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This article is about the safes that contain weapon skins. For the safes encountered throughout heists containing loot, see Safe (Payday 2).

Safe and Drill cards

"Rise like a Sputnik! Vlad’s brand new Weapons Deal lets you bring out the very best in your favorite guns with a huge update to the Black Market. This Weapons Deal opens up a brand new way of allowing you to personalize your weapons with skins, mods and more!"
—Black Market Update announcement site.

Added during CrimeFest 2015 was the new safes feature that randomly awards players with a safe when the corresponding card is picked during a payday. When opened, the safe will yield a random weapon skin which may or may not provide additional bonuses to gameplay.

Prior to Update #100, safes, to be opened, required drills that were either bought in-game with real money, gotten from card drops, bought on the Steam Community Market, or traded between players, but safes introduced after the update do not need such drills. See the "Removal of Microtransactions" section below for more details.

Safes & DrillsEdit

"Vlad’s operation is smuggling brand-new, precision-engineered Safes from Washington state to Washington D.C. But these safes are tough to open. Only the best heisters, with the right tool, can crack them."
—Black Market Update announcement site.

In rotationEdit



  • The First World, Slaughter, Christmas, and Goat Safes were achievement rewards, later reintroduced as card drops without drill requirement, and the Completely Overkill Safe was granted to owners of a limited-quantity DLC, thus were non-marketable and are limited to one unit of each type per player.
  • Unopened safes that are not achievement rewards or Completely Overkill can be traded and/or sold on the Steam Community Marketplace.
    • Retired safes are no longer obtainable via card drops/achievements, but can be used, bought/sold on the Marketplace or traded between players as usual. Older safes will require a drill to open (see drills tab).

Note: Drills are only for old-generation safes. New-generation safes can be opened for completely free, and thus do not have drills.

"You know the drill! Each safe can only be opened with a specially-designed drill, which can be acquired from the Steam Market. Buy a drill, and then use it or trade it - the choice is yours. Gang, the Black Market is open!"
—Black Market Update announcement site.


  • The First World, Slaughter, Christmas, and Goat Drills are achievement rewards, and the Completely Overkill Drill was granted to owners of a limited-quantity DLC, thus are non-marketable and are limited to one unit of each type per player.
  • Non-achievement drills can be bought in-game for $2.49 / €2.19, or for variable prices on the community market.
    • Unused drills can be traded and/or sold on the Steam Community Marketplace.
    • Retired drills are no longer obtainable via card drops/achievements, but can be used, bought/sold on the Marketplace or traded between players as usual.


  • Update #79 introduced the mechanic to PAYDAY 2 and the CrimeFest 2 and Sputnik Safes. Update #90 removed the CrimeFest 2 safe from card drops, and Update #99 removed the Sputnik Safe from card drops.
  • Updates #86 and #88 introduced the achievement-unlocked First World and Slaughter Safes respectively. They became unobtainable with Update #94, and were reintroduced as card drop safes in Update #105.1.
  • Update #90 introduced the Completely Overkill Safe, given to owners of the COMPLETELY OVERKILL Pack DLC released in limited quantities during the Hype Train community event, along with the Dallas Safe. Update #99 removed the Dallas Safe from card drops.
  • Update #92 released the Bodhi Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #100.
  • Update #93 introduced the achievement-unlocked Christmas Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #94, although some players have reported getting the safe after it was supposed to be deactivated. It was reintroduced as a card drop safe in Update #105.1.
  • Update #94.2 introduced the achievement-unlocked Goat Safe. The safe officially became unobtainable with Update #100, although it had been unobtainable a while before that due to players achievement-duping the safe. It was reintroduced as a card drop safe in Update #105.1.
  • Update #95.2 released the Wolf Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #100.
  • Update #97.3 released the Jimmy Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #100.
  • Update #99 released the Sydney Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #100.
  • Update #103 released the Biker Safe, the first weapon skin safe to not require a drill.
  • Update #107 released the Community Safe, the first safe to contain community-made weapon skins. Update #123 removed the Community Safe from card drops.
  • Update #108 released the Chains Safe.
  • Update #113 released the Hoxton Safe.
  • Update #123 released Community Safe 2.
  • Update #128 released the Scarface Safe and removed the First World, Slaughter, Goat and Christmas safes from rotation.
  • Update #132 released the John Wick Safe.


  • Update #90 removed CrimeFest 2 drills from card drops.
  • Update #99 removed Sputnik and Dallas drills from card drops.
  • Update #100 removed Bodhi, Wolf, Jimmy, and Sydney drills from card drops.

Weapon skinsEdit


Comparions between the base weapon, the base weapon with just the decoration scheme, and the skin mod in its entirety.

"Aside from looking awesome, a skin offers more than cosmetics. Skins can improve the stats of the weapon, perhaps making it more stable or affecting concealment. Some skins come with associated mods, capable of further improving the stats. Finally, a rare Stat Boost modifier might come with the skin, giving you that extra edge."
—Black Market Update announcement site.

Upon opening a safe, the player may be awarded with a weapon skin, an aesthetically-modified iteration of an in-game firearm that has a chance to come with slightly augmented stats. Some skins also come with attachments already incorporated (see below).

Skins are equipped like a normal mod item, meaning that ownership of the base weapon (and by extension, its DLC) is required to work. DLC ownership of the included attachments is not required.

Unused skins can be traded and/or sold on the Steam Community Marketplace.

Skin rarityEdit

Skin rarities are color-coded: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Upon receiving a skin, the safe door will glow in the color of that particular skin's rarity and a music track will accompany the reveal, with the rarer ones having more upbeat and elaborate themes.

Upon acquisition, a skin is given a rarity based on its type, sometimes a condition (e.g, Battle-Worn), and a Boost tag if that skin confers additional performance improvement.


Randomly a skin may not have a condition tag at all, be it a Common type or even Legendary.


Boosts comes in two types, Stat Boosts which improve a random stat of the relevant weapon, and Team Boosts which provide a slight increase to the XP and money gained during missions. Team Boosts from many players can stack and will affect the whole team.

Skins have a 10% chance of coming with a stat boost, regardless of condition. The stat boost itself is predetermined for each weapon skin.[1] Equipping a standalone boost will override a skin's bonuses until removed.

Generic boosts are typically applicable to all weapons.

Weapon-specific boosts are as the name suggests, only available to certain weapons and weapon types.

Skin attachmentsEdit

While Common and Uncommon skins are merely retextures of their base weapons, some Rare and Epic ones come with modifications attached, free of charge. These parts are not intrinsic, and can be swapped out at will for others that might potentially confer the desired stat bonus(es). A skin's integral attachments are temporary, and as such do not remain in the player's inventory when the decoration scheme is removed from the weapon. Applying one such skin onto a given weapon will also remove all of said weapon's currently installed attachments without refunding their cost, and the replaced mods will not be put back on if the skin is unequipped.

Legendary skins also come with pre-fit attachments, however in most cases cannot be modified due to them brandishing unique modifications not found anywhere else. This means that Legendary skins that come with optics cannot have their reticles customized, and Legendary-grade shotguns can only use the ammunition type they came with. Exceptions have been made with the Mansion Mauler and the Assassin, which can be fully modded and their pre-equipped modifications swapped out, which effectively allows players to replace the skins' boosts with another if they so choose.

Available skinsEdit

"From the murky depths of the dungeon, over the bones of cloakers and through the fires of challenge, comes the Crimefest II Safe. The skins in this safe let you apply a great retro style for a fest of crime."
—Black Market Update announcement site.

"Vlad introduces the Sputnik Safe - a line-up of skins designed to celebrate his pioneering rise.

Collect the Sputnik Safe, slap on some brand new skins and mow down your enemy. Like angry bear!
—Black Market Update announcement site.
  • Much of the skins obtainable from this safe bear either Space or Russia/Communism-themed names, with the "Space set" consisting of the Helmet Space Program and Cosmonaut and the "Communism set" containing the Red Stars, Angry Bear, Matrjoschka, and Bullet Bear Gun.
  • St. Basil refers to the St. Basil's Cathedral, officially known as the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, a famous church in Moscow, Russia, most notable for the ornate onion domes atop its roofs, which are depicted in the skin on the weapon's fuel canister.
  • Matrjoschka is the German version of Matryoshka, a popular type of Russian nesting dolls. It is unclear why the developers went with this slightly unpopular iteration rather than the standard form of the name.
  • The Vlad's Rodina, according to an FBI File e-mail citing a blog named "Untold War Stories of Eastern Europe" by "Oleksandr Marchenko", was an AK with a bloody history, first in the hands of a Private who was court-martialed for killing two of his own squad with it, then given its name by a "Sergeant Zaytsev" after single-handedly fighting off an ambush with it in the Battle of Grozny (whether this refers to the 1994-1995 battle, 1996 battle, or 1999-2000 battle is unclear, though it's possible all three were merged into a single six-year battle in the PAYDAY universe), and finally finding its way into Vlad's hands while in a Russian mob. The rifle allegedly has an unquenchable thirst for blood.

"The Bank isn’t the only place around here with valuable secrets. While robbing the First World Bank, keep an eye out for a Titan Safe. Crack that baby open, and you’ll earn the Au Ticket achievement.
And we’re making that achievement extra appealing for 30 days, as earning it will drop the First World Safe AND Drill into your inventory!
—Crimefest 2015 Day 8 website page.
  • Four of the skins obtainable from this safe are references to the Secret mask set of PAYDAY: The Heist, with the Yggdrasil corresponding to the design on Chains' mask, the Beta-2 to Dallas', the Fleur de Lys to Hoxton's, and the Wolf Ornament is rather self-explanatory.
  • The rest of the skins bar the Classic Tiles are references to Au Ticket, the mini-community event that introduced the First World Safe, and as such bear gold-related names.
    • Ausome is a pun on "awesome" and "Au", the symbol for gold on the periodic table.
  • The Midas Touch, according to an FBI File e-mail, was a reward given to a famous gamer named Adam Goodwin from a rodeo front for a gang, who went on to be an infamous criminal part of said gang, most notorious for shooting guns out of policemen's hands.

"There’s more to the slaughterhouse than just dead pigs, raw meat and shiny gold. While you’re there doing your thing, Vlad has a little task for you. He wants you to find the marked pig, secure it in a container and then finish the heist on OVERKILL or above. In return, he’ll give you a drill and a Slaughter safe. No, he didn’t say why. And yes, we didn’t ask him either.
Doing this, you’ll get the Pork Royale achievement. You’ll get the extra reward for 30 days. Earning it will drop the Slaughter Safe AND drill into your inventory.
—Crimefest 2015 Day 10 website page.
  • Most of the skins in this set are themed after either the Assault Wave HUD, "Assault in Progress" being visibly displayed on the Deagle and JP36's skins, or bloody carnage, fitting the setting where the skins' safe is unlocked.
  • The Vlad's Rodina, according to an FBI File e-mail citing a blog named "Untold War Stories of Eastern Europe" by "Oleksandr Marchenko", was an AK with a bloody history, first in the hands of a Private who was court-martialed for killing two of his own squad with it, then given its name by a "Sergeant Zaytsev" after single-handedly fighting off an ambush with it in the Battle of Grozny (whether this refers to the 1994-1995 battle, 1996 battle, or 1999-2000 battle is unclear, though it's possible all three were merged into a single six-year battle in the PAYDAY universe), and finally finding its way into Vlad's hands while in a Russian mob. The rifle allegedly has an unquenchable thirst for blood.

"The Completely OVERKILL Safe and the Completely OVERKILL Drill are the awaited secrets from the Completely OVERKILL Pack which was released during the Hypetrain event. The Completely OVERKILL Safe will come bundled with a Completely OVERKILL Safe Drill, that opens the safe."
—Update #90 announcement site.
  • Most of the skins from the Completely Overkill safe are themed after hyper-violence, fitting the term "overkill".
  • The Completely Overkill safe is the first safe to:
    • Contain more than 16 skins;
    • Contain more than one Legendary skin;
    • Have Legendary skins for DLC weapons;
    • Not have any Common or Uncommon-rarity skins;
    • Be unlocked by a DLC.
  • The First Line skin is one of Payday's numerous references to ice hockey.
  • The Death From Above skin bears similarity to a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin for the FAMAS named "Spitfire".
  • The Hype Train skin is an obvious reference to the Hype Train community event.
  • The Little Brother skin is a reference to Houston, whose mask is displayed on the skin, being Dallas' younger brother.
  • The Brown River skin has a Rivertown Glen logo on the slide.
  • The Dragon Lord, according to the Update #90 announcement site, belonged to a Chinese lieutenant known as "Tang", who was described to have had a "love affair" with fire after surviving a napalm bombing in 1969 in Vietnam. He created a drug-smuggling ring in Taipei named The Dragon Lords, of which Tang was "the General" of, and in 1976, the Dragon Lords' enemy gangs fought with the ring in little short of a bloody war. Tang eventually called a truce and invited all of Taipei's crime lords to a surrender negotiation at a dockyard, only for Tang to incinerate them all, and himself, and burn down the entire dockyard with the flamethrower.
  • The Green Grin, according to a thread from, belonged to a drug lord in the docks of Barranquilla (misspelled as Barranquillo (alternatively, that could be the name of the city in the PAYDAY universe)) named Manuel Lopez, who would frequently hunt sharks with the launcher.
  • The metal The Gimp is made of was recycled from metal used in weapons used in the Gulf War, Falklands War, Operation Market Garden, Battle of the Somme, and the Boer War.

"Vlad is grateful to the man who gets the job done and he made this safe as a tribute. Dallas' theme is Texan with a touch of real freedom."
—Update #90 announcement site.
  • As said on the Update #90 announcement site, the skins from the Dallas safe are themed after the Southern United States and patriotism, fitting the character the safe is based upon.
  • The Alamo Dallas belonged to a hitman named the "Jester Warrant". She had her identity unknown until she met her "untimely end", presumably caught and/or killed, because of the SMG's meat hammer head which she pulverized her victims with.
    • The Greek text on the side of the skin reads "Molon Labe" when converted into the standard English alphabet, meaning "come and take [them]", and is a classical expression of defiance.

  • Most of the skins from this safe feature tribal markings, and much of the skins' names are terms related to surfing culture, fitting the character the safe is named after, whom has tribal tattoos in both PAYDAY 2 and the Point Break 2015 film, and is a surfer in both the original 1991 film, the 2015 remake, and the game.
  • Le Grand Bleu is the French title for the 1988 film The Big Blue, about a rivalry between two champion free divers.
  • Charlie Don't Surf is a quote from the 1979 film Apocalypse Now.
  • A Turtle Roll is a surfing maneuver surfers use to get out back through the breaking waves.
  • Shaka may refer to the shaka sign, also known as Hang Loose.
  • A Riptide is a strong tidal flow of water in enclosed tidal areas.
  • Most of the other skins' names are part of the "surfer vocabulary", an example being Radical.
  • The Big Kahuna Reinfeld 880 shotgun, according to an FBI File e-mail, belonged to a Samoan man named Afano "Rocky" Jones raised in Chicago, who had been bullied frequently for his large size until he fought back at the age of twelve, exhilarating him. Most of the rest of his life was spent trying to feel that exhilaration again, from playing football, boxing, and eventually completing a series of challenges called the "Ozaki 8", but felt nothing. He finally got the spark back when he attacked a shotgun-armed robber at a grocery store, and used said shotgun to then rob the shopkeeper. He then went on a spree of violent crimes, each topping the last, and disappearing in 1978 when an Army payroll plane crashed in Oregon, where only the shotgun remained. The markings on the shotgun mean "I did the Ozaki 8".
    • The "Ozaki 8" is a set of trials honoring the forces of nature that the 2015 Point Break film revolves around.

  • Most of the weapon skins from this safe are themed after the eponymous heister, in regards to his mask, his nationality, his role as the Technician of the crew, or his name.
  • Written on the side of the safe is "For Helvete".
  • The Swedish text on the Scarred skin's emblem reads "For King and country".
  • Fenris is one of the names for the wolf of Norse mythology, Fenrir.
  • A Denmother is an adult, female leader for a Cub Scout den. The Cub Scouts' insignia is a wolf.
  • Big Bad is a reference to the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Geri and Freki, in Norse mythology, are two wolves said to accompany the god Odin.
  • The word "Vargtimmer", seen on the Smygvarg and Longclaw skins, literally translates to "timber wolf". The swirly textures on the skins' barrels resembles that of an electric drill, suggesting that "Vargtimmer" is a powertool brand in-universe.
  • Longclaw is a reference to the sword of the same name from the Game of Thrones TV series, which has a carving of the fictional direwolf on the pommel.
  • Written on the stocks of the Howl and Hungry Wolf skins is "Räkna till tio", reading "Count to ten".[2]
  • Five of the skins' names are made up of Swedish words and phrases; [3]
  • According to the Hungry Wolf's description, the weapon was made by Wolf himself, apparently his "dream project".
    • There appears to be a shopping list written on the weapon's receiver, reading "Coffee, milk, butter, egg, potato potato potato potato potato potato". [2]
    • Despite being based on a Ksp 58, the skin's Steam Community Market and FBI Files descriptions claim it is a modified KSP.

"Jimmy has been kind enough to drag a safe with him when he joined the crew. It’s stuffed to the brim with must-have-right-now loot. Inside the safe you’ll find 16 fresh weapons skins including 6 Commons, 4 Uncommons, 3 Rares, 2 Epic and 1 Legendary. All with that hardcore oozing, sci-fi dripping signature look!"
—Jimmy Safe announcement site.
  • Most of the skins' names consist of Greek or Latin words, or words based on words from said languages, such as Efflux, or combinations of Greek and Latin words, such as AdHoc Mono.
  • CopperHead mainly refers to venomous vipers.
  • The Aggrocinn skin may be a reference to the chemical compound Agrocin.
  • The Uncommon, Rare, and Epic quality skins bear similarity to the Asiimov skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, most notably the IMUR Spotter skin.
  • According to the Astatoz's description on the Jimmy Safe announcement site, Jimmy himself got some of the exceedingly rare Astatine on the planet and the element "transformed" an AMR-16 into the weapon. According to the Firearm Database (citing the "Российские секреты" ("Russian Secrets") forum) and its Market description, the rifle was made by Akan rather than Jimmy. This may be due to either an error on the website designer's part, or due to Jimmy's loathing of Akan.
    • How they have managed to bend the element to their design was unclear, as Astatine is very radioactive, which gives it a very short half-life (~8.1 hours) before disintegrating due to decay. A visible piece of astatine would immediately vaporize itself at room temperature because of the heat generated by its intense radioactivity. Lastly, it is the least abundant of all the naturally occurring elements, with much less than one gram being present at any given time in the Earth's crust.
    • It was named after the Greek astatos (ἄστατος), meaning "unstable".

"Sydney isn’t someone who easily shares. But she makes an exception for the PAYDAY crew. And just as Sydney - it comes with a punch. Inside its bowels you’ll find 6 Commons, 4 Uncommons, 3 Rares, 2 Epic and 1 Legendary. They have all been born out of chaotic mosh pits in dark Melbourne punk clubs."
—Sydney Character Pack announcement site.
  • The skins in the safe are themed after punk rock and subgenres of punk rock, fitting the character the safe is based on.
  • Mosh Time refers to moshing, a type of dance where the participants push or slam into each other. This dance is generally associated with hardcore punk, a derivative of punk rock.
  • Pogo Time refers to the pogo, a dance where participants jump up and down in place, and is the precursor to moshing.
  • Dog Eat Dog may be a reference to the post-punk song of the same by Adam and the Ants.
  • Osterberg may refer to James Newell Osterberg, Jr., better known as "Iggy Pop", the vocalist for the proto-punk band The Stooges.
  • Minor Threat was a hardcore punk band active from 1980 to 1983.
  • The Predator 12G's Anti-Life skin may be a reference to the video game Half-Life, which includes the SPAS-12/Predator 12G as a weapon.
  • Angry Silence may be a reference to the song "This Angry Silence" by the punk rock band Television Personalities.
  • The Anarcho, according to a reply on a thread in the "darkchan.orion" forum, was made by a notorious gunsmith and gun expert named "Tecci". No one knows the true name or origin of the gunsmith, for he is said to "bring down some serious Taekwondo on everything you hold dear" if you ask.
    • Its name "Anarcho" is likely a reference to anarcho-punk, an anarchy-promoting punk rock genre, which would fit the character the skin's safe is based upon.
      • The Anarcho's design scheme also seems to incorporate several references to Sydney's overall appearance, with its handgrip being decorated with a pattern similar to the lacing on her combat boots and the skull decal on the side of its barrel sporting a mohawk like hers.
    • Engraved on the inside of its spiked knuckleduster is the line "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" from Bhagavad Gita.
    • Stamped on the front of the Anarcho's unique barrel extension is a Japanese-styled emoticon: =^.^=

"Rust has an old safe from his heydays in his old club that he kept for a rainy day. And that day is finally here. Filled with dust eating badassery - it’s now part of the PAYDAY crew. The Biker Safe contains 6 Commons, 4 Uncommons, 3 Rare, 2 Epic and 1 Legendary - all with a pleasant smell of diesel and rubber."
—Biker Packs announcement site.
  • The skins in the safe are all themed after biker culture, fitting the character the safe is based on.
  • The Biker Safe is the first weapon skin safe to have a Legendary skin for a DLC weapon since the Completely Overkill Safe.
  • Chopper refers to the type of motorcycle of the same name.
  • Road Rash is the slang term for the severe friction burns that can occur in a motorcycle fall where skin comes into contact with the ground at high speed.
  • Horsepower is a unit of measurement of power. Applied to motorized vehicles, it is used to measure the power of their engines.
  • The Muffler is a vehicle's exhaust pipe.
  • Pistonheads likely refers to the English motoring forum and trading site of the same name.
  • Buckhorns refers to a type of bicycle handlebars.
  • A Spark Plug is a device for firing the explosive mixture in an internal combustion engine.
  • One Percenter is a title outlaw motorcycle clubs give themselves, referring to the American Motorcyclist Association's statement that 99% of motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens.
  • The Fork is a set of metal struts that connects a motorcycle's front wheel and axle to its frame, typically via a pair of triple clamps.
  • Trimmad Moppe is Swedish for "trimmed moped".
  • Brain Bucket is a humorous term for helmet, particularly soldier or biker helmets.
  • The Rake is the fork offset, or the perpendicular distance from the steering axis to the center of the front wheel on a motorbike or bicycle.
  • Torque is the is the tendency of a force to rotate an object around an axis, fulcrum, or pivot, and is used in the power specification of engines.
  • The Apex Breaker 12G shotgun was a gift from Mike the mechanic to Rust. The axe on the forend of the weapon was installed because Rust would frequently run out of ammunition and resort to using the shotgun as a melee weapon.
    • It is actually usable in such manner during gameplay though, since the Breaker 12G's Weapon Butt animation involves the player character clubbing/shoving enemies with what seems to be the shotgun's forend. It does not confer a melee damage boost when equipped, however.

"There’s a big and passionate community out there, following the exploits of the PAYDAY gang. And the support they give to Crimenet can’t be underestimated - we wouldn’t even be in business without them. I even heard they post videos and stuff about us on the internet - so you’re famous, guys. Anyway - someone sent us this safe as a gift. I don’t even want to know how they found the address, but the people in the PAYDAY Community are as loyal as they are passionate, so they won’t rat us out, I’m sure of it."
—Community Safe announcement site.

  • Most of the skins in the Chains safe have camouflage designs, fitting the character the safe is based on.
  • 20170103002414 1

    The Compact-5's default fire selector vs. the Nightstalker's updated one, for comparison.

    The Nightstalker is based on Cloakers, namely their camo and weapon of choice.
    • This skin also corrects the Compact-5's incorrect fire selector.
  • Ghurka is a misspelling of Gurkha, fearless Nepalese soldiers recruited in various armies. It would otherwise refer to a clothing retailer.
  • The patterns on the Legionnaire was based on the camouflage used by the French Foreign Legion.
  • Based on its coloration, the Boreas was likely named after the eponymous Greek god of North Wind.
  • The Ambush skin has Kilroy was here sketched on the receiver.
  • Desert Commando may refer to the 1967 Italian film Attentato ai tre grandi, known as Desert Commandos in the United States.
  • Zulu is the code word for the letter "Z" in the NATO phonetic alphabet.
  • The Gray Hunter skin is strongly implied to have been owned by Chains himself, or at least mocked up to resemble a similar weapon he once used as evident by the words "U.S. Enforcer Nicolas" printed on its receiver.
  • The quotes inscribed on the slides of the Grim Reaper skin is misattributed to Charles Darwin, while it actually appeared in a speech delivered in 1983 by Leon C. Megginson, a Louisiana State University business professor at the convention of the Southwestern Social Science Association.

"Hoxton is a special kinda guy and since it’s his party, his safe is special too. We skipped the Commons and Uncommons and gone full out with 2 Legendaries, 3 Epics and 4 Rares! 9 Skins total!"
—Hoxton's Housewarming Party Day 5 website page.
  • The Hoxton Safe does not seem to have a definitive theme, but a few skins bear similarity to skin designs from other safes, possibly indicating the safe's contents were made by several different characters in-universe.
    • The Razor Splitter has an image of a razor blade on its default scope, which is commonly associated with cocaine, indicating that it may have been made by Jimmy. Additionally, the Razor Splitter, Blockbuster, and Demon all have a type of polygon-based logo on them, possibly indicating they were also made by Jimmy.
  • The Hoxton Safe is the second safe to not have any Common or Uncommon-quality skins and have more than one Legendary skin, after the Completely Overkill Safe. It is also the first to have fewer than 11 skins.
  • A Macaw is a Neotropical parrot. What appears to be a macaw head is depicted on the skin's receiver.
  • The Demon and Plush Phoenix's descriptions apparently come from a book named "The Fire and The Thief". While the Demon's quote sources "Jeremy Logan", the Plush Phoenix's quote sources "Jezebel Taimalie".

"Lots of love to every last one of the community for the deep dedication to the PAYDAY gang's rampage gunning their way up the crime ladder. Without that daredevil devotion to – the gang wouldn’t manage to pull off the heists they do. Not a chance in hell, if I’m gonna be frank.

And since all the people in the PAYDAY Community are so completely and utterly awesome, we felt the need to throw in this safe, like a bit of whipped cream on top of this hot loot, to embrace the Holiday spirit in advance. Even the ones with the naughtiest of hearts needs a little fierce present this cold winter.

Happy Heisting, everybody!
—Community Safe 2 announcement site.

"Jacket found a safe in Miami and brought it back to base. Apparently it had some snow on it but Jimmy scraped it all up, mumbling something about “the good stuff”. Anyhow, it’s the Scarface Safe, filled with gold and marble!"
—Update #128 announcement.
  • The skins in the safe are designed after Tony Montana's office and mansion in Scarface. Additionally, half of the skin names in the safe are references to Miami and Florida.
  • Everglade refers to a region of tropical wetlands in southern Florida.
  • Key West is an island in the Straits of Florida, as well as the city of the same name on the island.
  • Seminole is a Native American tribe that settled in Florida in the 18th century.
  • A Beach Bum is someone who habitually spends a lot of time at the beach.
  • Vice & Dice is a pun on "slice & dice" and a reference to the crime drama TV series Miami Vice.
  • Hubris means "excessive pride or self-confidence", fitting the character the safe is based on.
  • Miami Spice may refer to the Miami restaurant of the same name.
  • Manny's Revenge refers to Manny Ribera, Tony Montana's best friend and killed by him in a fit of rage. The tiger image on the slide may indicate this is also a reference to the Tony's Revenge mask and the Hotline Miami character it is from.
  • Flying Pelican is a reference to the bathtub scene in Scarface.
  • Chico refers to a quote from the film.
  • Cuban refers to Tony Montana's nationality.
    • The announcement site mislabels the Cuban as a "Reinfeld .357" skin instead of 880.
  • 20170103001554 1

    The Mansion Mauler's unusual fire selector.

    The Mansion Mauler was a rifle commissioned by friends of billionaire and arms collector Randy Carter for his 60th birthday. When he died, his gun collection, including the Mansion Mauler, was given to the "Arlington Museum of Firearms" apparently in accordance to his will. The rifle was stolen from the museum in late 2016.
    • The museum in question is fictional and a reference to the Arlington Museum of Art.
    • The Mansion Mauler is the second Legendary-rarity skin to not have any unique modifications.
    • The Mansion Mauler is also the first Legendary-rarity skin to allow its owner to use different mods than those equipped by default.
    • For whatever reason, the skin's texture superimposes what appears to be a set of MP5A4 four-point fire selector pictograms onto the Little Friend's original ones.

"As John Wick returns to the Big Apple he got himself a “welcome home” present. A safe packed with deadly skins inspired by the great warriors throughout history.

Take it all and put its content to good use with your murderous moves and have a blast!
—John Wick Safe announcement site.

Player-created skinsEdit


Also announced on the Black Market update site is Steam Workshop integration that allows players to create and share their own skin designs. Players are given a wide range of control over their creations such as custom attachments, coloration, states of wear and tear and stickers, if any. Currently, not all weapons in the game are compatible with weapon skins, and it is likely some, such as the Golden AK.762 and Jacket's Piece, never will be.

After a skin is created it can be uploaded to the Workshop to be rated by the community, with the most popular skins being selected to feature in the Community line of safes. When selected for rotation, player-made skins are graded separately by Overkill, with those deemed worthy of being Legendary being given a unique part when implemented into the game.

As of current, there had been two Community safes released to the public, containing a total of thirty-two player-made skins, with two of them being Legendary-grade. 

An instructional guide to skin designing can be found here

Removal of MicrotransactionsEdit

PAYDAY 2 Update 100!05:23

PAYDAY 2 Update 100!

Following the full acquisition of the PAYDAY IP by Starbreeze in May 2016, Overkill executive Almir Listo has announced the studio's plans to modify the microtransactions system, allowing future safes and their contents to be openable without having to buy a drill. Safes will continue to randomly drop as payday reward, as well as being purchasable (as is their content) on the marketplace. Due to the changes mentioned above for future drills, all "old" generation safes have been discontinued immediately.

The safes, drills, and skins that were in circulation prior to the update will remain as is, though no longer drop. Skins, safes, and drills are still available from the market, and drills for the old safes can still be bought from Overkill[4][5]. While the first new-generation safe was advertised to be released on June 24th, it was actually released a day earlier.


Au Ticket Au Ticket
In the First World Bank job, find the Titan Safe and collect the special item inside.
From October 22nd, 2015, to January 14th, 2016, awarded one First World safe and drill.
Pork Royale Pork Royale
In the Slaughterhouse job, find the marked pig, secure it in the container and then finish the heist on OVERKILL or above.
From October 24th, 2015, to January 14th, 2016, awarded one Slaughter safe and drill.
We Do It Live! We Do It Live!
Complete all days of the Framing Frame job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above with each crew member using no skills, wearing suits, wielding Platypus 70 sniper rifles and Judge shotguns.
From December 17th, 2015, to January 14th, 2016, awarded one Christmas safe and drill.
You Can Run, but Not Hide You Can Run, but Not Hide
Find and secure the goat in the Firestarter heist on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
From January 27, 2016, to June 2, 2016, awarded one Goat safe and drill.


  • None of the equippable skins adversely affect weapon Concealment in anyway despite a large number of them sporting very bright, shiny colors and other vanities. In fact, some skins may randomly come with rather hefty boosts to Concealment if the player is lucky enough.
  • Modifying a weapon with a skin equipped will also transfer the decorative patterns onto the newly-added attachment(s).
  • All of the Legendary skins' histories and origins are listed on the FBI Files website, in the Firearms Database under the "'Legendary' Weapons" tab. Additionally, all of the skins have a description in the Steam Community Market, usually containing the same info on the weapon, some are described on the website where the safe from which they can be obtained is announced, and a few of them are described in e-mails to Solomon Garrett.
    • Some of the skins' origins in the Firearms Database are cited from "Crimepedia", while several are cited from "darkchan.orion" or "", both references to 4chan. The rest have unique sources, or no source at all.
  • The AK is the only weapon to have a skin in every pre-Update #92 safe.
  • The only weapon to have skins of all five rarities is the Locomotive 12G.
  • The First World, Slaughter, Christmas, and Goat Safes are the only old-generation safes so far to be reintroduced as new-generation safes. As of Update #128 they have once again been pulled from rotation, however.
  • Most members of the Payday Gang has a safe with thematic skins that corresponds to them, with those of newer DLC heisters being typically released shortly after their respective character packs are made available. As of current, the crewmembers without a corresponding safe are Houston, Clover, DraganJacket, Bonnie, Sokol and Jiro.


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