Note: In Update #100, Oppressor was removed from the game. This skill is still available on the console versions.


Enforcer Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Your weapons are 25% more effective at threatening enemies.
Ace (3 pt): Your weapons are 50% more effective at threatening enemies.


This skill increases the Threat value of suppressive shots fired from the player's weapons during combat. 

Note that threatened units will gain a resistance to it after they recover. This means that suppressing the same group of enemy is not recommended, engaging in a long-standing stand-off will render your targets close to immune to its effect. 

Do note that special enemies other than snipers do not calculate threat, and therefore are immune to its effect.

When using the Muscle Perk Deck, Disturbing the Peace will use the Threat score to determine if enemies enter a state of panic.


This skill makes weapons with a high Threat rating trigger the "suppression effect" on law enforcers much more often. Weapons with a mediocre Threat score are greatly complemented by Oppressor. However, weapons with higher amounts of threat (i.e Sniper Rifles) or with excessive fire rate (i.e. Light Machine Guns) do not benefit much from this skill, for they already cause, on average, a significant amount of suppression.

At Basic, the maximum Threat of all weapons is capped at 50, and at 75.3 when Aced. Should the player rely consistently on this skill, it is advised on pairing it with weapons that have a Threat rating of at least 20; enough to keep suppressing opponents, so long as the player shoots once per second. The same effect can be achieved with a 40 Threat weapon one shot every 2 seconds. Usually, mods that increase damage, most commonly Barrel Extensions, will also increase threat and vice versa, but this is not directly connected.

Threat is a value that is related to the "noise" report from the gun, so silencers will severely hamper the suppression effect and range.


  • Spinning an OVE9000 Saw in the air will not suppress nearby enemies, but sawing the ground near them will.
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