Ghost: Artful Dodger Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): You gain 10% additional movement speed and 20% increased speed while climbing ladders.
Ace (4 pt): You gain the ability to sprint in any direction.
Run and reload - you can reload your weapons while sprinting.


The basic version of this skill is pretty simple: You can run 10% faster and climb ladders 20% faster than a default player. The aced version allows the player to sprint in any direction: Forwards, backwards, to the sides, they can run any way you want. Additionally the aced version of this skill allows a player to reload any time they are running without having to stop and slow down to a walk.


If a person owns this still, especially the aced version, they should be moving a lot. After obtaining the basic version of Duck and Cover a player will be at least 35% faster than a normal. Obtaining the aced version allows players to use that increased speed in any direct and reload on the go, perfect for any player who likes to always be on the move and for reloading weapons with notoriously slow reload speeds like Light Machine Guns and the Flamethrower.

On the counterside, it's no longer possible to immediately a cancel a reload by sprinting, which can be useful for faster reload weapons and users reloading at any possible opportunity.


  • The skill's effects only detail the most basic aspect of real-life Parkour: faster movement and navigation of one's surroundings, without letting them perform any of the actual maneuvers (swinging, rolling, vaulting, etc...) taught as part of and are usually associated with the real discipline. In that sense a more appropriate name for this skill would be something along the lines of Marathon or Sprinter.
  • With the aced version, jumping while reloading during sprinting will glitch the reload animation.
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