Community Events are periods of time typically a little over a week long in length, during which various content for PAYDAY 2 is released for free to the community. Up until the Hoxton's Housewarming Party event, the event's content had to be unlocked beforehand by the playerbase, and it had been stated that any content not unlocked by the players before the deadline for unlocking had been reached would've simply been released as paid DLC later on.

CrimeFest 2014Edit

Crimefest splash

CrimeFest was a promotional event for PAYDAY 2 that took place October 2014. As members joined the official community group, new rewards were unlocked, until the last reward was unlocked at 1,500,000 members. The CrimeFest promotion was responsible for the release of a great deal of notable game content.






Heist UpdatesEdit


The Hype TrainEdit

Hajp logo
Hajp map noburn v4

The Hype Train Rewards Milestones.

The Hype Train was a community event for PAYDAY 2, taking place from the 5th of February to the 12th of March 2015. Like CrimeFest, The Hype Train was highly anticipated for its promise of new content, gameplay features and rewards. The Hype Train event is named and themed after the Hype Train internet slang.

Also similar is the reward milestone system that can be achieved through participation by the community, though unlike CrimeFest, which was free to enter and contribute, the Hype Train registers progression via "hype fuel", a form of score generated when players purchase PAYDAY 2 or Hotline Miami 2 content from the Steam store.

Actual purchase of content is not required for the benefits of the event, as each unlocked goal will be unlocked for all players during the Spring Break Event.

Hype fuel GenerationEdit

  • Purchase of PAYDAY 2: +1 gallon of hype fuel
  • Purchase of any PAYDAY 2 DLC (excluding mentioned below): +1 gallon of hype fuel

NOTE: There is no specification made on the Hype Train site whether GOTY or other bundles adds a single gallon of hype, or as much hype fuel as DLC is contained within the pack!

  • Purchase of the The OVERKILL Pack: +3 gallons of hype fuel
    • Purchase of The OVERKILL 4-Pack: +12 gallons of hype fuel
  • Purchase of the The COMPLETELY OVERKILL Pack: +14 gallons of hype fuel
    • Purchase of The COMPLETELY OVERKILL 4-Pack: +56 gallons of hype fuel
  • Purchase of the The Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack: +3 gallons of hype fuel
  • Pre-Order of Hotline Miami 2: +5 gallons of hype fuel
  • Pre-Order of Hotline Miami 2 Digital Special Edition: +10 gallons of hype fuel


The milestones for The Hype Train were unlocked via gallons of Hype Fuel amassed by the community:

Unlock Required hype fuel Unlocked Unlock Date
The Side Jobs Feature 200,000 gallons February 8th
SWAT Van Turret Special Enemy 300,000 gallons February 10th
The Butcher Mod DLC 500,000 gallons February 18th
Single Day Heist Updates 700,000 gallons February 25th
The Car Shop Heist 900,000 gallons February 26th
Golden Grin Casino Heist Teaser 1,000,000 gallons February 27th
Bonnie Character Pack 1,200,000 gallons March 1st
10 Heisters flown to Los Angeles for a meeting with the developers 1,400,000 gallons March 4th
Hoxton Revenge Heist 1,600,000 gallons March 5th
PAYDAYCON at Los Angeles 2,000,000 gallons March 9th

Each additional unlocked milestone also added a +10% XP boost to all players upon the release of Infamy 2.0 until the end of March.

Spring Break 2015Edit

Sportlov springbreak logo

Spring Break 2015 was a community event for PAYDAY 2 from March 13 to March 21 2015. During Spring Break, all unlocked milestones from the Hype Train event were released on a daily basis, similar to the CrimeFest releases.



* You need to own SpeedRunners on Steam.




Heist UpdatesEdit



  • The animation in the Spring Break announcement video and news update is a reference to Saturday Night Live's The Roxbury Guys sketch.
  • The header of the Spring Break website, "Get in, loser; We're going heisting!", is a reference to a quote from the 2004 film Mean Girls that reached meme status.
  • Each of the expansions released during the Spring Break event were "teased" at the bottom of the article, half of them being references to idioms.
    • The teaser of the Side Jobs feature, "New Wine in Old Bottles", references one of the parables of Jesus.
    • The teaser of the Bonnie Character Pack, "A Cat Among Pigeons", refers to a British idiom. One of the meanings of the idiom is "to cause an enormous fight or flap, usually by revealing a controversial fact or secret", hinting at Bonnie's involvement with the Hoxton Revenge heist.
    • The teaser of the SWAT Van Turret enemy, "A Law Enforcer's Best Friend", refers to the phrase "man's best friend".
    • The teaser of the Car Shop heist, "Gone in Four Minutes", references Gone in 60 Seconds, its 2000 remake, and the achievement released alongside the heist simultaneously.
    • The teaser of the Hoxton Revenge heist, "A Dish Best Served Cold", is a reference to the phrase "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Road to CrimefestEdit

Road To Crime Fest

The Road to Crimefest was an event leading up to CrimeFest 2015, which started September 28, 2015 and lasted till the 14th of October, 2015. People worked together in-game to work toward unlocking goals that were released during the CrimeFest.


Milestones were unlocked via Community Challenges this time around.
Heister Goal Unlocked Unlock Hint
Old New
Kill One Million enemies with the whisky bottle during the Road to Crimefest event.
We're all Bonnie here

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. But if you’re angry and you’re Scottish, grab a bottle of Rivertown Glen and smash every enemy you see. They deserve it. Bastards.
Magical Flute
It plays magical music!

It's great to have a full mag loaded in your gun, but what's loaded in your playlist? Time to ramp it up.
Follow Damion Poitier @DamionPoitier and have him reach 50,000 followers on Twitter.
Get the Fuck Down!

Surprise Damion Poitier, the face and voice of Chains @damionpoitier by having him reach 50,000 followers on Twitter during the Road to Crimefest event.
Zip-tie 300,000 civilians during the Road to Crimefest event.
Get the Fuck Down!

This challenge was completed too fast for the editors to obtain the challenge description.
Vintage Meme
Are you aggravated, brother?

Complete heists where you manufacture illegal drugs 70,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.
Get to cooking!

Sometimes you gotta break bad to make even. Sometimes you don't have to but you do it anyway.
Be careful! You could put someone's eye out!

Bullets for everyone!
Complete 50,000 heists with a vault during the Road to Crimefest event.
Unbox Day!

Vaults may be several tons of fine steel, but with the right coaxing they open right up. Complete 50,000 heists with a vault during the Road to Crimefest.

Beep. Beep. Beep.
Complete 20,000 GO Bank heists while using the CAR-4 Rifle or AK Rifle during the Road to Crimefest event.

Robert's Bank has seen plenty of action with both sides of the law using CAR-4's and AK Rifles. There's nothing like a classic bank job with some classic firearms, so get out there and cause demolition, 20,000 times.
Upgraded Trebuchet
With an upgrade it's even deadlier!

PAYDAY gang wins!
Complete 2,500 Watchdogs heists with your personal accuracy above 70% during the Road to Crimefest.
I Am A Stone, I Do Not Move

Watchdogs was a set-up from the beginning. Show the cops that even an ambush is no advantage against the Payday gang, by completing Watchdogs with a personal accuracy greater than 70%.
Resistance to Cold +1
Put on head. Feel warm.

Winter in Donetsk? Very cold. Take this.
Kill Two Million cloakers during the Road to Crimefest event.

Cloakers. What a bunch of sneaky bastards. Put an end to their vent-crawlin’, roof-fallin’, roundhouse kickin’, night-stickin’ shenanigins(sic) by sending ‘em to the morgue.
Catch unwanted criminals!

"After the excitement of finding Cagliostro's dungeon, I couldn't sleep. Spent an hour upgrading Crime.Net."
Earn 100,000,000,000 experience during the Road to Crimefest event.
Grind Fest

Every journey is a transformation and a development. It is an experience, and it gives experience. In Payday style, take as much of it as you can. Earn a whopping 100 billion xp during Crimefest. Go big, or go home.
Slingshot Stand
+2 stability...

Every enterprise needs a solid foundation. Unleashing 700 rounds-per-minute is an enterprise, right?
Eliminate the rat on the Hoxton Revenge heist 40,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.
A Hundred Different Ways!

If you live outside the law, don't depend on it when things don't go your way. Snitches get stiches.
Riot Gear
Not the face!

Improve the cops' view with a taste of Ukrainian riot control.
Complete the Framing Frame heist 30,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.
Dark Arts

"The walls of this dungeon are looking a little sparse, gang. Could do with brightening up a little bit. Say, why not head to the Capitol Art Gallery, oh, 30,000 times. Yeah, that should do it."
Vintage Meme
such wow
very meme
overkill pls

Much majestic, such hidden, very wow
Help Vlad's brother in law escape 20,000 times on White Xmas during the Road to Crimefest event.
Bearded Wisdom

What shall we do with the drunken Pilot? Get him to the chopper in White Xmas 20,000 times. Weigh heigh and up he rises!
Three Masks
They seem to be in a specific order.

Who will you be today?
Convert 80,000 law enforcers to fight on your side using the Joker Skill during the Road to Crimefest.
An Offer They Can't Refuse

Sometimes you just need a few extra guns and people to carry them. Turn 80,000 cops from law enforcers to your enforcers using the Joker skill.
Old Award
Part of your Hollywood glamour!

And the winner in the category of Best Heisting Badasses goes to...
Steal the warheads for Vlad in the Meltdown heist 100,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.
Hair Fallout

The market in weapons-grade uranium is exploding. Don’t worry - it is for medical research. We promise! Take advantage of this demand and grab enough warheads to blow a Nebraska-sized hole in...uh, we mean take x-rays. Of puppies.
Boosting Boots
Reach new heights!

You're not strangers to the news cameras. So when you're the 6pm criminal superstar, make sure you move with grace and elan.
Follow Eric Etebari @ericetebari and have him reach 50,000 followers on Twitter.
Let's Do This

Surprise Eric Etebari, the face of Dallas @EricEtebari by having him reach 50,000 followers on Twitter during the Road to Crimefest event.
Kill 70,000 Bulldozers with submachine guns during the Road to Crimefest event.
Let's Do This

Some may think they're walking fortresses, but to others they might as well be walking fortresses of glass. Prove it by bringing down 70,000 Bulldozers with an SMG.
Adorning Gem
It belonged to the Grand Duchess!

Twinkle, twinkle, little tsar.
Earn $3,000,000,000,000 during the Road to Crimefest event.
PAYDAY, All Day, Every Day

"Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million." - Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Vintage Meme
Top kek.

Ugly is as ugly does.
Reach a peak of 30,000 players playing PAYDAY 2 online at the same time during the Road to Crimefest event. Overload!

Commissioner Garrett is ramping up the forces of law and order. Show 'Old Thunderguts' the power of truly organized crime. Let him see rank upon rank of masked heisters, and get 30,000 concurrent players online.
Skull and Bones
Hoist the colors and adorn the black flag!

YARRRR! 24 hours of piracy for all!
Defeat Captain Winters' squadmembers 150,000 times during the Road to Crimefest event.
Winters Came and Went

Garrett, the Mayor and the GenSec board are carefully watching how Captain Winters handles the Payday crew. Send them a message. Defeat his shield squadmembers 150,000 times. Yeah, that should do it.
Powdered Donut
Stuff your face. You've earned it.

It's dangerous out there. Wear this.
Kill 250,000 Shields with shotguns during the Road to Crimefest event.

The shield has been carried on the battlefield for milennia.(sic) The shotgun... less so. Introduce the ancient and modern styles of warfare by shotgunning 250,000 Shields.
The Perfect Disguise

It's perfect!
Follow Pete Gold @petegold_ and have him reach 50,000 followers on Twitter.

Surprise Pete Gold, the voice of Hoxton @petegold_ by having him reach 50,000 followers on Twitter during the Road to Crimefest event.
Help Hoxton break into the FBI and steal the server 120,000 of times(sic) during the Road to Crimefest event.

When it comes to nailing the rat who would see the Payday gang hug out to dry, you can never have enough evidence. Give Hoxton a helping hand in the FBI headquarters by helping him bust in there 120,000 times.
Balanced Scales
Balances equal weights!

1 bullet in 500 has to hit.
Kill 15,000,000 enemies during the Road to Crimefest event.
Self Defense, I swear!

Ancient rituals demand sacrifice. Mayan-pyramid-mountain-of-skulls levels of sacrifice. Take down 15,000,000 enemies. Let the bodies hit the floor!
Strange Alien Egg
Watch so nothing attaches to your face!

This one will make you feel like your heart is bursting from your chest.
Kill 1,000,000 gangsters with any baseball bat during the Road to Crimefest event.
Jacket Up!

The sport of baseball is known as the world's greatest test of endurance and fortitude...of the viewer. Liven things up by slaying a cool 1,000,000 gangsters with a baseball bat during the Road to Crimefest. Batter up!
Witch's Abode
Who'd live there?

You been sniffing Vlad's warheads? You look like a mutant.
Kill 4,000,000 Tasers during the Road to Crimefest event.
Don't Tase Me Bro

The taser is one of Commissioner Garrett's favorite units. He has a compilation tape of their highlights, titled "Takedown by Tasers", which he plays to cheer himself up. Put together a lowlight tape for him, by pulling the plug on 4,000,000 tasers.
It seems to be of the people kind.

Smile for the camera! So pretty.
Complete 250,000 heists on the Death Wish difficulty during the Road to Crimefest event
I looked, and behold, a white horse.

In order to truly test the best in this Crimefest, complete 250,000 heists on Death Wish difficulty.
Vintage Meme
You're not actually laughing out loud, are you?

Those of you who died, we salute you.
Complete 20 Crimefest challenges during the Road to Crimefest event.
OVERKILL Salutes You!

You have to be in it to win it. Show your participation by completing any 20 Crimefest challenges during the Road to Crimefest event.
It seems to be a plan of some sort!

"I got Vlad on the line..."
All 4
Get 5,000,000 Card Loot Drops during the Road to Crimefest. Get the Card Loot Drop by completing heists as well as using the Offshore Payday in Crime.Net.
Last Drop

A convergence of crime, four become one,
A final loot drop, and, gang, we're all done.
The Safest of Safes
What's in the safe?

"End of the road..."
  • Magical Flute
  • Vintage Meme
  • Slingshot
  • Sputnik
  • Upgraded Trebuchet
  • Resistance to Cold +1
  • Net
  • Slingshot Stand
  • Riot Gear
  • Vintage Meme
  • Three Masks
  • Old Award
  • Boosting Boots
  • Adorning Gem
  • Vintage Meme
  • Skull and Bones
  • Powdered Donut
  • The Perfect Disguise
  • Balanced Scales
  • Strange Alien Egg
  • Witch's Abode
  • Trading
  • Vintage Meme
  • Blueprint
  • The Safest of Safes


Road To Crime Fest Dungeon Map
  • The Road to Crimefest event is a parody of Dungeon Crawlers and Action-Adventure games. The item chest opening cinematic is a reference to the Legend of Zelda, specifically Ocarina of Time. Several of the items associated with each challenge references various pieces of pop culture, from movies, video games, and even internet memes.
    • The Magical Flute unlock may be a reference to the opera The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Emanuel Schikaneder.
    • The Sputnik unlock references one of Vlad's well-known lines; "I'm on rise, like a fucking Sputnik!"
    • The name of Chains' penultimate challenge (SevenThreeFiveFiveSixZeroEight) and the required map are references to the Counter-Strike series, with the challenge title being the now-famous bomb code (7355608).
      • The description of the challenge references Bank, the map GO Bank is based upon, being a Demolition mode map (" get out there and cause demolition..."), in which the Terrorist team has to plant a bomb.
      • The required weapons refer to the Counter-Terrorists' and Terrorists' signature rifles, the M4A1/M4A4 and AK-47.
    • I am a Stone, I do not move! is a quote from the 2001 war film Enemy at the Gates. It was uttered by the grandfather of protagonist Vasily Zaytsev during their wolf hunt at the beginning of the film.
    • The Bearded Wisdom challenge's description references the Drunken Sailor sea shanty.
    • The An Offer They Can't Refuse challenge title is a paraphrased version of Don Vito Corleone's famous quote in The Godfather: "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.".
    • The Old Award unlock is based on the Academy Awards, and the awarded trophy; The Academy Award of Merit, better known as an Oscar.
    • The Boosting Boots unlock is based on the Pegasus Boots in the Legend of Zelda games.
    • The Perfect Disguise unlock is based on the Groucho novelty disguise glasses.
    • Self Defense, I Swear! is a probable reference to Bob Marley's 1973 song I Shot the Sheriff.
    • The Strange Alien Egg unlock is a reference to the Alien films, specifically, the Facehugger and its "egg".
    • Jacket Up is, obviously, a nod to Jacket and his signature baseball bat.
    • The Witch's Abode unlock is a reference to Baba Yaga, a supernatural being of Slavic folklore, and the house she resided in, which was described as having stood on chicken legs. Both are better known for their appearance in the boardgame Dungeons & Dragons.
      • Additionally, John Wick, in his respective movie, is referred to as "Baba Yaga" by the Russian mob he fights throughout the film.
    • Don't Tase Me Bro! is an internet meme spawned from the tasing of Andrew Meyer during a Q&A session with U.S. Senator John Kerry in 2007.
    • I looked, and behold, a white horse. is an excerpt of Revelation 6:2 of the Holy Bible. The line was famously used in the 2002 song The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash.

CrimeFest 2015Edit

CrimeFest was a promotional event for PAYDAY 2 that took place between 15-24 October 2015. Most of the content released during the event were hinted towards by the Road to Crimefest unlocks.


  • Global weapon stats rebalancing (Balanced Scales, Day 1)
  • Weapon stats system overhaul (Balanced Scales, Day 1)
  • AI Teammate hostage trading (Trading, Day 4)
  • Usable Bipod mod for LMGs (Slingshot Stand, Day 5)
  • SWAT Van Turret upgrade (Upgraded Trebuchet, Day 8)






Hoxton's Housewarming PartyEdit


Hoxton's Housewarming Party is a community event for PAYDAY 2 from October 7 to October 16 2016, its main feature being the release of the new Safe House and safe house customization. The event could be seen as a "CrimeFest III". Unlike previous community events, none of the content released during the event had to be unlocked by the community beforehand.

The event was promoted by the giving away of codes for Party Hats, given away by OVERKILL staff and Payday forum moderators on the PAYDAY 2 Steam forums and Twitter, and later via this website.

The community can vote on the individual days of the event via polls linked to in the top-right corner of the day's page.


  • Difficulty changes (Day 1)
    • Two new difficulties: Mayhem and One Down
      • New One Down-difficulty enemies: The "Zeal Team" DHS task force
    • Difficulty balancing
  • Bulldozers immune to being stunned and can rush on all difficulties (Day 1)
  • Pro Jobs removed (Day 1)
  • Daily Safe House Side Jobs (Day 2)
  • Medic special enemy (Day 6)
  • Mutators (Day 8)




Heist UpdatesEdit



The Search for KentoEdit


The Search for Kento (also known as Spring Break 2017) is a community event for PAYDAY 2 from April 3 to April 12, 2017. During the event, there were 10 days of updates with free content releases, similar to the Housewarming before it. A mini-ARG known as The Puzzle was tied to the event.


The challenges window after the end of the event.

On the first day of the event, a "Challenges" feature was released, similar to those of PAYDAY: The Heist. They were a community effort that required a total of an in-game object to be reached, such as money earned, and like the first game's challenges, when the challenge's requirement was met, it would increase in rank and require a larger quantity to be achieved. As challenges were being completed, an experience bonus was built up. The day after the end of the event, the progression of the challenges was halted, with a total experience bonus of +53% having been created (however, this seemed to have increased slightly after the announcement, as for the rest of its duration, the bonus was 59%). The bonus ended on April 27.




  • Community heister "August" (TBA, #MyHeister community contest winner)




Paper GangEdit

On each odd-numbered day of the event (plus two bonus models on Day 10), fitting with the event's theme, Paper Gang paper models (also known as "paper crafts") were released. They are based on Payday Gang members and other PAYDAY content. The difficulty of each model is rated with "Paper Cut Risk Level". A total of 40 paper models, 41 counting the Blank Heister described below, were released over the event. All of the models based on existing PAYDAY 2 characters were involved in The Puzzle.


ISO A4 Cutout
US Letter Cutout

Alongside the paper models below, on Day 1 a Blank Heister paper model was released for the #MyHeister community contest. Players could design and craft a new heister (or heisters, if they so chose) using the template provided, and submit them to either Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MyHeister. At the end of the event, Overkill selected the winning design which they will develop and release as an official character: Taylor VanDommelen's "August", the mask of which was based on the statue of David.

Player submissions were to be visual only, the elements of lore, name, and so on will be provided by Overkill, who also reserves the right to alter their design should difficulties arise in implementing the character(s). More details about the contest were provided on this thread.

"Family matters. For Jiro, this is especially true. Two decades gives you more than enough time to contemplate the choices you made and realizing what’s important. And it’s time for resolution. For closure. The only question is if this new future will hold anger or reconciliation."
—Day 1 Paper Gang page.

"An Englishman, a Scot and an Irish girl went into a bank...and robbed it without any name calling or bickering. And as someone double-crosses them, they let go of their grudges once and for all. One might state that they are inspired to solve their quarrels as money is at stake.
God rob the Queen!
—Day 3 Paper Gang page.

"There’s nothing like a bit of craziness and madness to spice things up. One unstable individual is fun. Get three of them into a Jewelry Store with guns, and you have a party. A violent and dark party where reckless ways and screams are more than welcome. This. Won’t. Go. Quietly."
—Day 5 Paper Gang page.

"Experience and wisdom are key to being a good heister. When you’re not a young busboy anymore, you can cook with calmness and seniority like a true sous chef. Some might laugh at aging heisters. But as they’re used to both throwing a punch as well as receiving one - you might not laugh for long."
—Day 7 Paper Gang page.

"Heisting is in some way an art form. The three artists Sokol, Wick and Bodhi all use different styles and techniques. But together they perform pieces that will forever be remembered. However, certain armor clad critics will always try to ruin what you’ve created. But grab that minigun and keep painting the town red."
—Day 9 Paper Gang page.

The PuzzleEdit

A mini-ARG similar to the PAYDAY Secret was tied to the event, involving the Paper Gang crafts above.

On the Search for Kento website, a red dot could be clicked between the "Day 4" and "Day 6" images, leading to a page where a password could be entered. It was quickly deduced that the answer was part of a secret within the event.

On each of the characters' models' feet were colored symbols. Most of these were skulls, but it was noticed that a few models, such as Chains', had different shapes.

On Day 2, Heat Street was released. Players discovered a sign in one of the shop windows, which had letters on colored shapes, and it was realized that these corresponded to the shapes on the characters' paper models.


The cryptic message.

Letters were matched to characters as they were released over the event, and on Day 9, alongside the release of the final Paper Gang model set (aside from the bonus models on Day 10), an e-mail appeared in the FBI Files internal memo, with a cryptic "Yakuza" message. Decrypting the message lead to the discovery that the letters that corresponded to the shapes had to be alphabetically offset by 3; for example, "A" turned into "D".

The scrambling of the new letters lead to the answer to the puzzle being "Goldrush". Having discovered the password, players frantically attempted to put in the code. Overkill shortly after announced that the first person to enter the password was registered to be [MANY GUN] CLOVERAPTOR. The rewards for solving the puzzle were the Mega Death mask and a mask designed by the winner.


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