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Payday - The Game Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Simon Viklund
Released October 18, 2012
Genre Instrumental • Ambient
Label OVERKILL Soundtracks
Composer Simon Viklund
Producer Simon Viklund
Available stores Steam Store
OVERKILL Soundtracks chronology
Payday - The Game Soundtrack
PAYDAY 2 Official Soundtrack

Payday: The Heist Soundtrack was released on October 18, 2012. It is a collection of 17 MP3 tracks made by OVERKILL's celebrated composer Simon Viklund. It is available for purchase on Steam and on Bandcamp for 5 dollars. In-game Soundtrack masks are included with the Steam purchase.

The Soundtrack also includes remix material so you can make your own PAYDAY-inspired music!

Since Payday 2 Update #36 the soundtrack once owned also unlocks additional music in PAYDAY 2 to use in the jukebox both in the menu as well as during heists. It's also available on the Crimewave Edition for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

Track listingEdit

  1. Breaking News – 2:04
  2. Gun Metal Grey (theme from First World Bank) – 4:18
  3. Double Cross (theme from Heat Street) – 3:35
  4. Home Invasion (theme from Counterfeit) – 3:36
  5. Busted (heist failed) – 3:07
  6. Stone Cold (theme from Green Bridge) – 5:00
  7. Three Way Deal (theme from Undercover) – 4:12
  8. Phoney Money (theme from Panic Room part 1) – 2:28
  9. The Take (theme from Panic Room part 2) – 3:47
  10. See You at the Safe House (heist successful) – 2:15
  11. Code Silver (theme from No Mercy) – 4:49
  12. Crime Wave (theme from Slaughterhouse) – 3:22
  13. Breach of Security (theme from Diamond Heist) – 4:09
  14. Criminal Intent (theme from the main menu) – 3:15
  15. Preparations (theme from the load-out menu) – 2:51
  16. I Will Give You My All – 2:56
  17. Shawn Davis and band – Payday for You and Me – 2:49

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