Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions
Ghost: Silent Killer Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): You are 35% less likely to be targeted by enemies.
Ace (4 pt): You gain 1 concealment for each silenced weapon you equip and reduces the concealment penalty of silencers by 2.


Optic Illusions is a skill that influences the survivability of stealth-oriented players and improves the use of silenced weapons and silencers.

The basic skill primarily benefits heisters who either take more of a supportive, objective-based role or those who are more hindered by being consistently damaged, such as one attempting to use a sniper rifle with the removal of Steadiness-enhancing skills. Ideally the basic version should be taken in a group wherein other members are more capable of surviving constantly being targeted, as this skill does indirectly increase the danger others are in.

When enemies are deciding which player to engage, they consider a number of factors (such as whether that player fired a weapon, shot directly at them, or damaged them recently; how close that player is, with three range brackets; whether that player is reviving another player; and so on) and build up a set of threat levels, then attack the player with the lowest threat level, their evaluation of player threat mimicking the DEFCON system. Optical Illusion does two key things to these calculations:

  • It reduces the time considerations for shooting at, harming, or alerting an enemy, so those factors have less of an impact on the player's threat level.
  • It divides the player's apparent distance by 0.65; thus, a player that is 10 meters away is considered to be approximately 15.4 meters away.

If all players on a team have this skill, the targeting priority of each player is effectively the same as if none of them had the skill, assuming they are all standing the same distance away from a given opponent.

The 35% reduction provided by this skill also stacks with the reduction within the Rogue deck.

For a more detailed breakdown of the system which enemies use to select targets, see the 'Target Priority...' header of The Long Guide.

The aced skill encourages players to use silencers apart from the Low Profile Suppressor and Size Doesn't Matter Suppressor, as players typically going for maximum concealment weapons for stealth choose these as they are the only suppressors without any concealment penalty. However, with this skill aced players can select other suppressors with concealment penalties of -2 for their better accuracy and/or other stats. Otherwise, players who aren't worried about taking a hit to detection can use this skill to soften the penalty imposed by heavy suppressors like the Monolith Suppressor and Jungle Ninja Suppressor, which offer the better combat stats out of the suppressors but will not have their entire concealment penalty removed by this skill.


  • The "concealment penalty reduction" also triggers on silencers that have a positive concealment modifier, giving an additional +1 for +1 silencers or +2 for +2 or more silencers.
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