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Featured Article: Bulldozer

2014-11-02 00008
"These guys are not technical warriors of the modern war on crime. They're big, they're armored, and they're armed with Reinfeld 880's. It all just means that when these guys come onto the field you work together to bring them down fast or they will quickly down you."
—Bain's Description

The Bulldozer is a boss-like special unit with extremely heavy armor. Similar to its previous counterpart, the Bulldozer is near-indestructible, having high health and cannot be headshotted unless its faceplate is blasted off.

For more information, see Bulldozer (Payday 2).

PAYDAY 2 The Butcher's BBQ Pack Trailer01:33

PAYDAY 2 The Butcher's BBQ Pack Trailer

The Butcher's BBQ Pack Teaser.

2014-11-01 00002

Live-action Hoxton, as portrayed by actor Josh Lenn.

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Welcome to the Payday Wiki!

If you have been playing PAYDAY: The Heist or PAYDAY 2 and have any questions, then this is the right place for you. We have a wide library of information pertaining both games and the Web Series by GameSpot.

If you need any assistance as you edit here, please contact our admins Shidou, GFreeman, Kattusite or Jemjar, but at the same time do not be afraid to use the live chat function to discuss your ideas with other editors; we are online and always listening.

What's Hot and What's Not

Overkill have released a new beta including a host of tweaks, most notably a new experience system! If you've ever felt that Payday: The Heist had a better experience system, or that Payday 2 doesn't do enough to encourage stealing all the loot, then this might be just what you've been waiting for.

Note that as a beta patch, you'll have to specifically opt in to the changes if you want to try out the new features - if you prefer speedrunning Rats, stay away. Check out the official announcement here!

Things We Need To Do

As always, we might need some assistance with collecting and posting information related to recent releases :

  • The Meltdown's details and variations
  • Any updates regarding the secret rewards from the Completely Overkill DLC

That should probably cover pretty much what should be done for the time being. Other than that, if you would like to help us with certain tasks, check out our to-do list.



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'Nuff said, really

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