Note: In Update #100, SMG Specialist's basic effects were debuffed and moved to the basic version of Aggressive Reload, while its aced effects were removed from the game. This skill is still available on the console versions.

SMG Specialist

SMG Specialist
Ghost Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): Increases your reload speed of SMG weapons by 35%.
Ace (3 pt): Increases your rate of fire with SMGs by 20%.


The description of this skill is fairly accurate. Reload time is multiplied by 0.65 and rate of fire by 1.2.


This skill is similar to the Gunslinger and Shotgun Impact skills of the Mastermind and Enforcer trees, respectively, as well as the Silent Killer skill from the Ghost tree. While the other skills improve pistols, shotguns, and silenced weapon damage greatly, this skill does not increase the damage per shot of SMGs at all. Instead, it increases rate of fire and reload time, which allows the player to maintain long periods of sustained fire and increase damage per second. However, the additional damage comes at the cost of rapid ammo expenditure. Also, most SMGs already have a high rate of fire, so the boost is minimal when compared with other skill boosts to weapons. However, compared to other classes of weaponry, maximizing the SMG class' efficiency will prove to be significantly cheaper than other weapon classes (4 total against 12 for shotguns, pistols and rifles), so if a player is perfectly fine with relying on an SMG as a secondary (like the Krinkov), this skill is recommended.

When modifying weapons, players with this skill will likely wish to place additional emphasis on stability to counteract the additional recoil created as a result of the higher rate of fire.

Care must be taken to avoid spending all of a player's ammunition too quickly, so short bursts of fire are advised. From a highly accurate and stable weapon with moderately good damage, this burst will likely kill any standard enemy on Overkill or below. Bulldozers are vulnerable to this skill; a high damage SMG affected by the rate of fire increase of this skill is capable of shredding through a Bulldozer's faceplates rather quickly.

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