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Note: In Update #100, the full effects of Moving Target were moved to the aced version of Parkour. This skill is still available on the console versions.

Moving Target

Moving Target
Ghost Tier 6
Basic (4 pt): You can now sprint while strafing.
Ace (8 pt): You can now sprint in any direction.


This skill is rather straightforward; as stated in the description, it allows players to sprint while moving from side to side (basic) and backwards (aced).


Ghosts with this skill may become more mobile, and it is recommended that ghosts make the most of this mobility with synergising skills like Sprinter, Transporter, or Run and Gun. When paired with the high movement speed and additional dodge chance while moving offered by Sprinter aced (as well as the sprinting additonal dodge), this skill allows ghosts to cross hostile terrain with more maneuverability. When combined with a silenced weapon, The Professional and Iron Man Aced it compliments the "run and gun" playstyle as silenced weapons have high stability and accuracy bonuses, if combined with aced Hard Boiled, it can offer as much accuracy as standing still while shooting. Aced Kilmer assists with assault and sniper rifles, where one may quickly escape and reload.

Despite its benefits, this skill pales in comparison to other top-tier skills. The ability to sprint backwards, for instance, costs 8 points, yet has few practical applications. While it has niche benefits, the 12 skill point investment may be better spent elsewhere.


  • Both effects of Moving Target comprises the sprinting mechanic in PAYDAY: The Heist before they were revised into skills to "balance out" gameplay.
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