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Retro Grip
Retro Grip (Gewehr 3)
Type GripIcon Grip
Price $14,000
Drop Achievement
Stability +7
Internal name wpn_fps_ass_g3_g_retro

The Retro Grip is a Weapon Modification in PAYDAY 2.


The Retro Grip is a restored Grip for the Gewehr 3.

Switching out the cheap modern substitute for an original vintage grip designed for the caliber does wonders for the recoil, granting a massive Stability boost with no downsides.

Compatible weaponsEdit

Assault RiflesEdit


Not Today Not Today
Kill a jumping Cloaker using the GL40 grenade launcher. Unlocks the Wooden Stock, Retro Grip and Wooden Foregrip for the Gewehr 3 rifle.


  • This is the original grip of the G3. The straight grip was seen first on the smaller-caliber HK33 and G41 assault rifles.
    • The grip isn't really a snap-off module in real life, but is integral to the trigger housing instead. The older G3 trigger group was made of metal (as seen in-game) with a moulded plastic grip (this one). The more modern versions and variants were furnished with a trigger group made from one solid piece of plastic and a much simpler grip shape (the basic option).
    • The Ergo Grip of the Brenner 21 is very similar to the Retro Grip, due to the fact that Brenner 21 is based on HK23, which is derived from G3.

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