Note: In Update #100, Nerves of Steel's basic effects was moved to the basic version of the Die Hard skill, and its aced effects became a default gameplay feature. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Nerves of Steel

Nerves of Steel
Technician Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): You take 50% less damage while interacting with things.
Ace (3 pt): You can now use steel sight while in bleedout.


While the player is interacting with an object (i.e., when the interaction circle is visible), damage taken will be reduced by half. The aced version allows players to aim down their sights (even if a custom sight is equipped, contrary to the description) while in bleedout. However, if the player takes too much additional damage while in bleedout mode, they will still become unable to use their weapon, as usual.


The basic version of this skill can be very useful in loud heists because it can be detrimental to the heist to have to stop interacting with a lock or a drill in order to ward off attackers. This skill reduces the need to deal with law enforcers immediately, allowing players to save time and complete their interactions without distraction. This synergizes exceptionally well with builds focusing on high armor values, enabling the player in question to complete even long interactions without taking health damage. Perhaps most importantly, the bonus is active while reviving downed players.

The aced version of the skill can be useful for covering a team mate who while they revive the downed player, in particular making it easier to kill snipers whilst in bleed out. The effect is most noticeable when using pistols as accuracy is more important than when using SMGs or shotguns.

Aced Nerves of Steel also works well in combination with Die Hard from the Enforcer tree (to allow the use of sights on a primary weapon while in bleedout) or with Pistol Messiah from the Mastermind tree (to make it easier to kill enemies while downed and therefore revive oneself).

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