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Example of a Payday. Note the notification of an earned Stealth Bonus and the completion of a courier assignment.

In PAYDAY 2, a Payday is the term used to refer to the results screen of each successful heist. It is where all XP and cash collected during the heist are calculated and distributed to the crew, along with bonuses if applicable. Notifications of the player ranking up, their completion of any Gage Mod Courier assignment and earned stealth bonuses are also displayed on this screen.

A random card out of 3 is picked at the end of a Payday which will award players with one of many kinds of items unobtainable elsewhere (See below).

Cash PayoutEdit

All the cash obtained during the length of a heist are summed up and then divided at the successful end of the heist:

  • First calculation: Contract Pay + Day Rate (always $0) + Bag Items + Loose Items = X
  • Multiplier: X * Crew Alive Bonus (110% if all three make it to the escape)

Finally, the money is divided 80% to your Offshore Account and 20% into your spending cash.

Loose item cash does not factor into this calculation.

Card DropsEdit

Offshore AccountEdit

Experience PointsEdit

How experience points are calculated:

  • First Calculation: Day Rate + Contract Rate (Last Day Only) = X
  • Crew Alive Bonus:
  • Risk Multiplier:
    • Normal: X * 1
    • Hard: X *
    • Very Hard: X *
    • Overkill: X * 11
    • Deathwish: X *
  • Skill Bonus (Fast Learner)
    • Basic: X * 1.15
    • Other Person Ace: X * 1.3
    • Basic + Ace: X * 1.45
  • Infamy Bonus: X * (1.05 to 1.25)
  • Stealth Bonus: X * (1.05 to 1.50)
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