Psycho Knife

Psycho Knife

Psycho Knife FBI Files

Unlock Level 31
Inventory Slot Melee
Melee Type Knife • Sharp
Damage 30 42.5 55 67.5 80
Knockdown 30 42.5 55 67.5 80
Charge Time 0s 0.5s 1s 1.5s 2s
Range 1.5 meters
Concealment 29
Internal name psycho
Whether you are an angsty heister going down into the basement of a haunted safe house, or a psycho bank robber, this hot-forged, laser sharpened Chef's knife in fine, stainless, molybdenum steel will serve you for years.

Did you know that the traditional chef's knife was originally designed primarily to slice and disjoint large cuts of flesh?

Psycho Knife is a melee weapon available in PAYDAY 2 that was added in Update #45. It is available to players who have joined the Official PAYDAY 2 Group on Steam.


The Psycho Knife deals a relatively average amount of charged and uncharged damage. The weapon does, however, have a very fast attack speed, giving it a fairly high uncharged damage per second.


  • Players deal more damage per second with this weapon by attacking as quickly as possible, rather than fully charging attacks.
  • If a player wishes for more damage, it is recommended that they get Berserker, Pumping Iron and Bloodthirst Aced from the Brawler skill tree.
  • If a player wishes for more knockdown, use Martial Arts Aced.


  • The Psycho Knife has text on the side of the blade reading "Norman.B & Chucky's" on the first line, "Gourmet Knife" on the second, and "Food to Die For Hell - 2014" on the third.
    • The design and name of the knife and the music it plays when charged are both references to Psycho, particularly the famous shower scene in which the same music is played, and a knife of almost identical construction is used. The "Norman.B" text on the blade is a reference to Norman Bates, the titular psycho. Furthermore, when fully charged, the knife will play unique music similar to the leitmotif of Psycho.
    • The text "Chucky's" references the Child's Play series's supernatural antagonist Chucky whose signature weapon is a knife (often kitchen knife).
  • According to a debug string in the files for Safe House Nightmare, the Psycho Knife was supposed to be the reward for completing the heist on Death Wish.


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