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Outlaw's Silenced Barrel
Outlaw's Silenced Barrel (Repeater 1874)
Type BarrelIcon Barrel
Price $44,000 / CCoinIcon 6
Drop Bonus (1), Card Drop & Side Job
Damage -3
Accuracy -4
Stability +12
Concealment -2
Threat -22
Internal name wpn_fps_snp_winchester_b_suppressed

Outlaw's Silenced Barrel is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2.


The Outlaw's Silenced Barrel is a custom suppressed Barrel mod for the Repeater 1874 muffles the noise of gunshot, while causing a large dip in muzzle velocity and subsequently accuracy. Recoil is vastly reduced as a result and the long silencer block increases the weapon's overall profile.

Compatible weaponsEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit


  • It was never explained who came up with the idea of suppressing the Winchester 1873, as the cartridges it fires are only moderately powered, meaning suppressing the rifle will reduce its already short range even further.
  • Engraved onto the sides of the extension are "Cousin Bain's Noise Suppressing Muzzle Device" and "Gage Gunsmith & Horses, Birmingham AL 1901", claiming that it was supposedly invented in 1901, despite the first ever successful suppressor being produced in 1902.
    • The attachment's name is historically accurate for the most part, however, since the first ever firearm mufflers were trademarked as "silencers" in 1909 before being dubbed "suppressors" in 1985.

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