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Technician Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Your snap to zoom 100% faster with assault rifles and sniper rifles.
Ace (3 pt): Your weapon zoom level is increased by 25% with assault rifles and sniper rifles.


The basic iteration of the skill removes the short, but potentially life-threatening delay when aiming down the sights of a weapon. The aced iteration of the skill increases the amount of zoom on weapons by 25%, effectively giving any view down the sights a greater magnification.


This skill is very much a convenience; it is not strictly necessary for any build and it does not make any segment of a heist significantly easier. However, much like Stun Resistance, this skill can make certain aspects of gameplay easier if a player is willing to spend points on it.

For players looking to follow a sniper playstyle (whether or not the player actually intends to use a sniper rifle), this skill will be very useful. The additional magnification will help to extend the effective range at which a player can acquire and eliminate targets. Note that the weapon's effective distance is still limited by its accuracy statistic and spread.

The basic version of the skill does stack with silenced weapons and The Professional.

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