Ghost: Shinobi Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): You gain the ability to disable 1 camera from detecting you and your crew.
Effect lasts for 25 seconds.
Ace (6 pt): You lockpick 100% faster. You also gain the ability to lockpick safes.


With the basic version of this skill, interacting with a camera in close range (which takes 4 seconds) makes it unable to spot anything for 25 seconds. A looped camera has an outline visible through walls (similar to converted enemies) and makes a noise. When time is out, noise changes and outline blinks for 5 seconds (at this point camera can be looped again), then camera resumes normal operation. Titan cameras can be looped like regular ones, and guards do not get suspicious if they see a looped camera. Disabling cameras can be done an infinite amount of times, but only 1 camera can be disabled at once.

The aced version of the skill greatly increases lockpick interaction speed, and gives the player the ability to lockpick safes. Titan safes, however, cannot be lockpicked.



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