your main or reliable backup, this skill in combination with extra lead and portable saw will turn it into a great CQB weapon. This way, you can use it reliably with worrying too much about running out of ammo or lack of firepower.


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