Railed Handguard
Railed Handguard
Type MiscModIcon Extra
Price $36,000 / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Card Drop & Side Job
Stability +4
Concealment -2
Internal name wpn_fps_smg_mac10_body_ris

Railed Handguard is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2.


The Railed Handguard is an Extra-class upgrade kit for the Mark 10. It is a hefty, railed receiver sleeve that slots over the front of the gun, providing ready mounting points for optics, gadgets and accessories of all kinds in addition to what looks like a carrying handle.

While it isn't designed to impact ballistics in a meaningful way, its weight against the wild upward recoil figures into a large Stability bonus. The increased dimensions and protrusions hamper Concealment, as expected.

Compatible weaponsEdit

Submachine GunEdit


  • This is based on the G&P CQB Tactical Rail kit, a vanity accessory for airsoft MAC-11s.
  • There's an unused gadget rail underneath the barrel. Considering the fact that AI-controlled gangster Mark 10s actually do mount small tactical lights in the same place, it's possible that this gun was first designated as a (machine) pistol, not an SMG.
  • If the Railed Handguard modification is equipped on the Mark 10, the rail functions effectively as a new iron sight, aesthetically similar to the Kobus 90's ironsight, making the Mark 10 the only weapon in the game which has an alternate sight by other means than the sight modification option.

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