In both games of the series, several additional graphic options can be selected to slightly alter the games' display during missions.

Color gradingEdit

Color grading was added as a video option in Patch 3. As of Patch 12, there are nine variations inspired by action movies and other video games.

Accessible through Options ▶ Video ▶ Advanced ▶ Color Grading.

Update #138 added eleven graphic filters to PAYDAY 2 that are accessible through Options ▶ Video ▶ Advanced ▶ Color Grading.

  • The Matrices filter in both games is a reference to The Matrix franchise, where a flushed yellow-green filter is applied to almost every scene depicting the virtual world created by the eponymous Matrix.
  • The Mad World filter in PAYDAY 2 is a reference to Platinum Games' 2009 hack-and-slash game MadWorld.


The main menu screens of PAYDAY: The Heist can be customized with certain themes as of Patch 7. Accessible through Options ▶ Video ▶ Advanced ▶ Theme Selection.

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