Nine Lives

Nine Lives
Fugitive: Revenant Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): You gain a 50% increase to bleedout health.
Ace (3 pt): You gain the ability to get downed 1 more time before going into custody.


The basic version of this skill increases the player's bleedout health from 100 to 150, allowing a player to shoot and take damage from enemies longer before entering full bleedout. It does not affect how long a player can stay in bleedout before entering police custody.

The aced version increases the amount of times a player can enter bleedout before immediately going into custody from 3 to 4. On One Down difficulty, it increases the amount of times a player can enter bleedout from 1 to 2.


Getting only the basic version of this skill is of questionable use, as players in bleedout generally do not need to draw fire from their enemies, unless they're trying to cover a player helping them up or trying to revive themselves with Messiah.

Acquiring the aced version of the skill is extremely recommended, as not only does the ability to go down 4 times without going into custody greatly increase the efficiency of doctor bags, it also grants immediate access to the Swan Song skill, which is arguably of more use than both of the tier 2 Revenant skills.

Nine Lives

Nine Lives
Ghost Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): You gain the ability to go into bleedout 1 more time before going into custody.
Ace (8 pt): When you get into bleedout, you have a 35% chance to get right back up.


The basic version of this skill increases the amount of times a player can enter bleedout before immediately going into custody from 3 to 4. If a player is downed as a result of a Cloaker or Taser, this number will not be decremented, and players with the aced skill will have no chance of instant self-revival. [1]


Players with this skill are able to exploit doctor bags more effectively than other players. Because doctor bags reset the number of downs until a player enters custody, players with Nine Lives are able to go down one more time before healing becomes an absolute priority. This skill also works great on long runs, being able to conserve doctor bags well.

It is, however, not advisable to get the aced version of this skill. The 35% instant revival is rather unreliable to be depended upon because it will either save you or break you and if in the room filled with danger, you just seal your own fate and its high skill point cost of 8 makes it an even more unattractive as those points are better spent elsewhere.


  1. Frankelstner's "The Long Guide"


  • The Saint Titlecard

    Titlecard of The Saint, possibly the inspiration for the Nine Lives icon.

    This skill's name is a reference to the common myth that cats have nine lives. It does not actually give the player nine chances to go into bleedout, however, so the name is only used figuratively.
  • The pre-Update #100 skill's ace effect was buffed and turned into the Feign Death skill. The current basic skill came from Tough Guy Ace.
    • Before Update #39 and currently on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the skill granted only a 10% chance of self-revival.
  • The icon for the skill is a possible reference to the titlecard of the television show The Saint staring Roger Moore, as the icon has the same pose as the stickman in the titlecard and both have a halo over their heads.
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